BBC Conspiracy Files - the third tower

The BBC Conspiracy Files programme on the third tower was shown on the 6th July. On the surface it seemed to be a pretty fair, balanced programme but all the alternative stuff appeared at the beginning and most people would have forgotten about it by the end of the programme. The 'swiss cheese' comments about the holes in the steel was shown at the beginning to demonstrate something dodgy only to be dismissed at the end as nothing important.

Steven Jones's work wasn't given enough time and they showed a brief clip of his lecture in Boston). The positive thing about this is that the BBC have done us a huge favour by finally admitting there was a third building collapse.

One reaction

I came across this reaction from someone who didn't appear to doubt the official story:

"BBC: 9/11 Conspiracy Files, seem pro Conspiracy to me!

I am stunned!
The BBC could well be expected to whitewash and smother any conspiracy theories.
Yet having read this web page, it seems to me to do the opposite!
Anyway the video to be screened on Sunday may well be convincing in saying the conspiracy theorists are lunatics, that is possible or probable. But this web page I have tried to read with an open mind. And it appears to me to suggest there are a lot of missing holes, with a lot of apologies and defensive justifications and that the conspiracy theorists have valid arguments."
Arabesque: 911 Truth