Boston Activists Blast 4th of July Celebration with the Truth

Boston - July 4, 2008

It wasn’t the flashiest Truth action ever, nor did it make the evening news, but 20 or more dedicated Boston911Truth activists hit the pavement at Boston’s 4th of July Pops concert and fireworks display and accomplished something just short of miraculous, for us anyway. Armed with only a smile, new Patriots Question 911 postcards and WeAreChange informational flyers, our hearty “Info Warriors” were able to distribute 7,000 pieces of literature at a rate of 1,000 per hour for seven hours among the crowds lining the Charles River waiting for the festivities to begin.

This was a unique experiment for us. Each year on the 4th, Boston’s Charles River Esplanade attracts 500,000 people to listen to the Boston Pops and watch the spectacular fireworks display. Our primary goal was to get as much solid literature as we could into the hands of the captive audience who come hours early to claim a good spot.

Two weeks prior, we ran a 48-hour email fund drive to raise the money to buy 10,000 pieces of literature. We hit our mark in less than 36 hours. We purchased 4,000 of the new PatriotsQuestion911 postcards created by and 6,000 WeAreChange tri-fold flyers.

Our next strategy was to blend in with the crowd – meeting them where they are at, as opposed to creating some sort of scene to get noticed. We had virtually no signs (though we did put up an sign about half way through) and most of us wore Red Sox apparel, t-shirts that just said “Boston,” our local t-shirts with a red, white, and blue peace symbol or just a regular top. No “Inside Job” and very little “Investigate 911” garb could be found. We flew an American flag and the Flag of New England at our home base. It’s become increasingly important for many of us to show the public that we’re normal people just like them, with real concerns about America. We discouraged, almost forbid any confrontation. As one activist put it, “The best line to use to get someone to take a handout was “How y’all doing today – with a smile.”

We established a home base, which ironically was right beside a State Police outpost. We passed out material to those who passed by and complimented that with teams of two or three truthers each, who got out there and worked the crowd on both sides of the river.
Beginning around 10:30 am, truthers went blanket to blanket among the early arrivals and politely asked if they wanted something important to read while they were sitting around waiting for the festivities to begin. We mapped out the whole area carefully so that we wouldn’t hit the same area twice in a row and bother people who had already been approached. Early in the day, almost half of everyone we asked took our literature. We taped postcards inside the “port-a-pottys,” and on light posts.

The experiment was to see how well kindness and a smile would work. We were totally confident in the materials produced by and WeAreChange and we felt that the extremes of brash signage and slogans that mean little to passers-by would detract rather than help our effort. And we were so right.

It literally brought tears to our eyes to see blanket after blanket with people READING our handouts – not just glancing at them, but actually reading them all the way through. On a return trip to our home base to re-supply, it was not unusual to be passed by people coming toward us carrying or reading our handouts while walking, flanked on either side by people sitting quietly and reading our message. At times it felt like the biggest 911 truth festival one could imagine.

The police, National Guard and Park Rangers were great. We shared a spot with the State Police and they left us completely alone. Early in the day two Park Rangers came by and told us they got a littering complaint. We told them that we would go clean up whatever people dropped, but they said “no worries” and never bothered us with that again, because actually, we found very few on the ground. But the Rangers did come back because one of them was really interested in our message, and to the chagrin of his partner, lingered for about 20 minutes to learn as much as he could.

Out of the thousands of people we approached and who took our handouts, the number of people who challenged us or were angered could be counted on one hand. Parents seeing us passing out literature sent their kids over to get one for themselves. We had an encounter with the son of a Sept 11 first responder whose dad was still sick and getting no help from the government – a young student pointed to us and with a smile screamed at his friends enthusiastically, “See, that’s what I’m talking about” --  and an older couple stopped a couple of us to tell us of the great 911truth work being done in Spain. These are just a few of the dozens of great encounters we had. And we learned a very important lesson – that being kind and respecting where people are coming from goes a long way in getting people to listen.

The action did not go completely without a glitch, however. Toward the end of the day, a couple of our more rambunctious WeAreChangers decided to crank the volume up, so to speak, which got the immediate attention of the State Police.  To diffuse what up until then had been an incident-free public action that showed amazing results, one of our organizers walked up to one of the officers to apologize for the outburst. The officer thanked him for coming over, shook his hand and said, “You guys give protesting a good name.”

This was an amazing action for us and it was so easy to do.

WeAreChange fliers

front side:

Patriots cards:

Thanks so much!

looks like a great bunch, well done!

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


Looks like a great experience! Congratulations on a rewarding outing.

That is awesome!!

And this style of informationing can be repeated along parade routes and county fairs as well. Easily.

Great Report.

Links to Postcards....

And Flyer...

flyer link detail

Just FYI, the links on the wearechange flyer have "" -- that means you are sending 50% of everyone who clicks on the links to Jim Fetzer's site, which is TV Fakery, DEW, lasers, masers, etc.

I recommend updating that to, which is the site with work by Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Richard Gage, etc.

Looks like an excellent action.


Good point.

I agree with you. We should contact We Are Change and try to make that recommendation to them.

Thank you and a Correction

When we put together this summary of our event, we mistakenly credited for creating the PatriotsQuestion911 postcard, when in fact, the card was the brainchild of a California-based graphic designer named Camille and the coordination for the printing was handled by the great folks at the Northern California 911 Truth Alliance, who went out of their way to accommodate our tight time schedule.

To get cards of your own, you can contact or

Thanks for being CIVIL...and for being INFORMATIONAL...

Truthers, this is a great example of CI...civil informationing.

And HEY!!! was the music?

Perhaps I'm getting too repetitive, but CI has the chance of revolutionizing public activism that has a "tainted history" from the 60s and 70s.

Like it or not, for many citizens public protests are "thought of" as being thousands of hoses and spraying water...biting dogs...cops with nightsticks...burning cars...fights and anarchistic garb and attitudes, and many, many more such "negatives". I postulate that these established elements of "public protests" are actually responsible for driving the average citizen away from the host organizations, and certainly, driving them from the public actions themselves. Additionally, such characteristics of public protest are vulnerable to "cointelpro" actions and can be disrupted easily. Not so with CI...

CIVIL... civil in behaviors and conduct... civil with duty to our country...

...focus upon being our own media + educators...
...and NOT just "expressing" our views...

Please visit to get a far better read about CI...Civil Informationing. Please POST actions like this one for others to read and to come to use as guidelines for their own CI actions.

The idea about CI is to create ways to be places where people are gathering, or to be seen by thousands of people with your messaging, or both. Every group KNOWS their own towns and regions, and consequently, can be very creative in how to be: the right place... the right time...
...with the right info...
...and delivered with the right attitudes...

The 9/11 Truth Movement will come to be known as the movement that revitalized the process of truth seeking and rejecting lies and untruths.

I am asking that we also take the leadership within this opportunity to completely redfine "public activism" along the way. This CI concept really works well, and we should use the "mispell" to make the point that CD, confrontational behaviors, lawlessnes and ineffective public protests are a thing from last century, and the CI is a new way to perform public activism. Additionally, CI is a "public connection" to the webworld because we are doing more than touching keyboards. CI is also a personalized pathway to the truth and eventually to more engagement by citizens in our own governance. And CI creates an opportunity to become our neighbors' neighbors...again!

And its knowledge baby!!!

The one thing that the HI PERPS...aka...the 2% ruling class, cannot fight is an informed public that can vote intelligently FOR ITS OWN INTERESTS. This 2% has pulled every trick out of the bag, and has done eveything it can to avoid the concept of "INFORMED CONSENT". This is beacuse they do not have enough votes to keep themselves in power and this is why we have corporate news and rigged elections etc. etc.

BTW...should it come time to roll out the CD if we can't stem this corporate takeover of our country, you all will have to stand in line behind me as we crank it up. But now is not the is time to bring this "truth" idea to our citizenry and to encourage them see that its best to become MORE engaged in our modern info-age.

Rearding the We Are Change groups and their consistent agressive attitudes in are two questions for all the fine folks those in WAC groups:

1. What change do you want to "be"?
2. What approaches will you use to make those changes?

Time after time it seems that the answers are that:

...WACers want to become "confrontational" as a future model for citizen behavior...

...WACers want to yell it AT, and force opinions UPON people instead of informing them ...

This contradiction is just so clear to me, and its not either the "change" that I want to make, nor is it the "way" that I feel is the best way to conduct citizen activisms in public at this moment in time.

I suggest that the many, many good folks in the WACs all around the world consider CI as both a GOAL in what they wish to "be", and a methodology of conduct in public to "get there". I further suggest that you HIJACK the WAC movement and indeed make the changes where you ARE who you want to be, and you ACT in ways that you want others to act iowards you. So, its time to conduct a peaceful revolution within WACs. Hijacking WACs is definitely called for!

Finally, if Bill Maher gets to make "New Rules", then I/we get to make "New Words"...and so it is with the word "Informationing".

Let Webster and the historians figure it all out...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

You're "spot on" about ......

-right place
-right time
-right info
-right attitude

That's the formula. Simple - and it works brilliantly.

When we go out in public, it's all about them - the people we're trying to reach - and not about us.

Try it, you'll love it -- cause it's easy and it works.

Truth AND Passion Rising.

And I see Freedom, Liberty and ALL that is the Blessing the REAL United States of America has always been and always will be lifting its wings.

Soaring the skies of Justice and Accountability.

The Day is Coming.

When the Constitution becomes a living breathing document in the hearts and minds of Patriots who once again understand the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness has a new paradigm and 911 Truth is a Crucial Cornerstone in that SuperStructure which is a Republic getting back to its Roots.

Because we have people like this......

Semper Fi.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Well done. Much better than

Well done. Much better than what we did last year.

What was on the flyers?

Can you upload them somewhere?

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WeAreChange fliers

front side:

Patriots cards:

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thanks for keeping it civil and focusing on informing others !!

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