The Reflecting Pool - a review -- (NYC Theatrical Premiere July 11, 2008)

Culp (far left) and Kupsc (far right) watch Larry "pull it".

The Reflecting Pool tells the fictional story of Alex Prokop, a journalist who has done extensive research on propaganda in the former Soviet Union, and now finds himself tasked with breaking the first serious mainstream article on the unexplained anomalies of 9/11. Prokop is played by the writer and director of the film, Jarek Kupsc, who transformed his personal research into the events of 9/11 into the screenplay for The Reflecting Pool (TRP), with assistance from the film's co-star, Joseph Culp.

This truly independent film was primarily funded by Culp and co-producer Jodie Baltazar, with some additional assistance from Kupsc. Baltazar doubles as the cinematographer, and provides a professional visual stream that smoothly takes the viewer on a sometimes jarring journey as Prokop is morphed from a scoffer into a strong proponent for 9/11 disclosure.

Culp portrays Paul Cooper, a man who lost his daughter on 9/11, and teams up with with Prokop to help him with his article. Or so it seems. Along the way, Cooper's 9/11 research begins to ring alarm bells with Prokop. It's too good, too comprehensive, too detailed. Prokop's instincts are correct, and Cooper's insider connections eventually provide the duo with information that is too hot to handle.

TRP is not the nitpicker's guide to 9/11. It is a work of fiction, and should not be used as a bible for the events of 9/11. However, there is indeed a wide variety of information about specific 9/11 anomalies in the film provided to the viewer, including the destruction of the WTC buildings and NORAD's 9/11 failure. The film is also sympathetic to the revelatory journey that many people find themselves on once they begin to peel the layers of the 9/11 onion. There can be resistance as one struggles with the implications of stand-down orders, or the notion of accentuated, (or fully orchestrated), events of "terror".

TRP is a good film to present to people who are new to 9/11 research. It doesn't force a specific hypothesis down your throat, it doesn't demonize Muslims, it doesn't insult your intelligence. It's a successful transmittal of Kupsc's personal 9/11 journey as a dramatic vehicle.

The Reflecting Pool opens a limited theatrical run, beginning in NYC on July 11th;

July 11-18, 7PM, 9PM
Pioneer Theatre
155 East 3rd Street

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Kupsc and Culp were interviewed on WBAI on June 30, you can D/L a commercial-free version of the interview here; (16.7 MB)

WBAI version here:

Actually . . .

>>TRP is a good film to present to people who are new to 9/11 research.

I embarked on a public campaign (not intentionally, but I was so surprised to see the hoax claims that I reacted immediately) to get the pod and flash links off the website and to call out the film maker on that when I saw the film and he was there in person, since the site originally linked to Phil Jayhan's letsroll911, killtown, and other horrible hoax sites.

He seemed interested in making changes, but unfortunately I think it still advocates baseless claims about the Pentagon.

I haven't seen the film since they said they revised it -- does anyone know if it still has the pod and flash claims?

No it does not.

And the Pentagon stuff is not pivotal to the film. Kupsc focuses more on NORAD's failure and a lack of hijacker piloting skills than about what specifically hit the Pentagon. The film has changed significantly since it's first cut.

Good, thanks.

Good, thanks.

Totally disagree with you on flashes & pods. I used to think it

was disinfo too, but there is extra equipment on the alleged UA-175 airliner that struck the south tower.

The Pentagon was not struck by an airliner. It was either a drone, missile, and/or pre-planted explosives.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I am still wondering

what Andrews AFB was doing that day.

Difficult 10 miles isn't it?

Siesta anyone?

I guess a multi-trillion dollar STATE OF THE ART Space Command System with Realtime Tracking of tens of thousands of aerial objects throughout the ENTIRE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES AND CANDA (and then some) not to mention the stuff I know I am not supposed to talk about and am itching to.........., just FROOZE.


Ahhh, those Wargames and the Unified Chain of Command suddenly AWOL just like our "beloved" Pet Goat President while Haliburton's Real CEO hiding in his "bunker" is being informed verbally that the plane is X miles out and Y miles out and OH YEAH THOSE DAMN F-KING Orders STILL STAND!!!!

Suuuuuuuure Herr Vice President. They do stand don't they.

Sorry to swear but when you kill your own men, those who fought and bled in the same mud as you did (or supposed to have for those AWOL Neo-Con ChickenHAWKS )for your OPERATIONAL PROFITS there comes a time when Payback does come from the Military.

The Real Military.

2nd Amendment. First Vigilance. Because there are People understand the Price of Freedom. Jeffersonian Style

Lots of people in the military are fully aware of what really happened on 911 including the mystery of Angel being next.

There is a Hidden 911 Truth movement in those Corridors of Power in that Five Walled - "Star Shaped Star Wars" Building.

The House of War - AMAZON it. Please.

Coups come and go. So do lameduck CEO Oil-War-Profiteers War Whoremongers and their Poodle Presidential Lap dogs.

But the Constitution remains. Long after the ashes of Gettysburg.

Because from the Flame and Fire that supposedly Pulverized those 3 buildings and punched a hole in ONE ( I will not say THE) of the most defended Buildings on the Planet, comes ANOTHER FIRE - a FIRE of A UNBROKEN SPIRIT that keeps coming.

That FIRE that paid the ultimate price on Omaha Beach - Normandy

Iwo Jima.


Wars come and go. But Soldiers - REAL Soldiers are Eternal.

Especially those who Understand and are the True Living Embodiment of Semper fidelis

Unlike the Chicken Whore War Hawks.


Is going to meet its match.

With Justice UnRelenting.

There are those who wrap the Flag around their Political and Economic Agendas.

And then there are those who Bear the Flag on the Inside Where it Really Counts.

We still have good people in the Pentagon and elsewhere. Its a matter of time , space and place.

At the same time it is CRITICAL for "Civilians" to be prepared for responsible transition because the Private Armies of the Neo-Cons / Liberals won't go away quitely without "incentive".

The good guys in uniform can do so much.

The rest is up to us.

It is Time that Enduring American Spirit Arise again. The Revolutionary War was birthed in the Faith in the Impossible.

Like it or not we are heading to those days. Perhaps by some miracle or sequence of events we can have a proper Transition without ANY CONFLICT.

I have been informed otherwise and I hope to God i am wrong.

Regardless what the Merchants of Death - BlackWater, DynCorp and "Friends" at those FEMA camps do - we should be prepared for a number of eventualities.

The Enduring Flame of Liberty still burns and Always Will.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Drowning in the reflecting pool

I'm afraid this film will unwittingly relegate 9/11 truth into the fiction domain. The reaction of the "average" person will be either " Oh! If they can talk about this in a film then it must not be for real. Otherwise everyone in the Bush Administration would go to jail" or else "That's so sick and tactless to make a film based on this terribly painful event! Who the heck do they think they are!" Who knows! Maybe even Chomsky will stand outside the movie theaters warning against conspiracy theories (like he did for Stone's JFK).
Though it will enchant and relieve Truthers on a very deep level it can only speak to mainstream-uninformed people on a purely fictional, hypothetical level :- "Wow these "theories" are so far out you could only make a movie about them!" and consequently this film could unwittingly become a tool turned against the 9/11 movement discrediting the documented reality of the issue. As if it had to be fictionalized to be heard; Once fictionalized I'm afraid there's no turning back.

When did Chomsky stand outside the theater warning re:JFK

He certainly is pro Warren Commission. I just didn't know about this theater assertion. I'm not doubting you. I just want to know how I can confirm it..

revealing the sources

I suggest that the prior commenter listen to the WBAI interview, and stay open to how effective this film is (in a therapeutic sense) for many to face the unanswered questions and irregularities of that day. This film has the potential to unite 9/11 families with an active campaign to get a real 9/11 investigation, and gently awaken many still in denial that such an event could happen (with media and government complicity).

Also, I recommend watching the DVD and its bonus feature:

"Revealing The Sources"

This section is an important part of the film, which is a commentary by Joseph Culp while the film is showed. This is where the filmmakers set the record straight as to the facts that led to the making of this film.

Highly recommended.


News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
<>~<>~<>~ ~<>~<>~<>
~~~ for life's survival in the 21st Century ~~~

response to Chomsky/JFK movie allegations


It is more than reasonable to doubt what can be found on the net. I have searched for the source of my "Chomsky JFK movie-flyer distribution" allegation in vain. Though, in my defense, I'd be incapable of inventing such a "fact", my source itself may be just hearsay.
In conclusion then, until I find that source and verify its veracity, I must retract my statement concerning Chomsky's allegedly handing out anti-conspiracy flyers at the release of Oliver Stone's JFK movie. And I thank you, albeit painfully, for calling me on this. I shall henceforth be extremely vigilant about what I "publish" on internet.


I'm anxious to see the movie and, my reservations aside about how it will serve the mouvement, I'm sure I'll adore it. And the Bonus sounds excessively interesting. Thanks!