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911bloggers... tell me again why 9/11 justice isn't a proper subject burdened upon constitutional liberty? Hasn't this been covered here before? Are the supporters of Ron Paul's campaign for liberty just a few semesters behind? Or the other way around?

An active blog discussing this juxtaposition can be seen at www.dailypaul.com/node/54200

Responding to a claim by a rare "prior 9/11 Truther" who's "seen new light":

Well done...
On July 8th, 2008 Erin S. Myers says:

... your response makes me take a deep breath. Thank you, Treg. (I'm talking about a full name. This will be our last correspondence without your last name. Nothing personal, but you and I are still on uneven ground here. Agree?)

Nice video. Yet I noticed that the video has a healthy collection of prior effort, trail blazed and developed with a lot of "9/11" war-making vs. truth-seeking DNA.

If your overriding interest here is to help place 9/11 into a proper perspective, especially in respect to Dr. Paul... then you and I can be great friends. However if you want to simultaneously argue forward Dr. Paul's guidance on matters of liberty, while arguing rearward (pushing back) the significance of 9/11 (and yes, I mean the significance of domestic treason)... then you and I have a conflict. Speaking for myself, I am unable to "un-hitch" my ability to understand what Dr. Paul is talking about, from my understanding of the ability for 9/11 to stand up to hard scrutiny.

If you are concerned that tremendous amounts of misunderstanding, misdirection, and coordinated diversion obscures the road forward for Dr. Paul... I'm with ya.

If you are concerned about the dynamic of 9/11 ugliness juxtaposed against Dr. Paul's fine better looks... I'm with ya.

If you've seen the light through Towers One and Two, and need never raise them again in conversation... keep up the good work.

But if you're chaffing the coverup of 9/11, THE subject which DROVE %99.999 of us here to this blog, this day... as if the highest office in our country, the most powerful office in the world (at least at one time)... is now absolved from your scrutiny, a living and active domestic perpetrator's GREATEST most instrumental linch-pin this close to World War III, the final death of American liberty, and possibly a hell-like hell on Earth... your skepticism eased by some "New Light" in your eyes...

... then you should probably call DHS on my ass right now. Do you understand?

Your position on the matter, is yours. I CAN respect that. But are you actively attempting to foil the unavoidable? The knitting of a new American fabric with pronounced threads of BOTH justice and liberty.

Currently, Lady Liberty is gasping through a choke-hold with a punctured lung. Her torch could truly be snuffed out. Elsewhere, Blind Lady Justice has been cheated, beaten, gang raped, stabbed in the neck and left for dead.

Please tell me what medicine even the good doctor possess? I sadly report... I don't think that such complete medicine is in even his bag.

Some people reading this may be new to this kind of 'rhetoric'... but I don't know how to overstate our shared dilemma. These two subjects, are not. Liberty and justice go hand in hand.

How can liberty expect a renaissance while leaving justice in a ditch?

I doubt it can be done.

p.s.: Are you close to the DC area, "Treg". I'll buy the coffee, you bring something on par with an NTSB report using one of its oldest regulations on aircraft identification techniques, maintenance tracking and crash wreckage cross-check procedures. Thanks. I mean it about getting together, if you're interested.