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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alex Jones and Jason Bermas discuss BBC's "The Third Tower" after having a day to watch the video and are left wondering just where to start unraveling the mountain of disinformation and distortion whipped up by the perps media hacks

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It is a concerted disinfo campaign....

It is a concerted disinfo campaign by the BBC. It may fall flat on informed ears but do not underestimate the distortions propagated and the perception management they attempt to massage firmly into place in the public's mind!

Again, here's a Google Video link, everyone in the 9/11 movement should view it:

Third Tower

In the end, I believe, the BBC helps 9/11 Truth. They show the Third Tower imploding while many are still unaware of Building 7 at all! Barry Jennings' revised remarks can be considered separately.

On balance, the show falls firmly in the plus column! Gage and Jones perform like Superstars!

Again, it's a testimony to the staying power of 9/11 Truth. It's over six years later, the oligarchs are still trying to explain it away miserably and unsuccessfully.

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...don't believe them!

Michelle Malkin

While I vehemently disagree with her politically, socially and personally, Michelle Malkin is one sexy little doe-eyed wench!

Being ugly on the inside

Being ugly on the inside makes you ugly on the outside. That's my take on this slave.

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