Speaking Out for 9/11 Truth. { Combating the Milgram Syndrome }

The "Milgram Syndrome"
YouTube pulled the original footage, but here is a substitute.

The way we can all actively handle the "Milgram Syndrome" is by bringing up the subject of 9/11 Truth at every opportunity, at every discourse that is appropriate. (e.g. Checkout lanes, the water fountain, the Quick Stop, the phone solicitor, the clerk at the service desk, the salesperson, our bill payments, the restaurants, classrooms, etc.)

There are hundreds of thousands of QUIET people who know that the official version of 9/11/01 is a lie. I run into them all the time, because I hit the pavement with 9/11 Truth and I bring up the subject. There are also millions of people who innately do not trust our government.

The ONLY reason that 9/11 Truth is not mentioned much in conversation is because it is not mentioned much in conversation.

By each of us actively repeating the message of 9/11 Truth will we make it socially appropriate to mention 9/11 Truth. The Truth starts with each of us as individuals setting an example of courage.

Be civil. Be caring and compassionate. But combating the Milgram syndrome starts with each of us. Bring up 9/11 Truth.

This line of thought was prompted by an article today posted on Prisonplanet.com. and the solution for handling this facet of society.

I walked into the grocery store

There was a small counter there and I was asked if I would like a free copy of the Daily Breeze (other times it has been the L.A. Times). I said: "No thanks. When they investigate 9/11, I might subscribe to your newspaper. (I happened to have an A&E card with me) Here. Give this to a reporter." As I glanced back from the produce section, the card was being studied with interest.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.