Before 9/11 - Hauer oversaw NYC's response to building collapses

Just found this NYT's write up on Jerome Hauer from 1999, while he was NYC's OEM Manager.

Part of Hauer's job was to oversee the investigation of any building collapses.

Apparently, Hauer knows alot about ways to bring down buildings, just like he knows a lot about bio-terrorism and WTC security.


What Could Go Wrong? It's His Job to Know

Published: July 27, 1999

JERRY HAUER, to put it bluntly, likes guts. Meaning viscera, innards, the stuff things are made of.

There is one story he tells in which this fascination is quite literal (more on that later). But another illustration, a bit more metaphorical, his hard to miss when you walk into his office on the 23d floor of 7 World Trade Center, otherwise known as ''the bunker,'' the $13 million bulletproof, hurricane-proof, blackout-proof emergency crisis center opened by the city last month.

Mr. Hauer's office looks nothing like a bunker. It has comfortable chairs and picture windows that frame the Woolworth Building. But in one corner there is also a big stack of mismatched bricks that attests to the unusual function of this office and the unusual fascinations of its holder.

As the city's chief emergency manager, Mr. Hauer oversees the response to building collapses, of which there have been no shortage over the last three years. And as he has sifted through piles of rubble, he has made it a point to squirrel away a chunk of each disaster. He has a brick from 540 Madison (office tower; partial facade collapse, Dec. 7, 1997), one from the entrance to the Selwyn Theater (collapsed Dec. 30, 1997) and from an apartment building at 172 Stanton Street (partial collapse; demolished Jan. 24, 1998). There's also a piece of steel about the size of a slice of bread, a cross section of the beam that fell from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium on April 13, 1998, forcing it to close.

When he found out someone was about to put the beam in a Dumpster, he almost lost his temper. ''I said, 'Don't throw it away! That was two weeks of my life.' '' Those weeks were, he adds dryly, ''loads of fun.''

For much of his professional life, it has been the task of Jerome M. Hauer, 47, to know a lot about how things work so that when they stop working -- when they fall down, when they get blown down or blown up, when they freeze or burst or burn out -- he knows what to do. Like all self-described emergency junkies, he sits around all day thinking up horrifying ways for things to be destroyed and people to die and then hoping that all his plans stay on the shelf.


"Like all self-described emergency junkies, he sits around all day thinking up horrifying ways for things to be destroyed and people to die and then hoping that all his plans stay on the shelf."

In other words

he was on salary for the government to plan the 9/11 attack in NYC.

Excellent find! Prison Planet went large with your very

intriguing story! That Jerome Hauer was a busy man, involved in many suspicious things:

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, July 10, 2008

The former New York City chief emergency manager Jerome Hauer, whose office was on the 23d floor of WTC 7, was also a building collapse specialist, according to a recently uncovered New York Times article. Hauer has attracted suspicion from the 9/11 truth movement because of his zeal to push the official story in the hours after the attack when details were still sketchy.

Hauer was also Managing Director of Kroll Associates - the company that provided security for the WTC complex on 9/11 - and he also betrayed advance knowledge of the anthrax attacks a week before they happened....

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Thanks for the heads up

At least they gave 911Blogger credit, even though I might as well change my name to Voldemort.

If there ever is a real 9/11 Investigation, Jerome Hauer should be the prime suspect.

He is the only one so far with the knowledge, access, and the ways & means to get the WTC ready for the attack.

He's the one who loaded up WTC 7 with assorted backup power and fuel systems. He's the one who wanted to run gas lines up the elevator shafts. He's the one who refused to install a fire suppression system on the 5th Floor, where his pressurized piping system ran under the trusses. He's the one who in the middle of the disaster is giving interviews on national TV, instead of staying on site helping save people.

He doesn't even have a speck of dust on him. But he's armed and ready with the Official Myth and already knows Usama bin Forgotten did it.