911 Truthers and Ralph Nader: A Symbiotic Relationship

Picture this; Leaders of every major 911 Truth organization ( Architects and Engineers, Pilots for 911 Truth, Journal of 911 Studies, the crew of Loose Change, I'm talking everybody!) rallying the support of each and every voter in their following, and coming together ONLINE to make a united-voice appeal to Ralph Nader to incorporate 911 language and truth into his campaign. Our intention will be to hand to Ralph, on a silver platter, as he did for Kerry in the 2004 campaign, the issues that we the people believe will win this election for any candidate who can effectively make a show of force that his presidency would amount to a gutting of our current corrupt system.

How do we start? How do we convince Ralph that there are enough of us that would support his campaign that he would be persuaded? How do we time this effort with each of these organizations to make a convincing appeal to his campaign? We need someone like Ralph and he needs our demographic base to make the headlines and to qualify for the debates.

Ralph is right, third party candidates are well known, not for winning elections, but for bringing issues to the table that the single DemRep Party would never have discussed otherwise.

No thanks.

Cynthia McKinney is the only true 9/11 Truth candidate.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

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Great minds ... think for themselves.

Cynthia McKinney is not a viable option

Ralph Nader is a master of the political issues in general, to a degree that far exceeds McKinney's experience, knowledge or wisdom. Furthermore, I have spoken with one of his campaign organizers (on a local tier) and apparently Ralph is aware of the flaws in the official story. I believe that an appeal to him to take his own medicine (to listen to the will of the electorate) would be the impetus for a new and powerful alliance between the Truth Movement and a truly viable candidate. It would take a massive and simultaneous showing of all of us wanting truth to convince him to stand for this all important issue.

Las Cruces, NM

Has Ralph...

Ever been elected to office? No? Then how can you say that his experience regarding political issues "far exceeds McKinney's?" Cynthia is the 9/11 Truth Movement's true candidate. If you are a Ralph Nader supporter that is trying to gain support from the movement for Ralph, I think we have already decided who we're going with. That person is Cynthia McKinney. Ralph is apparently "aware of the flaws in the official story?" Cynthia is DEFINITELY aware of the flaws in the official story. She helped to expose what some of them are. The only thing Ralph Nader has done to my knowledge regarding 9/11 is that he added his signature to the 2004 complaint given to then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Again, thanks but no thanks.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

For our purposes as 911

For our purposes as 911 Truthers, yes McKinney has a certain intrinsic value as a candidate. What then is this movement doing to support her COLLECTIVELY rather than the lot of us wandering around like a giant disorganized gaggle? The purpose would be to draw attention to the issues she supports by being such an overwhelmingly effective group of activists.

The point is not a comparison between Ralph and Cynthia. The point is that collectively we are a forceful voting demographic with kinetic potential toward viral replication. And yet we are doing nothing to focus that energy to have an effect on this campaign.

You have got to be ignorant to think that because Cynthia has been elected to an office position that her experience trumps Ralph's understanding of what is going on between the militaryindustrial complex and the lower classes. With or without the issue of 911, who do you think would win a debate or an election if it were just between the two of them? Have you ever seen Ralph speak, even to a hostile and resentful crowd, still able to pointedly answer questions without blowing smoke up anyone's skirt or ducking questions? Cynthia too is wonderful and honest, but you can not compare the two. Ralph knows the truth of 911 and we can twist his arm to come out of the closet by offering him conditionally our votes.

Las Cruces, NM