The WTC 7collapse series: meet Mark Loizeaux.

Meet Mark Loizeaux. Mark Loizeaux runs a company called Controlled Demolition Inc.
Most of his handiwork have been shown on TV. he is a specialist in the field of Controlled demolition.
According to CDI website they do a lot more than Controlled demolition.
They do for example Forensic examinations on blast sites. They also work for the American Defence department and in fact they work for 5 different Government departments: Department of Defence (DOD), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of State.

He is what you might call the US department of Demolition and a such very connected to the US Elite. So it should come as no surprise that Mark Loizeaux was contacted few days after the attacks of 911 to help with the Crime scene investigation the removal of the WTV 7 steel and debris.

He did his job so well that only a piece of steel about 40x60 cm has survived.

Knowing what we know about Mark Loiseaux background and connections it should be pointed out that the choice to ask him to be the BBC controlled demolition expert is to say the least somewhat suspect. The very man who prevented a crime scene investigation and who's company was instrumental in the destruction of the crime scene that what the WTC and the
WTC 7 building in particular would have a definitive conflict of interest yet the BBC makes him the sole demolition expert whose say so they is used to debunk the WTC 7 controlled demolition evidence.

In the interview Mark Loizeaux claims that;

1/The preparation/calculation takes months
2/The execution takes months with loads of wiring and tons of explosives.
3/The process is noisy and impossible to hide and further more
4/in order to bring about the demolition you have to remove inner walls and toxic materials like asbestos etc.

Thank you for reminding us

of some prescient facts about Mark Loizeaux. Certainly the obliteration of evidence alone is strong justification for a guilty verdict.