Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Adviser Picks Tell Us All We Need To Know About Him

by Michael Jackman

Instead of media pundits blowing a bunch of hot air about Barack Obama's former pastor, there should be a real discussion and examination of who he has picked as his foreign policy advisors. These choices will have far more of an impact on our country than which church Obama attended or where he stands on the various partisan wedge issues. Among the 13 advisors selected, there are some alarming choices. Especially when you consider Obama's antiwar rhetoric on the stump.

The first advisor I will mention is former Indiana Congressman and Democrat, Tim Roemer. He was a member of the 9/11 Commission, and a representative of the war-profiteering weapons makers Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which also happen to be the world's largest defense contractors. While in office, Roemer voted for the Iraq War and said this: "The threat from Saddam is grave and growing and it's something we're going to have to address in the not-too-distant future." That statement mirrors the rhetoric of Bush and Cheney exactly. Why would a President Obama, who spoke out against the war in 2003, be interested in someone like Roemer's advice?

It gets better. Also onboard is Washington insider and notorious cover-up artist Lee Hamilton. It's interesting to note that Hamilton, a Democrat, has been called upon several times to bail Republicans out of huge scandals. Democrat Hamilton was Co-Chair of The 9/11 Commission and the White House actually preferred dealing with him over fellow Co-Chair and Republican, Thomas Kean. Accordng to NY Times reporter, Phil Shenon, the White House's "best support on the Commission came from an unexpected corner, from Lee Hamilton." Maybe this is because Hamilton is old pals with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and David Addington.

During the 1980s, when Reagan and Bush Sr. were in power, Hamilton was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and chaired an inquiry into the Iran-Contra scandal. Also on the committee was Congressman Dick Cheney. Hamilton certainly dropped the ball on this investigation: he was well aware of a press report indicating that the Reagan Administration was illegally funneling weapons and money to the anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua, yet when the White House denied it, Hamilton simply took their word for it.

Hamilton would later admit that when he looks into allegations, he dislikes "going for the jugular." Indeed, Senator Tom Daschle opposed Hamilton's co-chairing of the 9/11 Commission, stating that Hamilton doesn't have "a taste for partisan fights," and seems to "always assume the best about people, Republicans included." Hamilton would also tell Frontline that he didn't indict Reagan or Bush because he didn't think it would be "good for the country." He gave this same answer to 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son on 9/11, when McIlvaine had requested declassification of some vital 9/11 evidence.

Hamilton remained good friends with Dick Cheney, and, as Vice-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission, was tasked with looking into Cheney's actions, before, during and after 9/11.

Another coverup which Hamilton took part in was the 1980 "October Surprise" incident. In 1992, there was a task force, chaired by Hamilton, to look into allegations of a plot to delay the release of U.S. hostages in Iran until after the 1980 presidential election, thus depriving President Carter of any credit for their upcoming release. The key figures involved were former CIA Directors, George H.W. Bush, and William J. Casey. There were allegations that the two had met secretly in Europe to broker a deal with the Iranians. Both of their alibis were dubious at best, and Casey's even changed several times, but Hamilton still accepted it. Journalist Robert Parry who has extensively researched the case had this to say about the task force and its kid's-glove treatment: "The Bush Administration flatly refused to give any more information to the House task force unless it agreed never to interview Mr. Bush's alibi witness, and never to release that person's name. Amazingly, the task force accepted those terms."

Hamilton also refused to extend the 1992 investigation when yet more incriminating evidence was made available, according to the task force's chief counsel, Larry Barcella. It's also known that Hamilton was aware of classified documents from a Russian national security report detailing what Russian Intelligence knew of the October Surprise. Apparently, Russian Intelligence uncovered documents showing that William Casey had indeed traveled to Europe in 1980 to meet with the Iranians to delay the hostage release. With full knowledge of this information, and other intelligence reports on the matter from other countries, Lee Hamilton publicly exonerated President George H.W. Bush.

Lee Hamilton's judgment and loyalty to this country are questionable to say the least.

These have been just a few of Obama's advisor choices, which also include former Clinton Administration officials. I encourage everyone to look into this issue. Don't just take my word.

If Obama is the next President, do you think he will support investigations of any kind into this criminal Administration? Maybe he'll say he won't because he doesn't think it will be “good for the country,” and that America should move on, and heal. That's not something I'm supporting. That is why I am supporting former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for President, who unlike Obama, actually has experience standing up to the Military Industrial Complex, and doing the right thing while serving in Congress. Obama seems to have sold out rather quickly, and his whole “change” rhetoric is rather hollow. I don't buy it and neither should you.

Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Nice work Mr. Jackman!!! The

Nice work Mr. Jackman!!!
The real question is whether Obama chose them or they chose Obama.

Either way we lose.

Radical Pragmatist


He did a good job.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Yes, props Mike

This article rips! Great writing.

Two sides of the same coin.

Two sides of the same coin. No Surprise
Great minds ... think for themselves.

Obama Is The Latest Manufactured Fraud

A made-to-order "outsider" created to lure the public back under the influence of a controlled candidate from one of the 2 major controlled parties.

Does ANYONE really think that the "Man Behind The Curtain" (the policy guiders within the military-industrial complex) would ever let a genuine outsider change the course that has already been set?

(And when a real outsider like the newly elected Gov. Ventura assumes office, the CIA pay him a visit in order to assess him. See Ventura's latest book.)

What should have been a major problem for Obama by now is that he doesn't even seem surprised to be this close to the White House. After all, just a few years ago he was a relatively big fish in the very small pond of Illinois state politics. One does not achieve his success without the cooperation and blessing of the establishment.

If Obama were a genuine outsider, he'd be commenting regularly about how pleased he is at his supposedly new found and "unexpected" success.

Unfortunately, much of the public seems to be unable to see beyond the myth who happens to take a good picture and delivers a good speech, in order to identify the abundant contradictions.