July 14, 2008- Preventing Global War Radio Show with Michael Andregg

Listen July 14th, 10pm- 12 pm to the Questioning War- Organizing Resistance Radio Show on We The People Radio Network and to our guest-

Michael Andregg

Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation are Better Strategies Than Global War

On the Causes of War

Ground Zero Minnesota

Michael Andregg is the author of On the Causes of War, and the producer of Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation are Better Strategies Than Global War.

Michael Andregg received his Ph.D. in behavior genetics from the University of California at Davis in 1977 after completing a triple-major bachelor’s degree (in genetics, zoology and anthropology). He studied monkeys in Morocco between the bachelor’s and the Ph.D., and has had an interdisciplinary life ever since.

After two years of postdoctoral research at the University of Minnesota hospitals, he focused on the causes of war since war is a much larger public health hazard than rare diseases. He has taught at Macalester and Gustavus Adolphus Colleges, and is currently a professor in Justice and Peace at the University of St. Thomas. He also teaches in the University of Minnesota graduate school (since 1998) and undergraduate since 1981. He started an education non-profit in 1982 called Ground Zero Minnesota, which has produced 57 television programs and sponsored several thousand educational programs in schools, churches, and civic groups.

Andregg’s book, “On the Causes of War” won a National Peacewriting Award in 1999, has been reprinted twice, republished in Canada and has been translated into Italian. He is on the boards of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations and the Hawkinson Foundation for Peace and Justice.

For the last several years he has studied spies focusing on issues of intelligence reform, has arranged over twenty panels for spy conferences in various parts of the world, edited a reader on intelligence ethics that has been used by the CIA and DIA, and was recently selected to write the chapter on ethics for a textbook on Intelligence Studies (2007).

In 2006 he won a “golden candle” award for bringing light to dark corners of the intelligence community. His latest project is “Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation are Better Strategies Than Global War” resulting in a TV documentary released in February, 2008 with that title.

I met Michael in Minneapolis at the National Conference on Media Reform and we agreed that 9/11 was a special operation designed to initiate a "global war." This show will look at ways that we can prevent the expansion of the current "War on Terrorism" into a global war.

Questioning War-Organizing Resistance is hosted by Carol Brouillet, a longtime activist, who organized three conferences on Strategies to Transform the Global Economy and (the first) marches on her Senators and Congresswoman in January 2002 to Demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11. She publishes the Deception Dollars, and Co-Founded the 9-11 Truth Alliance, and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance . She organized premieres of films, educational events, marches, rallies for 9-11 Truth, the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, and produced the film Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush. She is also a mother of three boys and held a weekly Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto from October 2001 to October 2007, now she holds it once a month on the 11th, in solidarity with other 9/11 Truth activists worldwide. She ran for Congress in 2006 on the Green Party ticket on a 9-11 Truth, Peace, Impeachment platform and will be on the ballot again in 2008.

2008 Shows are archived at mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet08.html and 2007 Shows are archived at mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet07.html.

Rethinking 9/11

Rethinking 9/11 is by far the best film out there to give to someone unfamiliar with the 9/11 theories. Bravo to Carol for having Michael Andregg as a guest.. His idea of Truth and Reconciliation is ahead of its time, and worthy of consideration if your motivation is stopping the global elite from waging their ridiculous wars. I wish 9/11Blogger would keep it on their list of recent media, permanently. Can't wait to listen to the interview..

I agree

Carol ,

I agree with Mr Andregg on the basic course forward. Note that those who work for prominent 'defense' companies and do some work in Minnesota could be forgiven also. Even the companies that starts with the letter 'R". I'm afraid to say much more detail than that about it. I suspect that some of the meanest people fear forgivness most of all. Minnesota is a kind of spooky place now-don't ya know.

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.