After months of delay, the highly anticipated is finally here! The brand-new website, built from the ground up, is probably the most interactive 9/11 Truth website on the internet to date. Along with easy to access evidence that put on the map, the new site is full of videos, photos, slide shows, and need to know information concerning 9/11 Truth, the New World Order, the North American Union, MSG, Vaccines, Fluoride, and Truther events. Log on and tell us what you think…

i like it!

it's beautiful, great work!


I like it! So cool.

I bookmarked it ! Thanks ya'll! Great Resource.

I appreciate the simplicity and categories with pull down menus. Thank you for listing local groups. (However, I do have difficulty getting below Texas from the pull down menu because it goes off the bottom of the page.)

I love it!

Outside of 9/11blogger it's the best 9/11truth site I have seen so far. Also it is full of beautifull 9/11truther women like Abby and fiends.( And you guys wonder why an old man like me joined the truth movement ) SERIOUSLY, GREAT WORK !!!


Fantastic Job!

I shall return.

Comments and Critiques

Definitely the most professional, and the overall look and feel is very handsome, but the top flash-space is gratuitous. We're not dealing with designers here... we're dealing with an audience eager for new information, and you need to express that daily and in the most bold and obvious way.

That said, the most exciting thing to see when you first arrive at a news/collective website is a new series of headlines. I would kill the top section (it's unnecessary, and hardly urgent), put all of the breaking news stuff up there, keep the featured video directly below (for all of the new recruits), and then expand with the auxiliary news items below that. What is currently at the top should be reserved for a sub-section.

(Think about how exciting it is to visit RawStory and see the word "BREAKING:", in bold! You immediately want to hit refresh to see more.)

Remember, ease of use goes hand-in-hand with the appearance of presenting something new. If you can deliver that without having to force the user to scroll then you're halfway there.....

Is this another Ron Paul front?

Truth seeking is good, and the 9/11 Truth Movement will eventually be known for re-legitimizing truth seeking and refusing to accept lies and distortions.

Is this another Ron Paul front?

I hope not because what we are up to is FAR BEYOND, and WAY MORE IMPORTANT than any single politician, or group of politicians. This includes the "politician dujour", Cynthia McKinney.

99% of all existing politicians in WDC are complicit in corporatism in one way or another, including McKinney, and they ALL have to be changed as soon as we can manage it.

Hopefully...with all the subjects covered, you will NOT focus upon the short or intermediate...but upon both AND the long distance run because its gonna take some time to dig out of this hole we find ourselves in.

If a politician wants to endorese the 9/11 Truth Movement, then let them do so.

As long as the 9/11 Truth Movement chooses to support particular candidates, [for now], BOTH the candidate and the 9/11 Truth Movement will be hurt in a never ending cycle of "fringitis".

Please keep to subjects and and truth seeking and please do NOT become a front for any specific politicians.

I have privately supported the strongest 9/11 politician for a long, long time includinghelping get some critical information that was desired, but I do not cross the lines.

Even this politician has to be careful about us, and likewise, we need to be cautious with the politician...

Its the "good fences" thing...


Robin Hordon

Very nice

I also like the decision to give some attention to what are some of the more obvious and unquestionable cover-ups/scandals/conspiracies/what have you like MSG and fluoride. I assume you may also cover aspartame, mercury amalgam fillings, and Monsanto at some point in the future. And like 911blogger, it's always good to see materials on things like Oklahoma City; the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK; the USS Liberty incident, and so forth.

Too many conspiracy-type sites get too far out there. An intelligent and careful one that focuses primarily on 9/11 Truth while giving attention to other matters of major concern would be simply awesome.