Why You Should Be a 9/11 Truther Even if You Don't Believe the Government Carried Out the Attacks


July 9, 2008

Why You Should Be a 9/11 Truther Even if You Don't Believe the Government Carried Out the Attacks

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Why you should be a 9/11 truther even if you don't believe the Government carried out the attacks.

Let's say you go along with the idea that WTC 7 collapsed because of normal fires, and Hani Hanjour went from an incompetent idiot to a highly skilled pilot, and 9/11 was carried out by 19 arab terrorists working for Osama Bin Laden. You should still join forces with the 9/11 truth movement and here's why.

Because the government is still to blame, and you are still being constantly lied to. Nothing was done to prevent these attacks. No one has been held responsible for massive errors that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans and consequently hundreds of thousands of deaths of human beings since then.

President Bush is constantly telling you the terrorists attacked us because you are so free and they hate that. This is an incredibly ridiculous lie that insults your intelligence and takes the blame off the foreign policy of our corrupt establishment and places it on you. You like being free? Well, it could get you killed by these "evil doers" unless you allow your beloved government to "protect" your freedoms by killing and invading other countries.

The truth is, no so called terrorist has ever claimed he hates Americans because they are free. They claim our support for the apartheid actions of Israel, along with our interference in domestic affairs of other nations is what they have a grievance against. In other words those 2974 people that are dead from 9/11 were killed because of the actions of our government. And the thousands that will die because of the toxic air at ground zero were lied to by the EPA by order of the white house. Their deaths can also be blamed on this administration.

The administration had no interest in investigating these attacks. The Jersey girls forced this government to have a 9/11 commission, a commission that refused to assign blame and was just another cover-up. The co chairmen of the commission admitted that they were lied to under oath by the military and decided to do nothing about it.

Condoleezza Rice and President Bush both said that "no one in this administration nor the prior one could have imagined taking planes and flying them into buildings." This is another lie. In fact they did imagine it, and actually practiced it.

Flying planes into buildings was an idea of Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Murad who were arrested in 1995. Their computer was seized and a treasure trove of information was discovered on it, including manifestos that explained why they hate America. It was the American government and it's foreign policy that they hated, it wasn't your freedom.

Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi were two 9/11 hijackers that were being monitored by the CIA. They were known mujihaden. The CIA deliberately let them into the USA. And then you are supposed to believe they unfortunately lost track of them. The CIA is not supposed to do surveillance inside the USA and as we all know the last thing in the world the CIA would do is break any law, so they were supposed to notify the FBI to pick up the surveillance. Well, it is claimed that they thought they did but the FBI wasn't notified. You are also supposed to believe that there was a "wall" preventing the FBI and the CIA from sharing information. Another lie. The counterintelligence unit at the CIA was staffed by CIA and FBI. Out of the 300 million people that reside in the USA these two ended up having a landlord that they lived with coincidently being an FBI informant who supposedly didn't inform the FBI about them. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/09/09/attack/main521223.shtml

Would you like to hear his explanation of this? The Government doesn't think it's any of your business and paid this informant $100,000 to keep his mouth shut. Sound hard to believe? Read page 38/141 of the DOJ OIG report and take a look at footnote number 197 when in July 2003 when he was to testify he was paid off and the FBI refused to allow his testimony.

What happened to the head of the CIA? He was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. While at the same time the rescue workers at ground zero were given the shaft. The Iraqi resistance knows where America is. You're being told we can't withdraw our troops because "they will follow us here", and "it's better to fight them there rather than here." Instead of going along with the insulting of your intelligence why don't you demand the government stop giving "terrorists" reasons for hating us. Did you like being lied to about the anthrax attacks? Where do you think it came from? According to Scott McClellans new book on pages 110-111...

"Brian Ross, a highly respected investigative reporter for ABC News, led the newscast that night stating that he had learned from "three well placed but separate sources" that initial tests had found the chemical additive bentonite in the anthrax, and that the only country known to have used this substance to produce biological weapons was Iraq. Bentonite, Ross reported, was "a trademark of Saddam Hussein's biological weapons program." Peter Jennings indicated that some would conclude this was "a smoking gun" linking the anthrax attacks to Iraq."

In the book Mcclellan says that Arie Fleischer (his predecessor) tried to tell ABC News that was not correct, and ABC eventually backed off that angle but never issued a retraction. This is the US Government useing the media to sell a war to you by lies.

I could go on and on and on. The media in this country is a joke and even the non truthers know this. Maybe we should start demanding the government stop lying to us, and the media start holding the government accountable to the people. But I don't see you "believers in the official story" doing this. I see organizations like wearechange and other "truthers" demanding answers and accountability. You can see it too in a new documentary called the "The 9/11 Chronicles- Truth Rising" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6739975526979012277&q=9%2F11+chronicles+truth+rising&ei=3sZzSIWMLZjQ4gLZ1rWSCw&hl=en

As a former Republican and Bush supporter I was quite happy to make fun of these "nuts." Unfortuneatly I got my information from the television. When I made it a point to inform myself in order to more effectivly expose the truthers as liars and nuts, I had to face the awfull truth that it is the Government lying to me. It is the corrupt power structutre that is a threat to my freedom. And who is exposing these realities? It is the truthers. "Truthers" need to be responsible as well. Accusing reporters of "being in on it" because they don't like what they reported at the pentagon is outageous and irresponsible, some claims by so called truthers are just outrageous. Sure there are preposterous claims by some who claim to be "truthers" and I don't believe everything said in the name of 9/11 truth because anyone can claim anything in the name of 9/11 truth.

But given the choice of being an apologist for the government or a 9/11 truther I chose the latter because, "ask questions-demand answers" of your leaders is more patriotic than going along with a corrupt establishment, determined to keep you uninformed. Nazi Germany would not have happened if they had "truthers". You may think it's a preposterous stretch of the imagination to bring Nazi Germany into this, but just what do you think the end result would be with a Military Industrial Complex such as ours and an incredibly powerfull government and media that isn't held accountable for it's actions by the people?

Everyone should be a 9/11 truther:

Everyone should be a 9/11 truther:

Unless they believe that it is acceptable for those in charge in the U.S. government to be promoted instead of fired after 3000 people died.
Unless they believe that it is acceptable that the 9/11 family steering committee got 30% of their questions answered
Unless they believe that it is acceptable that NORAD can change their story three times and not be held accountable for any of their versions.
Unless they believe that it is acceptable that 9/11 could happen again and we will see all of these things happen again.
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