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A conspiracy of dunces
London Telegraph | 12:01am BST 12/07/2008

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The BBC, an old-media TV station of yesteryear (which is shortly going to be castrated, nailed to a tree and restricted to one channel for its own good, if Sir Antony Jay’s think tank report last week gets its way), has now had the temerity to cast aspersions upon the most successful internet documentary ever.

Loose Change is an influential piece of citizen journalism with more hits than any film in the history of the web. Even Hollywood has invited its author to write a big-screen version of his film, which asks why Tower Seven next to the Twin Towers spontaneously fell down on 9/11.

The film explains that obviously this was a government conspiracy and President Bush orchestrated the aeroplane attacks from the CIA office in Tower Seven. Obviously the president ordered a controlled demolition of the tower afterwards so that the public would not find out.

Now The Conspiracy Files (BBC2, Sun) has systematically questioned its every argument. I am not going into detail here because I have no interest in the correspondence it might generate but, basically, if this was a controlled demolition it would have taken weeks to get all the wires in and everybody would have seen them unless the equipment had been fitted when Tower Seven was built in the 1980s, which would mean that President Reagan wanted to blow it up as well.




There's a term for this kind of denial: circumstantial denial. Claim that it was not possible to set the charges, claim that someone would had blow the whistle, claim that it needs much too long to preparate the charges, claim that the specific explosive we've found in the dust doesn't exist and so on.

In the reality, because we've found traces of nano-thermate, we are sure to say it was a controlled demolition.
There are other issues as well, the molten metal, first brought up by Garrick Utley on CNN, later dismissed by NIST and others, but did in fact really exist.

The circumstances need to be re-viewed. They can not be used to rule out controlled demolition from the start. Especially since the WTC 7 demolition indeed did have all the commons of controlled demolitions. Visit the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and learn some.