This from the desk of Florida Congressman Robert Wexler (Re: impeachment)

From an email to me this afternoon from

Breaking News. This from the desk of Florida Congressman Robert Wexler, one of the co-sponsors of the 35 articles of impeachment introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich:

“Capitol Hill is buzzing today with major developments regarding our campaign for impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Just today, in what could be described as a perfect impeachment storm:

"After stating unequivocally that impeachment "is off the table," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated to CBS News today that the House Judiciary Committee should address the issues that Rep. Kucinich's has raised in his impeachment resolution.... This issue now reaches far beyond the substance of the Judiciary Committee's original inquiry regarding the firing of US Attorneys for political purposes. The crisis at hand relates to our most fundamental laws and of our Constitution. It is, in many ways, more serious than the Constitutional crisis surrounding Watergate."

Nancy Pelosi’s comments reflect the growing pressure of impeachment supporters on all elected officials and the heat from Cindy Sheehan’s courageous campaign to unseat her in the coming November elections. Cindy has made the impeachment of Bush, and Pelosi’s previous refusal to allow impeachment to proceed, a centerpiece of her campaign.

Congress may vote by Tuesday, July 15, on another impeachment resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich on July 10, 2008. This is a separate resolution from the 35-Articles of Impeachment that was introduced on June 9, 2008.

The new resolution is a single article of impeachment that accuses Bush of lying to Congress about Iraq’s so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to obtain Congressional Authorization for the use of military force against Iraq. Congress passed the authorization in October 2002 and Bush then used it to launch an unprovoked war of aggression and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

I think that is from last week?


(I'm not trying to diminish the importance of this news. I'm just trying to find out if this is a new, additional announcement from Wexler).

I was trying to figure this

I was trying to figure this out, too . . . since it sounded like news from last week. But since it was emailed out this afternoon with the 'Breaking News" headline, I thought maybe it referred to the buzz (continuing today) in Washington about impeachment. ?? Wishful thinking on my part, maybe. : )

I mailed 9/11 Truth DVDs to Wexler and others.

I mailed 9/11 Truth DVDs to Congressman Robert Wexler a few weeks ago. I have also been mailing 9/11 DVDS to other high profile people, especially Judges and Pulic Defenders and Prosecutors. For example, Judge Vaughn Walker got some. [Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of the US District Court in California has ruled that President George W. Bush is a felon.] I strongly encourage that others do the same. Get the truth out there.

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth...." W PEPPER

Called pelosi and conyers both and left messages!

Pelosi has got voicemail, I left a message that I am so angry with her lack of leadership in this matter than I am thinking about relocating to the 8th district just to vote against her in the election. Conyers's secretary was very nice and assured me he would get the message. Let's keep the pressure on this!

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, Jr.: (202) 225-5126
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-4965
And your Congressman: Call Toll Free 800-828-0498 & ask for your Rep.

Contact info:

Thanks Betsy!

I love hearing stories of action...

I love hearing these kind of ACTIONS, not just spectator sideline stuff.

Will Pelosi's grandstanding collapse like WTC7?

One thing is clear, however — there will be no move to remove Bush from office, despite Pelosi's comments this morning, or Kucinich's resolution.

CBS News
Pelosi Says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings On Kucinich Impeachment Resolution

Jul 10, 2008

(The Politico) Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this morning that the House Judiciary Committee may hold hearings on an impeachment resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).

Kucinich is expected to offer a "privileged resolution" this afternoon calling on the House to look at whether President Bush should be removed from office for lying to Congress and the American public when he sought congressional approval back in 2002 for taking military action to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Pelosi has said previously that impeachment "was off the table," so her comments this morning were surprising, and clearly signaled a new willingness to entertain the idea of ousting Bush, although no one in the Democratic leadership believes that is likely since the president has only six months left in this term.

"This is a Judiciary Committee matter, and I believe we will see some attention being paid to it by the Judiciary Committee," Pelosi told reporters. "Not necessarily taking up the articles of impeachment because that would have to be approved on the floor, but to have some hearings on the subject."

Pelosi added: "My expectation is that there will be some review of that in the committee."

A spokesman for the House Judiciary Committee had no immediate comment when asked whether Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the panel's chairman, planned hearings on Kucinich's impeachment resolutions.

Update: Conyers said he had just gotten Kucinich's new impeachment resolution, and he was not sure of when hearings would occur, or what kind of hearings be held. Democratic aides said they would examine "abuses of power" by the Bush administration, although it is unclear why or how that is different from what has taken place already throughout the 110th Congress.

One thing is clear, however — there will be no move to remove Bush from office, despite Pelosi's comments this morning, or Kucinich's resolution.