Bush... Playing in Peoria... Again.. Got $500?


Though his approval rating is one of the lowest of all U.S. presidents, George Bush is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for 18th Congressional District candidate Aaron Schock when he appears at a fundraiser in the Peoria area later this month.

Bush, who last was in Peoria in January 2007 to visit Caterpillar Inc., will visit this time for the sole benefit of Schock. He'll be at a $500 per head fundraiser at a yet-to-be determined private residence on July 25, Schock said.

"It's humbling that out of 435 congressional races that (Bush) is willing to take time to help me and that I'm on his radar screen," said Schock, currently a state House representative.


Apparently the President must come to Peoria to pimp for a heavily favored Congressional candidate who's seat has been held by a Republican since 1917. A candidate who is one of the youngest if not the youngest candidate running for congress. A candidate who already had twice as much funds as the Democratic candidate.

Hey Georgie.... you might want to steer clear if you want this kid to maintain credibility.

If you would like to attend... the fee is $500.00.

I'd like to ask a question of our "great leader"...

"Mr. President.... Speaking man to man.... On 911... when Mr. Card said whatever he said to you... Why did you sit there in that classroom like you did?"

... and leave the kids out of it because they were all there behind you when you decided to have that little press conference.

People are losing their homes, jobs & businesses, but let's

flush $100,000s more down the toilet to Bush!?


Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Add another

$4600.00 if you want a picture with the almighty leader
Together in Truth!