One of Our Aircraft Isn’t Missing

At 11:43 am on the morning of 9/11 WCPO radio in Cincinnati posted an AP article titled "Plane Lands in Cleveland; Bomb Feared Aboard" concerning the strange occurrence of a commercial airliner making an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport due to a bomb threat. AP reported that Mayor Michael R. White of Cleveland had identified the aircraft as a 767 out of Boston. Mayor White added that the aircraft had been moved to a secure area of the airport and evacuated. Why, one might ask, do I consider it strange that a commercial airliner experiencing a bomb threat would be diverted and landed before it reaches its destination? Strange because the AP article identified the aircraft in question as UAL Flight 93 (a Boeing 757), the very Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pa at 10:03 AM. In the third paragraph AP reports, "United identified the plane as Flight 93."

For people new to this...

Be sure to cross-reference with Devvy Kidd's excellent United 93 articles, starting with this one;

Dewy Kidd On Flight 93

I've read everything Dewy Kidd has written on the subject. She did not analyze the AP dispatch however, and relies on flight manifests she received from the FAA, which she only obtained ten months after she filled a FOIA request for them.

If Dewy Kidd had analyzed the AP dispatch, the following paragraph from the dispatch would have cleared the matter up quickly as to whether Flight 93 had landed at Cleveland Airport:

"On behalf of the airline CEO James Goodwin said: "The thoughts of everyone at United are with the passengers and crew of these flights. Our prayers are also with everyone on the ground who may have been involved."

The first sentence in this paragraph tells us that according to UA’s latest information the passengers on both flights are believed to be still alive, otherwise UA would have been offering their condolences instead of their "thoughts" being with the "passengers and crew". The second sentence of this paragraph is therefore a reference to police/bomb squad/airport personnel at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and not a reference to persons who were killed on the ground when these flights supposedly crashed later in the morning.

Dewy Kidd also didn't find the article on United Airline’s Operation Control Center (http://unitedvisual.com/2fac/2fm109.asp) that was in-place as of 1998. If she had she would have known that UA tracks their airlines 24/7 and knows where they are at any time, so when UA said it was "deeply concerned" about ANOTHER one of their aircraft (Flight 175) that means AP got their story from UA BEFORE 9:03 AM, otherwise the AP story would have been a story on UA losing Flight 175 over NYC and possibly crashed and not a story on Flight 93 (or Delta 1989) landing at Cleveland Airport. This means that Flight 93 had landed at Cleveland Airport BEFORE 9:03 AM. By the way, Flight 175's transponder never went off, so UA was tracking it when they lost it over NYC at 9:03 AM under 1000 feet.

Also note the time that WCPO posted the AP story (http://www.911inplanesite.com/bomb_threat.html). 11:43 AM. Well, Delta 1989 wasn't evacuated until 12:30 PM. Mayor White in the AP article says that the passengers were already evacuated!

By the way, the company that installed UA's tracking computers also installed in each workstation, on either side of the aircraft-tracking monitor, several TV monitors for 24/7 cable news viewing. So when Flight 175 flew into the south tower at 9:03 AM, the UA operators saw it as did those of us who were watching television that morning.

Delta Flight 1989 was landed at Cleveland Airport because of the media's error in releasing the story of Flight 93's landing there. The Delta 1989 landing could then be used to explain away the report that Flight 93 had landed at Cleveland Airport.

Dean M. Jackson
Washington, DC

Everything besides the "official story" indicates that the crash

site in Shanksville, PA was nothing more than a smoky hole in the ground about 20' x15' Just like at the Pentagon, there were no engines, seats, luggage, bodies, etc. etc. Photos showed that all the alleged debris filled an ordinary dumpster about 1/3 full! (That's a lot less debris than one would expect from cleaning out his/her basement or attic.)

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Compare Crash Site Impact Holes For Flight 585 with Flight 93

The hole at the Shanksville site is less in depth and width than that of UA 585 that crashed at Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1991 (see link below), and flight 585 was a less heavy 737 (not 757) and fell just under 1,000 feet, while Flight 93 plummeted twice that distance. And Flight 93 impacted into softer ground to boot!


Dean M. Jackson
Washington, DC