Message from V --

"Message from V" put together by the folks at Houston9/11Truth.

Houston has a great group of 9/11 Truthers. They get out there and hit the streets. They are active! A whole bunch of 'em came up to Dallas for the June 21st LOOSE CHANGE FINAL CUT film showing at the Lakewood Theatre sponsored by Joe's North Texans for 9/11 Truth. Jason Bermas did an excellent job of fielding questions from the audience at that film event where 250 people showed up.

About the video...

...Thanks Tom, Wow, 283,000 hits. That vid was a 3 man job. It was written and set up by Rick Lux, and filmed and edited by Greg Johnson. cbirdsong, who put the header on it, is probably as responsible as anyone for the number of views it got. Thanks to you and your entire group for all the great work you do. My best to Joe Stokes. Next up for me is a music video. I have some originals and some rewrites from the past to try to hammer home our message to the masses, with Greg's help again, of course.

Thanks again for all you do,
Your friend in TRUTH,
John Beatty

Well done! Thank you Houston Group! Thank you Tom!

The non violent revolution is upon us. Spreading the truth will bring positive change. Now is the time.