Wanted: 9/11 Truth activists in Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste Marie!

The Vancouver 9/11 truth Society’s ‘Truth Bus’ will be stopping in various cities along its way to Montreal to drop off activists for the March on Ottawa commencing Sept 7th, 2001.

In each stop along the way, we are planning to have a mini press conference, set up a booth, sell t-shirts, give away free DVD’s and magazines, and spend an afternoon or evening spreading insight on 9/11.

So far, we have made contact with, and have began to organize events in Vancouver BC, Kelowna BC, Nelson BC, Calgary AB, and Edmonton AB.

But for our second leg of the trip – Regina SK, Winnipeg MB, Thunder Bay ON, and Sault Ste Marie ON – we have yet to make contact with people willing to organize an event for the time of our arrival.

Our schedule can be found here:


So this is our call out. Regina! Winnipeg! Thunder Bay! Sault Ste Marie! Where are you!??!

Please help our organizing committee find some activists in these cities to help us organize. Send callouts to your friends and family. I can guarantee you all of these cities have many 9/11 Truth activists each. We just need to find them!! Please send contact info for those interested to onehistory(at)gmail.com Thank you!

_Drew Noftle

March on Ottawa Organizing Committee


How come your going so early? I'd love to catch a ride and organize an event in winnipeg, but I'm going to be covering the RNC in MN so I wont be back in time for sept 3 as your schedule goes.


We need to get to Montreal by the 6th, so early we must be. The March starts on the 7th, and we are in Ottawa on the 11th. We hope you can at least join us in Ottawa for our rally on the Hill. If you know anyone who will be in Winnipeg on the 3rd, please let us know. Thanks!

Going further south?

What about Toronto, Oshawa and my little town of Bowmanville?
You will get a lot of support in Toronto for sure and I'm sure we can help out down my way.


We are hoping Toronto can organize their own buses to head to Montreal for the March, or for Ottawa on the 11th. If we do not have the time for our bus to stop in your town, we still help you can help us with the activities on the Hill for 9-11-8. We need all the support we can get!!