The 911 Deception Continues – With Bob Bowman and Michael Keefer in Toronto – A Synopsis

The 911 Deception Continues – With Bob Bowman and Michael Keefer in Toronto – A Synopsis

Monday July 14th 2008, hundreds gathered at the Bloor St United Church to attend a rare speaking engagement with esteemed lecturers Dr. Robert Bowman and Professor Michael Keefer, to give a forum on the issues concerning the 'War on Terror', fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, and the battle at home for civil liberty and accountability and the future of society. The event was organized as a joint effort with Canadian Magazine Publisher Global Outlook and the Skeptics Inqury for Truth, who have been instrumental in hosting large 911 Truth conferences in the past, most notably the Vancouver conference in 2007 and Toronto in 2004. The event was emceed by long time activist and internationally acclaimed author Barry Zwicker.

First Speaker Col. Dr. Robert Bowman


Dr. Bob Bowman, who has an extensive bio of high ranking titles, including being hailed as one of the country's foremost authorities on national security, he served in a 22-year Air Force career. Col. Bowman flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam to then become the Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the Air Force Space Division. In that capacity, he controlled about half a billion dollars worth of space programs, including the "Star Wars" programs. Dr. Bowman has also taught at five colleges and universities, serving as Associate Professor, Department Head, and Assistant Dean. From 1971 to 1974, Dr. Bowman was responsible for Air Force and NASA contracts in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia. In 1969 and 1970, and is a presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church.

He's been a leading figure in the 911 Truth movement, speaking out on behalf of his military experience, saying the NORAD Air Defence failure on 911 was an impossibility, has been touring accross North America for the past several years, giving credibility and leadership to the 911 Truth Movement.


His writings and videos are available through his website, which has the slogan, Respect the Constitution, Serve the People.

As he spoke he repeatedly held up a copy of a pocket constitution, always kept close at hand as he gave his moving lecture, dubbed his Inaugural Speech, in which he orated what it would be like as if he were giving his inaugural speech on the first day of his accepting the US Presidency.

He depicts a utopian scenario in which honourable men in CIA and military disobey orders in order to capture and individuals of the rogue Neocon Administration including Bush, Cheney and Rove, whom are impeached out of office and face trials for war crimes. In his speech, given to the hypothetical members of congress, he scorns them for their negligence and complicity in destruction of the American constitution and the principles it was supposed to uphold. He announces the repealing Bush's treasonous executive orders like the Patriot Act. In his first day of holding office, he immediately orders all the troops home from Iraq, the closure of black site torture prisons like Guantanamo and authorizes the release of political prisoners.

He also makes the oath to make medical reparations for the troops as well as the people of Iraq, in wake of the wars and resulting collateral deaths, as well as the long term task of giving them proper treatment for their exposure to depleted uranium weapons currently being used.

He made reference as well to the unfair trade practices of NAFTA and the SPP/NAU and made an oath to return America to order with fair policies on trade, the abolishment of corporate welfare, CFR IRS and the Federal Reserve, and to raise the minimum wage to a level that reflected the current inflation index. Interestingly, he noted that if worker wages were to rise at the level of CEO pay increases over the last 30 years, the minimum wage would have been 170 dollars an hour.

He also announced his commitment to an open and independent investigation into the 911 attacks, but concludes his talk by saying that if he does not last long as president, for reasons of his inevitable assassination, he asks the people to carry on the vision, and to finish what has already been started, nothing short of the next American Revolution.

I felt honoured to be in attendance to hear this moving talk, a talk of a better world in which our world was governed and led by men of integrity like Dr Bowman and his appointed caucus, including Cynthia McKinney as VP. It was clear to me that given Dr. Bowman’s background of service in the military that he had an intimate understanding of the root causes for America’s problems, and had carefully analyzed and summarized all possible solutions that would need to be implemented to return America back on course towards a sustainable future.

Second Speaker: Professor Michael Keefer

Michael Keefer is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Guelph, Ontario, (an institution that has had many good professors vocal on the real issues concerning the ‘War on Terror’ and the gatekeeper media supporting the official story. Prof. Keefer is also former president of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English and a Contributing Editor to Global Research.

His most recent article is The Frame up of the Toronto 18, a paper that gives timeline and analysis of the the fraud and fear-mongering of the Canadian government’s ‘case’ against 18 Toronto Muslim youths who were entrapped by agents provocateurs and falsely arrested as ‘terrorists', when in fact he exposes an elaborate set up for political ends of the Harper administration, in tandem with other western governments to stir up homegrown terror threats, to justify the prolonging of the wars in the Afghanistan and Iraq.

What's most disturbing about this particular case, despite the fact that these young men were set up by paid moles, and not entitled to fair due process with the court hearings, but also the level of treatment that these men received in prison. They were locked up in solitary cells and left in isolation under inhumane living conditions, as well as being subjected to beatings by the guards.

Keefer asks, 'is it in consonance with our values to have innocent young men arrested to be subjected to torture an imprisonment?' Obviously not, but that is exactly what is happening and hardly anyone is aware of it.

There has been a concerted effort on the part of several major print media companies, Globe and Mail and McLeans magazine, Keefer details the 'narrative frame up' in which trumped up charges and false evidence was presented to the public with cruel and dehumanizing spin pitted against the young Canadian Muslim men, while evidence in support of their defence was largely ignored.

Keefer then reminds us of the political climate of the time leading up to and of the arrests, and what was being sold to the public on television, with films like 300, depicting the people of Persia as barbarians, while simultaneously in the news, video was released by the CIA of terrorist beheadings of American Soldiers. This came at a time when evidence of torture happening to Guantanamo detainees was surfacing, and so these images of dangerous Al Queda was given repeated coverage by the mainstream media as a smoke screen to shift the blame away from the the scandalous reports of  inhumane policies against Iraqi/Afghan prisoners of war.

The case against the Toronto 18 itself is very suspicious with their lead witnesses being paid informants, like Mubin Shaik, whom was a former cocaine addict. He was paid 300,000 dollars to 'infiltrate' this group through Internet chat rooms and lead them into the folds of a  fictitious Jihadist uprising. The ambush raids on the homes of the Toronto 18 culminated after a weekend 'camping trip' where the men went paintballing in the woods of northern Ontario with Shaik, spun in the media as terrorist training.

It was alleged by the prosecution that they had intended to bomb major landmarks like the CN Tower and the parliament buildings with 'Fertalizer Bombs' of which the active ingredient for making the weapons would be supplied by another CSIS mole.

In every instance, these men were set up to be a threat, but were in fact guided along by the RCMP and CSIS from the very beginning. Which calls into question what the motivations of the RCMP and CSIS.

Are they legitimately protecting the public from 'terrorism' or working very hard to create an illusion of one for political purposes?

All but 3 of the Toronto 18 have finally been released without charges, however their names and reputations are ruined in the community, and the lasting psychological effects of the solitary confinement, prison abuse and probationary restrictions put on them bears a great burden on the men and their families.

The question that is often asked by the families is how this was allowed to happen to them? And why are they subjected to cruel punishment, when even though they were not proven guilty of anything, received less humane treatment than already convicted criminals, Carla Hummulka for example who lived in lavish luxury by comparison.

Still justice is not upheld and the 'Terror' fraud continues. Keefer reminded the audience of the incredibly restrictive airport security policies; the invasive searches done at random on travellers, and the nearly forgotten news headlines of old women detained and searched for carrying lipstick or medicine in their purses.

Keefer pointed out that this insane and paranoid policy set about world wide is originating from one source, the CIA, whom have been historically documented as the worst perpetrators of terrorism, that the world has ever known.

The reasons why this issue should be at the forefront of concern for all Canadians is because this criminality in government is growing more and more unaccountable, couched in the secrecy of protecting national security, whilst allowed to carry out worse and worse instances of acts of cruel and inhumane punishment on unsuspecting and innocent lives. Should we allow this to continue, we are complicit and accessory to these crimes, and if left unchecked, we may some day find ourselves in the cross-hairs of the police state apparatus.

Having played a part in promoting the event I was proud that the turnout and relieved that the event was a sure success. However the evening was concluded in a somber tone, the subject matter discussed that evening was all to real, and the realities we as a movement must face and try to rectify as best we can, are very serious and also very sinister.

It’s up to us to get off the sidelines as spectators and try in any way we can to awaken and warn the public, as well as build up the next generation of truth activists, with tried tactics and reliable resources. I salute men like Bob Bowman and Michael Keefer for their hard work and service to a future society, freed from the shackles of a fascistic government that terrorizes its own people in order to deceive them.

High quality video of the event is currently under development but in the meantime the 'live video feed' is available for viewing now at

Robert Bowman is a great man

I had the honor to be able to video an event last year where Dr. Bowman spoke. The man has integrity.
Here is the video:

Great job! For the record,

Great job!

For the record, however, you are in error when you state that "... Global Outlook and the Skeptics Inquiry for Truth, who have been instrumental in hosting large 911 Truth conferences in the past, most notably the Vancouver conference in 2007 ..."

The Vancouver conference was organized entirely in Vancouver, though Barrie and Ian of Global Outlook did participate and present in Vancouver.

The Toronto conference (Citizens International Inquiry into 9/11, Phase II) in 2004 was organized by Global Outlook et al.


Thanks for clarifying that point.

Michael Keefer - Media Alert

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