Madrid bombings - trains destroyed 48 hours after the attack

Official document which states that the trains involved in the Madrid March 11 2004 bombings were destroyed 48 hours after the attack, because supposedly they had already taken all of the evidence that was necesary. Same modus operandi as the destruction of the remains of the towers before they could be properly analyzed

Download in high resolution here

Thank you, Diana.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I appreciate the posting.
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Seems getting rid of the evidence

is more important then properly recovering all of the victims remains, or to do a proper investigation or collect valuable evidence.

About the document

Could you tell a bit more about the document - who wrote the document? Also, could you translate into English the sentence saying that the trains were destroyed? Thanks.

I've been wondering if the carriages used in the London 2005 bombings have been destroyed.