NYC 911 Ballot Initiative and Bob Mcllvaine Interview and Wayne Madsen on INN

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative and Bob Mcllvaine and Wayne Madsen Interview on INN

Mike Gravel opens the video with a pragmatic view of the support that the majority of Congress on an independent investigation. It is up to the people to make an independent investigation happen. With all the Ron Paul and anti-war rallies down Washington, there needs to be a nationwide rally in NY to get the required signatures. It's one thing to be against the wars and treat the symptom of the problem, but 9/11 to many people, and the evidence shows, that it's the cause of the problem orchestrated by the corrupt criminals behind it. My hope is that the 911 Truth and We are Change of NY call for support any rallies for signatures and any info would be helpful including its status.
Please support the initiative.

I'm with you Bob!

My heart goes out to you and your family and all the victim's families in this monstrous crime. Please be well and God bless you.