Open Letter to Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, New York Times

Dear Mr. Hoyt,

Nathan Lee's short review of the new indie film 'The Reflecting Pool' is more of a hit-piece than anything resembling a film review.

The "review", titled, 'Trade Secrets', was published online at the NYTimes website, on the opening day of the film in NYC;

Lee opens with a coquettish two-step with objectivity, moving toward an acknowledgment of the film's general premise, by suggesting that the problem with the film "is not that its ideas are silly". However, halfway through the review, Lee is suddenly coy, and the film is now cobbled together from "a set of numbered, handwritten notes derived from 9/11 conspiracy Web sites, photocopied at Kinko’s and distributed at an anarchist bookshop". It would appear that Lee thinks that the ideas that drive the film are actually worse than silly.

But it's really the closing line of the first paragraph that gives the game away, as Lee resorts to the cheapest of cheap shots, hastily grabbing for the most shopworn tactic on the hit-piece shelf, "The Racist Smear";

And not just the north and south buildings but also the adjacent 7 World Trade Center, a smaller edifice, suffering much less damage, that collapsed in an identical manner but received far less coverage from — what’s the phrase I’m looking for? — oh yes: a complicit, propaganda-foisting media/industrial complex in the pocket of the Bush administration and the Jews and the oil industry!


The thing is, the writer/director of the film, Jarek Kupsc, didn't fashion the film in such a way as to insinuate that "Jews" had anything to do with 9/11, other than including one line about the Mossad providing a warning and list of names to the U.S. intelligence community that preceded the upcoming 9/11 attacks. However, Kupsc did include a scene toward the end of the film in which a government apologist appears on a Bill O'Reilly-flavored cable show, accusing the film's protagonist, (portrayed by Kupsc), of anti-semitic behavior.

It begs the question, did Lee even watch the entire film? Or, did he just think that nobody would notice, or care? Or, like the New Yorker's Obama cartoon cover, did Lee just forget to add that ingredient so necessary for successful satire? You know the one: irony.

In an open letter to Lee and the NYTimes, director Kupsc revealed that many of his sources for the movie were mainstream reports published in the corporate press;

This reveals a broad ignorance of the basis for the film, by Lee, and when coupled with this line, "Strictly from an imaginative point of view, there is something unnerving about the weirdly elegant way the towers fell", the writer reveals a further lack of familiarity with contemporary criticism of the "weirdly elegant way the towers fell", spearheaded by a group of Architects and Engineers (including Structural Engineers) at the website

The "review" in effect, is propaganda, stigmatizing critique of the official story of 9/11 as racist, "anarchist", or the number one category... Conspiracy Theory. It downplays the legitimacy of any research that could have been derived from an online resource, broadly painting with the CT brush, despite the fact that there is valid, verifiable information on many websites that critique 9/11. Thus, Lee is unintentionally ironic in his cry, "complicit, propaganda-foisting media/industrial complex".

In 1977, Carl Bernstein revealed how the New York Times, (and most other large media outlets in the U.S.), had been infiltrated and used by the CIA, with the secret blessings of executive-level connections. Fortunately, Bernstein's report is now available online;

In the wake of Judith Miller's WMD reporting for the NYTimes, one has to wonder if anything has really changed over the decades.

Starting way back in 1917, the U.S. government has been messing around with the flow of Truth in this country. President Wilson established the Committee on Public Information to build support for entry into WWI, spear-headed by George Creel;

The NYTimes was happy to uncritically report Creel's disinformation as "news". This hidden history is recorded in testimony by William Schaap, viewable at the The King Center website;

And also in video form on YouTube;

Unlike what Lee alleges about The Reflecting Pool, the NYTimes' history as a vehicle for biased information is a matter of public record.

It's likely that Lee is as ignorant of this history as he is ignorant of the mountains of data that suggest that the Truth of 9/11 has yet to be revealed.

Back in 1968, Jim Garrison had these thoughts after appearing on the Tonight Show, "Why was it, I asked myself, that these people at the very heart of the New York media industry were so allergic to the very concept of conspiracy? What was it that was so inconceivable, that was so utterly unthinkable about the idea of a conspiracy?" (From his book, "On the Trail of the Assassins")

The question remains valid.


Allan Giles


No surprise here.

The Media is nothing more than a propaganda machine. New York Times, Fox News, CNN ect. What's the difference. They are all under the control of the elite. Thank God for the internet. And even the internet has been compromised. I pay no attention at all to anything the New York Times ect. has to say. It's getting to the point that not many people do, thank God. Yes people are slowly waking up.

Want proof?

I just spotted this. This is the type of garbage the MSM puts out every day. This is exactly why I pay no attention to anything they have to say.

WASHINGTON - European terrorists are trying to enter the United States with European Union passports, and there is no guarantee officials will catch them every time, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday..........I found this crap on the front page of Yahoo.

Well Done Rep.

I especially like your C.C to Fair, which has been anything but 'fair' on its coverage of 9/11 skepticism, i.e it covers nothing at all.

The fact that Norman Solomon resigned from the board of 'Project Censor' just because they included (by open majority vote that is!) Steven Jone's article "How Did The WtC buildings collapse?", ....well lets just say the irony is painful.

( They even had a a whole issue on the complex math which proves the stolen elections of 2004, ...but lets not deal with the 6th grade physics which prove the official story of 9/11 is impossible..)

But then of course:
Here's a photo of our own Former 9/11 CIA Chief George Tenet casually attending..(.and being photographed) at the recent 'Media Mogul' conference.
(Sorry, I can't insert photo for some reason?..its the second photo down on the link)

You can't make this sh-t up...

The Title of the photo should be : "Paranoid conspiracy projection of CIA infiltration of US Mass Media caught on film...psychologists amazed at the power of conspiratorial belief to engrave this image upon the the photographers film while he was simply capturing the celebs and moguls of the media world.!...."

"It just shows how dangerous these ideas really are" said a faceless and spineless commentator.
...who went on to suggest that it was probally just a case of mistaken identity....."George Tenet looks like a regular could be anybody with a beer gut , a polo, and sunglasses....some people are just paranoid and project the worse on everything..."

Radical Pragmatist

You said it

Couldn't agree more with your comments on FAIR. I was once an enthusiastic reader of their magazine, 'Extra!', but as with so many other supposedly progressive media outlets, 9/11 is the one stumbling block that trips them up and that they just can't get past. If they can't read the writing on the wall, we'll spell it out for them, just as in the Old Testament: They have been weighed in the balance-and found wanting!

all publicity is good....

...from the standpoint of 9/11 Truth! The Reflecting Pool is a good movie!

...don't believe them!