Donating Anonymously to 9/11 Truth & co.

An important question that’s bugged me for a while, is how does one donate or buy products from 9/11 Truth related websites anonymously?

I say this because I’d love to register to, buy loosechange DVDs or donate to 911blogger, but I always wonder who’s harvesting my paypal/credit-card information and in what government database I’ll end up.

I’m sure I’m not alone on this so if we could setup a simple and easy tutorial for people to donate securely and anonymously, then we could encourage and convince more people still on the sideline.

Any ideas?

I hope you find a way to do it.

I've bought products from Loose Change and Infowars. I've spent time on the sites. My email box is full of conspiratorial in nature messages. I've written letters to those in power, etc. I'd say go for it. Maybe it is a good question for Reprehensor or someone else with behind the scenes know how.

Far as purchasing goes...

Obvious thing would be a money order. Assuming there's a mailing address.

Or have a mate who doesn't care pay for it, then reimburse them...


Ya, money orders are

Ya, money orders are probably good for one-off donations. Still, it'd be easier if there was a like private paypal alternative.

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