WTC Site Will Be Open Again To Families On 9/11

Here are a few stories related to the debacle that took place last year. Watch for 9/11 Family Member Michele Little's presentation given in Keene, NH this past May for more on that. - Jon

9/11 Memorial Service Moved From Ground Zero Without Consulting The 9/11 Families
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NEW YORK (AP) — Sept. 11 victims' families will be able to mourn their loved ones at the World Trade Center site again on the terrorist attacks' seventh anniversary.

New York City officials previously said last year would be the last time families could pay their respects at ground zero because of ongoing construction. They and the site's owner confirmed Friday, however, that the families will be allowed to descend to the base of the trade center towers this Sept. 11 as well.

As it was last year, the anniversary ceremony will be held in a park just southeast of ground zero. More than 2,700 victims' names are read aloud during the event.


Thanks Jon for the heads up on this!!!!
I was just talking to people about going this year. I hope to catch with you there as well.