CNN re-broadcasts MLK disinfo.

Tonight (7/19) and tomorrow, CNN will rebroadcast Eyewitness to Murder: The King Assassination, a "documentary" that reinforces the myth that James Earl Ray was the 'lone nut' behind the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ray was practically exonerated of the murder of King by Dr. William F. Pepper in a 1999 civil trial. (Pepper writes about the disinformation in the "documentary" here.)

For those who have read Pepper's book, "An Act of State", I urge you to watch the show, and note the distortions, but especially; note the sophistication of the presentation. This is big league disinfo.

I summarized the trial, and added links to video footage from the 1999 trial here.

Pepper supplied this email address for anyone who wants to sent a protest or critique;

Alex Jones interviews William Pepper

Thursday, May 29 2008

Alex Jones speaks with Dr William Pepper about his monumental work unearthing the true story of the murder of Martin Luther King as well as his present work representing RFK patsy Sirhan Sirhan.

Additional "Act of State" related media:

Must admit I like the title for your piece, Rep....

...over at Democratic Underground, "Missives From The Fiery Pit of Eternal Hell".

It's a genuine service to submit for consumption all the disinfo and scams perpetrated on the American public, over the years. It's sad to say, but MLK is just one of them.

..don't believe them!

Cheers, rep

This MLK disinfo is quite educational....