Freigeist Music Festival - July 24-26, 2008 - Berlin

Freigeist vs. Zeitgeist Festival

Due to the "Gentrification" many free spaces in Berlin are in danger.
The festival wants to be a platform for various non-commercial projects
and for a political debate on the following issues:

The massive privatisation of public spaces, housing and services.
Systematic surveillance and dismantling of constitutional rights,
The Lisbon Treaty (EU-constitution) promoting Europe`s further militarization and centralization,
Plans to attack Iran and the increasing military engagement of Germany.
The use of cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions in the "War on Terror".
The global demands for a new international investigation of the 9/11 terror attacks.
called for by international personalities in science, politics, and culture,
including high-ranking military veterans.

Corporate media promoting violence, war and the clash of cultures.
Alternative Energy perpectives.

special support by expatriats for:
Cynthia Mckinney - Green Party candidate in the US presidential campaign.
US Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his impeachment campaign.

Great initiative

Activism and spreading the word can also be a party!

I'm sure you will reach a lot of hears this way, best of luck with the project, and make sure to post some pictures, hopefully inspire other party organizers in EU to follow your lead ;)