The Missing Kucinich Article of Impeachment: Treason

A comment I posted to David Swanson of After Downing Street.

In these last few weeks I have noticed many, many sites pulling away from the pursuit of impeachment. For various stated reasons, they are resigning themselves to what must seem like an inevitable conclusion to them.

I admire how hard you are still pushing. In fact, it seems that the more of them that silence the call, the louder you become. I am glad that someone is still working toward this result. Not that you are the only one as there are still many people in the blogs out there that wish to see this happen as well.

The truth of the matter is, that other forms of dissent are also losing voices. Here in my hometown, the local 9/11 Truth leader is looking to find a replacement for her while the numbers of active people in our local movement get smaller and smaller.

Even some of the leading voices in the 9/11 Truth movement seem to be taking a bit of a vacation from the fray right now; just when we need them the most.

I am glad to see you are still working hard toward an impeachment investigation. This article is an excellent example of why we must continue to pursue justice with regard to this rogue administration.

But I think you and Kucinich may be avoiding something that is at this time, glaringly obvious to many people world-wide, for fear that it will diminish the credibility of your cause. And so now, I ask you, what have you got to lose?

According to Paul O’Neil, at the first NSC meeting of this administration, 10 days after Bush took office, they were looking to get into Iraq.

The Vice President’s secretive “Energy Council” meetings, we know, involved mapping out the underdeveloped oil fields in Iraq, and dividing them up among the 4 oil companies that they just announced the State Department was trying to get Iraq to sign deals with.

Prior to 9/11, the Trans Afghan Pipeline deal was held up by the Taliban (who came to Texas and DC just months before 9/11 to discuss this issue). The Taliban wanted to let Unical (or Chevron by then?)run the pipeline thru Afghanistan, but they refused to let the US put bases near the pipeline for protection. As it stands now, the bases being built in Afghanistan follow the pipeline route perfectly (and even Obama stresses that we have to keep that country and even put more troops there).

So, conveniently, just as soon as the ink dried on Silverstein’s insurance claim, and only 9 months into Bush’s stolen presidential term, the Taliban graciously provided the US with justification to invade their country… and put those bases in, and run the Trans Afghan Pipeline anyway (while the country would be run by a former member of the Project for the New American Century).

There are many problems with the official story of what happened on 9/11 one doesn’t know where to start. But we have had this chat before. I will not rehash them. But I ask you to consider, that as cruel and as evil as you think this regime is, it is quite probable that they are much much worse than you think.

John O’Neil, the main FBI agent tasked with trying to keep track of OBL quit right before 9/11 saying that the White House had been impeding his investigation of Saudi financing and terrorist activity.

His body was found in the North Tower. he had just been given a job there. 9/11 was his second day of work.

There are two agents who have come forward about the “Able Danger” program, saying that a picture of Atta ended up on an FBI poster board of “cells” in the US, and that during a meeting, CIA reps, blacked out, and covered up Atta’s picture for some reason.

The CIA lied and said they never had a poster with Atta’s picture on it. Then an employee of the company that produced them came forward and said he remembered the poster and knew Atta was on it.

There are many many many other bits of information out there, David. The point is, something other than what they told us happened on 9/11. There is no doubt of that.

I would hope that sooner or later, those looking to impeach this president will start to look at ALL the crimes of this administration.

You have a great deal of resources at your disposal and I know that to take up the call for a new investigation, would cost you some of those.

But, there are many reputable scientists, politicians, scholars, and engineers and pilots who would more than make up for what you lose in other contacts.

Another investigation, one not run by a member of Bush’s transition team (Zelikow) would be instrumental in exposing just how criminal this administration is. And by extension, just how wrong for America this push for “globalization” has become. Because in the end, that is what it all comes down to, David; Pax Americana. American Empire. manifest Destiny. Take your pick.

You are rational, you are committed, and you are a respected voice in the blog/journalist community.

There is one charge that Kucinich has left out, at least one; treason.

Bush and Cheney, planned with the other “Vulcans” and then allowed a Saudi and Pakistani funded terrorist attack to take place in this country in order to advance the PNAC and AEI theory of global domination. Then this administration covered up the involvement of other countries in this plot while lying about Afghanistan and Iraq's involvement.

All the evidence points to this conclusion. All of it. Or do you still think that 19 cave-dwellers with box cutters just got “lucky” enough to best the most elaborate air defense system in the world… 4 times in one day?

Or maybe that Silverstein just got lucky when they attacked right AFTER he signed the insurance agreement? Or maybe Cheney and Rice and Wolfowitz just got lucky when they got their “New Pearl Harbor” event?

No David, it’s worse than most impeachment advocates think and time is growing short. If Gore Vidal says 9/11 was a coup d’etat. It just might be worth looking into.

I Saw This at AfterDowningStreet.

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this is the kind of info progressive Dems can understand. Afterdowningstreet has already promoted 9/11 Press for Truth, his other site has a great September 11 section in their archives. When Swanson published Taibbi last juvenile hit piece, almost every comment was trashing the article and taking Swanson to task for posting it. Most Dems know there's something really wrong with the 9/11 story.

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