CNN v. MLK - a video critique

I put together some of the more problematic segments from the CNN "documentary", Eyewitness to Murder, which has been replaying on CNN, and contrasted the segments with contrary information, including some more footage from William Pepper's groundbreaking 1999 civil trial that has not seen the light of day until now...

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The HSCA report that I quote from is available online here;

The author of the New York Times piece that introduced the concept that Ray robbed a bank in Alton, Illinois, was written by Wendell Rawls, Jr. - I can't find an online version of the article, if anyone knows of it, please note it in the comments area.

Not only was the evidence bundle dropped prior to the assassination, but the likelihood of the Bushmaster being the rifle that killed King was strongly discredited by Judge Joe Brown in his testimony, online in printed form here;

If Carthel Weeden was in his 60's in 1982, his 70's when he testified in 1999, he's well into his 80's now. When Pepper was interviewed for this documentary, he told CNN to go and interview Weeden for verification of the Psy Ops team on top of the firehouse. The reporter interviewing Pepper told him that Weeden was dead. Then, when this documentary aired for the first time in April, Pepper was shocked to see that not only was Weeden alive, Weeden had changed the story that he told under oath, (in a sworn video deposition and during the trial), to a completely opposite position.

Was Weeden coached or badgered or tricked into changing his story? Or what?

There are more problems with this documentary than I can address with "Fair Use" of CNN's footage. Anyone who has read Pepper's 'An Act of State', or followed the King assassination should be able to dissect it with ease.

Rep, Thanks for this & the other MLK posts.

I am so glad that you "nailed" the mainstream media in their blatant and deliberate lies. We know that it was intentional. Their distortions of truth are criminal, if not treasonous. Eventually, as America awakens, I hope to see criminal indictments & prosecutions on those who have intentionally denegrated the communication of truth.

William Pepper - Media

great technique

This video format for debunking is very strong. I wonder if anyone's planning on taking apart the recent BBC hit piece in this fashion.. just showing a few obvious deceptions is enough to cast the entire thing in doubt. Excellent.

First, let's look at why CNN

First, let's look at why CNN would even raise the issue of the MLK assassination. Perhaps the 9/11 Truth Movement is a bit too effective, so it's to attempt to sway researchers away from 9/11, a divide and conqueror strategy, as if torture, Blackwater (Bush's private Gestapo SS and police state enforcers via corporate mercenaries), Halliburton, KBR, Iraq genocides and impeachment were not distracting enough.

Though keeping 9/11 at the forefront of the corruption plaguing the US, nothing wrong with looking and MLK deserves homage as a 'truther' against the military industrial complex, so having read "An Act of State" and watching C(IA)NN Eyewitness to Murder a couple things jump out.

First King was killed for opposing the war in Vietnam and the military industrial complex like Lyndon Johnson't own Brown and Root (Kellogg Brown & Root, or KBR) , though CNN racism reason or 'race hate' is a classic propaganda technique to divide and create distrust between races instead of the corrupt government who should fear the people, not people who fear the government.

Here are some noteworthy items in the MLK shooting:

The Memphis City Engineers could not determine if it came from the bathroom window James Earl Ray supposedly shot from or the brush area behind the building.
Shooting area covered up by the cutting back of brush after the shooting was taken place.

The MUSTANGS - 2 witnesses seeing JER white Mustang being driven away from the rooming house before the shooting
Taxi driver James McCraw noticed a delivery van and two mustangs parked within 50 yards of each other, one in front of Jim's Grill, and the other just south of Canipe Amusement Company.

THE BATHROOM (official story 'shooting area')
Again, the taxi driver James McCraw arrived to pick up Charlie Stephen before the shot entered Stephen's room. Charlie Stephen was dunk on the bed so James McCraw refused to drive him. James McCraw noticed the hall bathroom door was open, and the bathroom was empty (both as he approached Stephen's room, and as he left the drunk Charlie Stephen). When James McCraw was back in his taxi and drove away, he then heard about the shooting. Charile Stephen was the main witness.

Loyd Jowers, the owner of Jim's grill, showed taxi driver James McCraw a rifle that he found after the killing.
Betty Spates, a waitress at Jim's grill, saw Loyd Jowers run into the kitchen from the brushes carrying a rifle after the shot.
Bobbi Spates (Betty's sister) was driven to work by Loyd the following morning when Loyd confirmed finding a rifle out in the back of Jim's Grill.
The failure to match the slug to the rifle at the scene

Bobbi Spates told not to go upstairs of Jim's Grill where ruckus was occurring. Bobbi usually took food to Grace Walden, the common-law wife of Charlie Stephen, the main witness drunk.

THE BUSHES (really) - (actually the brush area) -- 3 eyewitnesses to activity in the bushes
--brushes shot witnesses--
Reverend James Orange was not interviewed who saw smoke "rise from the brushes right by the fire station" seconds after the shot.
Journalist Earl Caldwell saw a white man crouching in these bushes. He was never interviewed by the FBI, MPD, or HSCA. His interview was in a BBC documentary on King researched in 1989.
Solomon Jones (King's driver in Memphis) said the shot came from the bushes.
--brushes cut, cleared crime scene--
Reporter Kay Black and again Reverend James Orange said the brush area was cleared and cut immediately after the shooting.

The only 2 black firefighters told not to report on the day King was shot overlooking the Lorraine.
Ed Reddit was removed from his surveillance post an hour before the shot.
MPD failed to provide the usual security detail of black detectives for King.
The emergency TACT support units pulled back and TACT 10 was removed from the Lorraine.

A CB false radio call drew the MPD police to the northeastern side of the city. This call has originated downtown, near the scene of the killing.

Similar to names like Bill Cooper, Dan Wallace, Gary Webb, and John O'Neill the death of the investigative reporter Bill Sartor in 1971 was confirmed to be murder who was on the trail of the Marcello/Liberto organized-crime connection to the King murder.

No fingerprints were found of JER in the rooming house.

Government - infiltrated domestic groups
COMINFIL - infiltrated communist organization
COINTELPRO - given the euphemism of a "black probe" - infiltrate groups like Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) (FBI supervisor J.K, Kelly stated it was a group that "a likely target for infiltration") and was infliltrated by Al Sentinella who was stealing money from the organization, paid informer James Harrison SCLC staffer, meetings, conferences, to "neutralize King as an effective Negro leader", tapped his home phone (like FISA immunity telco spying of today), microphones in hotels he would travel to pick up evidence of extramarital sexual activity to tarnish his reputation or to blackmail him with. 111th Military Intelligence Group who was assigned to Memphis Police Department Marrell McCollough, an agent provacateur, knelt over King after the shot.

James Earl Ray makes it all the way to first Canada, then to England.

House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) - had firmly rejected racism was James Earl Ray motivation.

HSCA many unidentified prints in the rooming house and Ray's white mustang.

to be revised...

Interesting that the lawyer in the CNN liementary said that JER should have been killed and that somehow is proof there is no conspiracy. Wonder what he would think about JFK's Lee Harvey Oswald who was apparently killed by Jack Ruby.

Thank you.

I wanted to squeeze in the extra witnesses who saw a figure in the brush, because that is another gross reduction that CNN undertook, from 3 eyewitnesses to one, Solomon Jones. At the same time, keeping to the 10 minute YouTube mark was also important. YouTube is still a valuable tool. But multi-part YouTube series are a waste of time, from my experience.

It is truly remarkable that these threadbare stories about JFK, RFK, MLK stand the test of time. And at the same time, pathetic and sad.

Excellent Summary!!

It is truly amazing that these weak,weak stories still are presented as accepted fact...or more accurately, 'cultural myth'.
Thats why 9/11 Truth is the finger at the bottom of this whole house of cards!

Rep...You should apply for a 'director' account at Youtube, then your content is only limited by memory size and thus your piece can go up to an hour if condenced. I was pretty easily given one two years ago.
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"On a separate note: do you know why I am having trouble inserting video's and Photos into my comments?...It just refuses to accept them any more. I'm a Mac click and drag person."

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I've come to hate Solodad O'brian

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Remember where she got her popular break?

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Get-em while their young, and keep em. Eh, Solodad?

Dr Pepper on Alex Jones Infowars NOW 12:Noon Central Wed

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Thank You for the heads up!

Just caught the end of it...Jones said it was over an hour interview.

I hope some one posts it soon!

(He also had Willie Nelson earlier..talking about an impeachment and 9/11 Truth Concert ...Would like to have that posted too..)
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No need to hope

I will do my thing

Thanks AJFan

I appreciate that thing you do.

Willie and Alex talked about a big concert...

in New York on 9/11/08 911 Truth /anti Iran Attack / first responder benefit brought 9/11 up in the classroo along with MLK

I want to make a point. The censorship ot the trial which proved that the government conspired to assassinate Martin Luther King ties in very well when presenting 9/11 Truth.

Again today I had only a few brief minutes in the college classroom to present 9/11 Truth.
I was limited in time.
I gave my 2 minute brief about the forensic evidence of thermite, the over 400 architects and engineers which point out the controlled demolition, and my offer of free DVDs to everyone in class. I pointed out how there were 3 buildings...Building 7 which is being censored by the news and which most people have never seen..."you can watch it on the DVDs" ...and that Building 7 is censored just like most people here in class have never heard about the court case which proved conclusively that the government conspired to assassinate Martin Luther King.
!!!@@@!!! Everyone raised their eyebrows and the "smirks about the 9/11 stuff" kind of faded at this revelation about King. Interest was high. This was a college classroom filled with football players and a football coach.
People got flyers about Pepper's court trial with graphics and even pictures of Cynthia McKinney with her quotes...along with the 9/11 DVD-info packs.

My point:
MLK and 9/11 Truth go well together.

Texas Style ... We stand up for truth
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