A Film To End All Wars!

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Whistleblower Richard Grove has completed a monumental expose, "A Film to End All Wars," which reveals facts about the attrocity of 911 that have heretofore remained untold. From his previous position as a corporate insider, Richard takes us behind the scenes and details the specific financial and corporate underpinnings of the greater 911 story. He names names, not only of persons involved in the 911 fiasco, but also of the organizations that played a role, such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Richard's accumulated knowledge from being on the inside, and also from his subsequent years of research have resulted in a rich spectrum that will fill many of the gaps for truthseekers who are earnestly looking to find out what took place and why on the day that changed our world.

A FILM TO END ALL WARS! (Vol. 1 Chapter 1) By Richard Grove
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There are multiple chapters to this film. The entire fim is available as Chapter 1 for easy downloading of the entire file. The individual chapters will remain available for folks with slow/ low bandwidth.


This is an excellent film!

This is an excellent film! Thanks for posting!

Thanks Brian for posting this!!

I am up to the 7th segment of the movie. It is well worth watching. It does a great job of pulling it all together. I have learned a few important things I didn't already know. It is a wonderful piece of work. Many thanks to the film maker, Richard Grove. He is a very sharp young artist who's capacity of understanding is amazing. You must watch this documentary.

After seeing all 12 Segments, It is solid.

I am not sure that it is the definitive document because I am not qualified to verify all the facts or to pass that kind of absolute judgment, but it is full of information that is plausible and believable. I tend toward believing what it puts forth.

Certainly, it is well worth your time.

It makes me ill to think that Bush might execute preemptive pardons for all his criminal partners.

I feel strongly that these bastards must be investigated, tried and punished after their conviction.

CFR=elitist descendants of wealth who have a collective superiority complex...and a few of their tools like Obama.

Trace the wealth back to its origins and most of the time you will see criminal activity or at the very least ethical deficits.

In other words, they screwed people over to get it.

Dennis Kucinich stands out as one of the few government officials with the fortitude to do what is right. Ron Paul is another. Cynthia McKinney is another. Karen Johnson is another. We need more like them.


could anyone help me getting in contact with Richard Grove? I would like to interview him, but I couldn't find any contact info on his website.

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