Huffington Post Confirms Censorship of 9/11 Truth

Arianna Huffington admitted in an interview with Politico:

“There are certain obvious things we have, certain specific things,” says Huffington. “Conspiracy theories — we don’t allow conspiracy theories. If you thought Sept. 11 was caused by the Bush administration, your comment is not going to appear unless it is a mistake.”

Can you spell g-a-t-e-k-e-e-p-e-r?

I will never...

Post another article from again.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Hang On

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

No doubt, Huffingtonpost is a gatekeeping intelligence op.

However, I visit it frequently now after noticing, many comments who subtly refer to 911 Truth issues.

Sometimes very directly.

Have seen positive referencences to Alex Jones work, Loose Change, Terror Storm etc.

Project for New American Century has been mentioned or even discussed in the comments section.

Also a number of LIHOP scenario discussions on 911 Truth have been discussed deep in the comments section.

I wish I had made a record of where exactly but have seen it.

Huffington post attracts many more viewers / readers than 911 Blogger, we have Patriots there who have been able to sneak the Truth in below the "radar" sometimes in a very direct manner.

Let's not underestimate what we can do sometimes within the ranks of a Neo-con gatekeeping website.

Or should I say, Neo-Liberal.

People are waking up, people.

911 Truth IS seeping to the Huffingtonpost comments section in a sublte way.

Keep the baby and keep working on it.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I agree with many points

This is like at DKos--no you can't go into details about Bush's culpability, but you CAN talk about tangential but equally important things--

like 911 activists targeted with veiled death threats, La Rouche infiltration, creeping antisemitism under the cover of anti-zionism and Holocaust "revisionism" all pretending to be part of 911truth as an activist movement.

You can talk about the activist movement bit freely. You got that frame you can use it to expose the nasty wankers attacking 911activists, family members and witnesses. And no one will argue that people have a right NOT to be harassed without looking a prat.

You can also use it to talk about Cointelpro and infiltration of social justice movements in general. It is what it is--and we can make it work for us. ;-)

Wow, Arianna Huffington is a deluded leftist...

Paul/Ventura 2012

Liberals want to be your Mommy.
Conservatives want to be your Daddy.
Libertarians want to treat you like an adult.

Hardly a leftist

Huffington is a member of the upper class that wants to participate in the domination of debate that exists in the political classes. Don't forget she was a conservative republican 10 years ago. She is an opportunist. And calling Huffington a leftist is really an insult to what that term used to mean in this country and has now become pretty vacuous.

But please spare me the rhetoric about libertarians and simplistic analyses about liberals and conservatives.

She used to be a conservative?

Well, that just goes to show that how non-intellectual the ideologies of liberalism and conservatism are...

Now it's 8 words....

It looks like we can add the word "truth" to George Carlin;s list of 7 words you can't use in the media.

FUCK YOU, Arianna Huffington!

Everyone who knows how to string a few coherent sentences together needs to start slamming Arianna Huffington at every opportunity. As Ronald Reagan said, let's "tear down that wall'" At least we now know that the theory that people in the media are deliberately preventing public exposure of 9/11 anomalies is not a theory, but a FACT. Tell your local newspapers, radio, TV, online news services that this is unAmerican.

Arianna, can you spell, C-O-M-P-L-I-C-I-T ?


This is the same thinking that allows fascist thugs unbridled power all through history.
If you thought Hitler and the Nazis were behind the Reichstag fire and the Gleiwitz incident then your opinion would not be voiced in the German media.
If you thought Pinochet was behind the disappearance of thousands of dissenters and leftists, your comments would not appear in the Argentine media.
I could go on and on but a few obvious examples make my point.
Legitimate questions and concerns should never be censored in a democracy.
They are guilty of complicit cowardice.

Huffpo censorship

I had another go at huffpo last night.

I was responding to a blog saying how Blackwater may pull out of Iraq. Its my opinion that they will in order to have all feet on the street in the US when Bush presses the CoG button, presumably in November.

The comment went from 'pending' to 'away' in less than a minute so I felt obliged to send a personal message to the censor via a new comment explaining that their efforts weren't going unnoticed.

I know its a waste of time, but if they're going to be gatekeepers, they might as well know they've been sprung.

Original Huffpo comment as follows:

"Puling Blackwater trigger men out of Iraq now would be perfect timing to allow for them being trained and ready in the continental US when Bush pulls the CoG paperwork out of his back pocket just before the next elections, names himself unilateral leader and consigns all those pesky lefties to the 800 concentration camps that FEMA has built over the last 8 years.

At the risk of sounding too cocky, I predicted this move over a year ago.

Better get Naomi Klein packed and ready to leave on the new 'Underground Railway'."

Not surprising at all...

Site like hers are "All Obama! All the Time!"

either that or just... 'Bush is a monster! McCain is a monster!"

Huffington is looking to get a job on MSNBC. That's why she keeps doing all those commentator spots. She's is trying to turn her blog credibility into a SM paycheck. So she is showing the MSM she can "play ball" just like the big boys.

It's sad, really.

That's right Arianna, block

That's right Arianna, block technical articles by Richard Gage, AIA, Stephen Jones Ph.D. and Kevin Ryan, former senior UL scientist. Way to go! We'd much rather see Building Engineers, Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman telling us the 'truth".


And this surprises you?


Arianna Huffington is either too scared to speak up ...

Arianna Huffington is either too scared to speak up or to comfortable to stand up.

Ironically she wrote a book "On Becoming Fearless"

Another gatekeeper to confront on book tours.

For what it is worth, I have seen some 9/11 truth posts, but have been censored on some.

Image what a difference she could be making.

"For what it is worth, I

"For what it is worth, I have seen some 9/11 truth posts, but have been censored on some."

Yes. I agree. So have I.

Maybe we should have a campaign using different handles to talk about 911 Truth issues, Iraq War, Iran, PNAC, Willie Nelson's pending 911 Truth Concert etc on HPost.

Let them know we are not going away into the night.

May the Light of 911 Truth wake them up.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The Bipartisan Coverup

None of this is news, of course. The 9/11 complicity issue has been a bipartisan cover up since the beginning.

I firmly believe that Israeli involvement insured that Democrats would never, ever cross the line on 9/11 treason. Doing so would mean a complete meltdown of the American political system. The idea is fundamentally unthinkable because of its implications. It's not just Bush and co. It's Clinton and co. It's CIA. It's MI6. It's Mossad. It's ISI and the Saudis. And, even the Turks have a place in the puzzle. It's global heroin and the domination of central asia and the persian gulf and the Israelis have their own ambitions reliant upon the demonization of 'the Arabs.'

This is a racist war, as most of them are. And it leads back to Israeli think tanks and the domination of US foreign policy by the Israeli lobby. The Democrats know full well that they can't tread there. I'm surprised Kucinich even mentioned it in his articles of Impeachment.

BTW -- Try using Kucinich's articles on Huffington Post. It's worth a try.

The Zionist Power Configuration in America
By James Petras

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

please cross post this at

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline

MIHOP? Bush Administration?

I don't believe, it was the Bush Administratin per se?

I subscribe to the theory a (Neo-Con) faction within the Bush administration upset with a lack of decisive response, in my mind, the missed opportunity with the Hainan Island incident (downing of the China spy plane) of April, 2001, forced matters with a false flag op: 9/11. It's not the case the faction sought war with China, but grew convinced radical measures were required. It was their side--their chosen government--they wanted war--and their government wasn't giving it to them.

It's technically not the Bush administration but a faction within it that sought foreign policy supremacy. I believe, Bush was sent to Offut AFB to keep him out of the way while the Black Op was brought to conclusion and then to negotiate on a highly encrypted security video conference his safety in return for war in Central Asia. Bush capitulated in other words.

So, Ms. Huffington is technically correct in her statement. I agree, she is a former Republican and mostly an opportunist seeking to cut a niche for herself--and can't be convinced of any depth to her convictions. In my estimation, Huffington will readily sleep with the highest bidder! But, Sept 11 was not caused by the Bush administration. It was caused by a warring faction within it.

Cheney, the underground crypt dweller, is the man who needs to be confronted, as Peter Dale Scott so sharply and righteously maintains!

Huffington Post....I'd like to...
...but can't believe them!

Sorry, but....

This smells like Tarpley's "Angel is Next" bollox:

"It's technically not the Bush administration but a faction within it that sought foreign policy supremacy. I believe, Bush was sent to Offut AFB to keep him out of the way while the Black Op was brought to conclusion and then to negotiate on a highly encrypted security video conference his safety in return for war in Central Asia. Bush capitulated in other words."

Something pushed strongly by the "Israel only did it" faction of fake 911"activists". Since we all know that Bush is Cheney's puppet, and you seem to agree that Cheney was in on it, Bush wouldn't need to to be negotiated with--it would all be sorted before hand.

Or maybe I misunderstand what you mean....

"Conspiracy theories — we

"Conspiracy theories — we don’t allow conspiracy theories."

Oh...? Hang on... whaaaats Thiiiiiis?

Now I don't know if there are aliens among us, but I do know that the existence [or not] of UFOs/Area 51 is considered universally to be a "Conspiracy Theory".

So, I guess its more a case of - we don't allow conspiracy theories which might turn out to be conspiracy realities and wind up with high-ranking politicians being shot for treason.

Similar, yet the difference is significant.


Just putting ticks in boxes.

When I posted Arianna's quote on the huffpo blog re the UFO thing, it went from pending to gone in about 10 minutes.

I don't know if the certainty of gatekeer-ship is useful, but if it is, this one example would, I think, stand up in court.

When the truth does come out and an angry world is looking for people to hurt [a la Nuremburg], this should get Arianna a place in the dock.

May be this is relevent:

(born Arianna Stassinopoulos on July 15, 1950 in Athens, Greece)

"She met oil millionaire Michael Huffington, a family friend of the Bush's at a 1985 party hosted by Ann Getty in San Francisco. The couple were married in 1986 at a wedding paid for by Ann Getty... They moved to Washington, D.C., when he was appointed to serve as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. They later established residency in Santa Barbara, California, in order for him to run in 1992 as a Republican for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, which he won by a significant margin. He was a political conservative on most issues. Arianna campaigned for her husband, courting religious ...

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