William Pepper returns to the Alex Jones Show

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

William Pepper and Alex Jones discuss MLK, RFK and the current state of our republic.


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My favorite quotes from William Pepper

QUOTES from William Pepper

"It is only the citizen which can raise freedom and liberty in this land."


“Is it thinkable that the American Government would kill its own citizens?
“That is the question which becomes most difficult for average mainstream people to accept.” William Pepper

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth. And you have to continue to bear that torch and try to get it into the mainstream, and not be discouraged when you don’t…."

"I ask you not to mourn the passing of democracy and of liberty in this country…don’t mourn the passing of democracy – Organize. Organize to restore it wherever it is possible to do so. Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again as though from the ashes, and rebuild this great land. "