Willie Nelson agrees to particpate in a 9/11 Truth concert.

From http://www.Calgary911Truth.org - July 23, 2008:

A caller today on the Alex Jones Show brought up having a 9/11 Truth concert starring Willie Nelson. Willie loved the idea so much he has just agreed to do so LIVE on air! Willie told Alex to set it up. Either outside Austin or in New York on 9/11. This is a huge development. This is something greatly needed to expose the lies of 9/11 to the general public. Willie Nelson is an American icon and is the perfect celebrity to get the word out to the people about 9/11. There are so many possibilities for this concert. With the organizational skills of Alex Jones and the Infowars team this is sure to be big.

From Calgary 9/11 Truth, we completely support this concert and whatever it is called (Truthstock or whatever) we will be behind you all the way! Thank you gentlemen.


Story on Alex Jones' site here: http://www.infowars.com/?p=3542

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