Willie Nelson Announces 9/11, Anti-War Event on the Alex Jones Show Kurt Nimmo Infowars July 23, 2008


Willie Nelson Announces 9/11, Anti-War Event on the Alex Jones Show

Kurt Nimmo
July 23, 2008

In a landmark and impromptu interview today on the Alex Jones Show, music icon and genuine American hero Willie Nelson addressed the impending attack against Iran and Dennis Kucinich’s article of impeachment, scheduled to go before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

Calling in from a music tour venue in Council Bluff, Iowa, Willie stated that George Bush and his neocon minions cannot be allowed to get away with fraudulently invading Iraq and engaging in mass murder without “even a slap on the wrist.” Impeachment, according to Nelson, is a “minor way” to deal with crimes of such a horrific magnitude. However, supporting Kucinich’s brave and tenacious effort in the House of Representatives “might slow the guy down” in regard to the planned invasion of Iran, tentatively set for either September or October, according to numerous insiders and experts.

Willie admitted he does not know if it is too late to stop the drive toward confrontation with Iran. If the attack manages to go forward he warned “America will not be the same America” and the country will be “in for some tough times,” including the distinct possibility of an economic depression and the imposition of martial law.

It is imperative that we turn the country around, Willie averred, and once again “set ourselves up as peacemakers,” not as arbiters of endless war, mass murder, and engineered chaos. It is time to get off the path Bush and his neocon puppet masters have steered the nation down over the last seven and a half years. In addition, we must deal decisively with the “guys pulling the strings” and not allow them to simply “throw George under the bus” and escape justice. It is important that Dennis Kucinich “keep hitting them on the sore spot” and eventually set the stage to bring every last criminal neocon to justice. Success in this effort depends to a large degree upon circumventing the corporate media.

In regard to the events of September 11, 2001, Nelson said it does not take a “German scientist to realize we were hit by some inside people” on that day and it will take dedication and more concerted activism to eventually bring the perpetrators to justice. Earlier this year, Willie went on the Alex Jones Show and declared his belief the WTC and Building 7 were imploded like a “casino in Las Vegas” brought down by demolition. “They’re trying to tell me that an airplane did it and I can’t go along with that,” Nelson told Jones and his audience on February 4.

Finally, in response to a caller from Arizona, who mentioned Willie’s Live Aid and Farm Aid concerts, Nelson indicated he would be interested in volunteering to participate in a 9/11 truth, anti-war, and impeachment concert event. Such an event would “give the people a venue” and a “chance to stand up” against the government. After the interview, Alex discussed the issue off-air with Willie and it was decided the details for such an event would be worked out in the next few days and the event would take place in either New York or Austin, Texas.