Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project [Vote for] aka aka Center for Grassroots Oversight has been an instrumental resource for 9/11 researchers. It has been endorsed by the Jersey Girls and many other principal figures in the 9/11 Truth Movement. They accept no advertising and rely on the donations of concerned human beings like you and me. Here's a free way you can help them get awarded $10,000. I have no connection to them other than donating $ and occasionally volunteering.
Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project

Idea Description
The History Commons is a non-profit, 501(c), all-volunteer citizen journalism site where anyone can help chronicle the events and issues of recent political and social history. Our 9/11 project was a key element in the people-powered drive for an independent Congressional investigation (the 9/11 commission). We are hampered by an overwhelming amount of information to process and include. We need to attract new volunteers and redesign our site to make it easier for visitors to find and use the information we have compiled. We admire those out there changing the world; we aim to provide the information they need to get the job done.
What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?
1: Contract with a Web designer to redesign our old and somewhat dysfunctional site from the ground up. Concurrently, we would contract with a database engineer to help our site owner revamp and improve our content management system.
2: Undertake a massive outreach program to attract more volunteers and expand our coverage. We desperately need people to cover environmental issues, world poverty issues, the transformation of the world's disparate economies, energy and alternative fuel issues, and much more.