How the FBI Obstructed Justice on 9/11

Two of the alleged hijackers were reported to be living with an FBI informant. Lets look into this interesting fact. By ways of the public record..............

First off, the CIA were tracking the hijackers and knew they were mujihadeen and associated with so called terrorists. They deliberately let them into the U.S.

"A former landlord of two of the September 11 hijackers was an FBI informant at the time, knowledgeable sources confirm to CNN."

"U.S. intelligence officials said that in January of 2000, when Almidhar and Alhazmi attended a meeting of known terrorists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that fact was communicated by the CIA to the FBI."

So the high ups in the FBI were told of these guys already, but the FBI wants to play dumb. Soon they will just flat out show corruption.

"The FBI contends the agency was never told about the two men before August 23 and says it can find no record of any such communication between CIA and FBI to show the information might have been overlooked. The FBI has maintained that position in its dealings with congressional investigators and has asked the CIA to document, if possible, having sent word earlier."

They said that because they know damn well it wasn't "documented". And Later the DOJ IG had it's own whitewash report which admitted this.....
"In addition to formal methods of communicating by the CIA to the FBI, much information can be shared with the FBI informally.....In addition, meetings are sometimes held to discuss a matter or a piece of intelligence that is of value to both agencies.....However, they said that not every telephone call or conversation was documented."

But it's irrelevant because if you read closely the DOJ IG whitewash report there is your proof the CIA exchanged info with the FBI even as far back as Jan 2000..... from the report...
"It appears that this first Malaysia meetings cable was provided to the FBI.
This January 5 threat update reflected an almost verbatim recitation of
portions of the CIA's first Malaysia meetings cable, including the same
spelling mistake in reference to a particular place in Malaysia, which indicates
that the CIA provided a copy of the first Malaysia meetings cable to the FBI. However; we were not able to determine who in the FBI received this information from the CIA or who edited the January 5 threat update."

And frankly not only was it documented.... the FBI was asking the CIA about these guys and one CIA member called "James" covered his ass on this......
"James wrote these e-mails in response to an e-mail from another CIA employee who was detailed to the FBI SIOC. That employee reported on the morning of January 6 that he had been asked by an FBI employee for the latest on Mihdhar. James responded in a series of e-mails that he had already briefed the FBI. The final e-mail by James sets forth the details of his briefings."

Well, what does "James" have to say?
"As previously mentioned, James told the CIA OIG that he had no recollection of these events. He declined to be interviewed by us."

How about that huh?

"Some members of the congressional committee investigating the intelligence failures and the September 11 attacks knew about the relationship between the landlord and the FBI, and the point will probably come up when the panel holds public hearings, expected later this month."

Public hearings! Hooray! That should be real interesting! But guess what?

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation had a confidential informer who rented rooms in California to two of the Sept. 11 hijackers, but the bureau is resisting a request from the Congressional committee investigating the attacks to interview the informer and his F.B.I. handler, government officials said."

"Several officials said the F.B.I. had rebuffed requests to make the informer available to the committee and would not authorize the agent who was his contact to testify."

"But Congressional investigators say the F.B.I.'s efforts to block their inquiry makes them skeptical of the bureau's assertions about the informer. They also say the Justice Department has joined the F.B.I. in fighting the Congressional requests for information related to the matter, escalating tensions."

The fight over access to the informer is the latest bitter dispute between the committee and the Bush administration and the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that are the subject of the committee's investigation"

In other words Mueller and Ashcroft by order of G Bush are obstructing justice and investigation into 9/11.

But they were unsuccessful as far as the FBI agent goes. He did testify. And we are not allowed to know what he said. It is his testimony that those famous 28 pages redacted were mostly about. But we can piece some of it together.

"Separately, documents made public in federal court in Alexandria, Va., late last month showed that the Justice Department sought unsuccessfully to prevent F.B.I. agents, and the bureau's director, Robert S. Mueller III, from testifying publicly before the joint inquiry."

"Mr. Midhar and Mr. Alhazmi, who were among the hijackers on the American Airlines plane that crashed into the Pentagon, were identified as Qaeda operatives by the C.I.A. in January 2001. But the C.I.A. did not ask the State Department to place their names on a watch list intended to prevent entry into the United States until late August. By then, they were both in the country."

That was intentional BTW. So what about this FBI Agent testifying,(that Ashcroft and Mueller tried to prevent) who was the handler of this informant?......

"On October 9, members of the special congressional committee investigating the 9/11 attacks met privately with a key FBI witness. The next day, panel members were to meet in open session with CIA Director George Tenet and FBI Director Robert Mueller. After the FBI agent finished testifying, the open meetings with Tenet and Mueller were summarily canceled."

Awww...too bad. I wonder why they canceled those public hearings? And BTW notice it said members of the committee, not the committee. The members would presumably be the chairmen, Porter Goss and Bob Graham. Who else? Who knows? Someone tried to leak out at least a little bit, (probably staffers from Graham, as he later wrote a book complaining how he wanted this information public.) Goss would later become head of the CIA when Tenet got his reward, I mean retirement.

"Several members were "appalled" at what informed sources described as the "explosive" testimony of Special Agent Steven Butler, who recently retired from the FBI after his final posting in the bureau's San Diego field office."

I guess it just isn't any of our business. I wonder what this FBI Agent who coincidentally works in counter terrorism and who is the handler for the informant who was giving room and board to the two hijackers being monitored by the CIA, had to say?

FBI HQ in Washington were warned to spread the word about suspicious Arabs at flight training school by an Agent in Arizona, and they refused to spread that word. FBI HQ in Washington refused to allow the MN agents to check out Zacarias Moussaoui. And what else?...The Agents name is Steve Butler....

"Government officials told U.S. News that Butler disclosed that he had been monitoring a flow of Saudi Arabian money that wound up in the hands of two of the 9/11 hijackers. The two men had rented a room from a man Butler had used as a confidential informant, the sources say. According to officials familiar with his account, Butler said that he had alerted his superiors about the money flows but the warning went nowhere. "Butler is claiming ... that people [in the FBI] didn't follow up," says a congressional source. Adds another: "He saw a pattern, a trail, and he told his supervisors, but it ended there."

In a conversation outside his home in the gated Rancho Penasquitos community in San Diego, Butler told U.S. News, "It's very sensitive stuff.'' Wearing a Buffalo Bills cap, Butler said, "I'd love to talk to you guys," but added that he couldn't without permission from the Justice Department.

I wonder what this money flow he was checking into was about........

When these two alleged hijackers got to America, the person who picked them up and actually moved them into this informants apartment was Omar al-Bayoumi, an agent of Saudi Arabia. He even paid their first months rent and opened up a bank account for them. The money was reimbursed into his own account. The DOJ report even admits it. I wonder where the money comes from?

"Newsweek said, however, the FBI uncovered financial records showing payments to the family of al-Bayoumi from a Washington bank account held in the name of Princess Haifa Al-Faisal, wife of the Saudi ambassador to the United States and daughter of the late King Faisal."[/b],2933,71273,00.html

And the name of that Saudi ambassador she is married to is Prince Bandar. Also known as Bandar Bush because of his close friendship with our fearless leader. Princess Haifa Al-Faisal also happens to be the sister of Saudi Arabias intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal. When Bandar retired as ambassador this al-Faisal guy took his place......
"Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the 22-year Saudi ambassador to the US, the glad-handing "dean of the Washington diplomatic corps," and confidant and partner to successive US presidential administrations, has resigned. He has been replaced by Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence (and the current ambassador to Britain).

Turki al-Faisal's own ties to Washington and Langley, and throughout the intelligence world are legendary. Prince Turki has been intimately involved with the CIA, Pakistan's ISI (a virtual branch of the CIA)"

So, G Bush's good friend Saudi Ambassador Bandar was evidently helping to finance the hijackers. And it was G Bush allowing the leader of the "AL Qaeda" in Guantanamo to leave the U.S. immediately after 9/11.....doesn't look very good for much for just being a puppet. He's involved up to his eyeballs....

The al-Bayoumi guy was working for the Saudi Government. He left the country in July of 2001. But what is never reported anywhere, is evidently he had a replacement that the FBI admits in this recently unclassified document was working for Saudi Intelligence......

"The possibility of being affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Government or the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Service is supported by listing his employment in 1992 as theParkwood Apartment complex in July 2001 could indicate he succeeded Omar AI-Bayoumi and may be undertaking activities on behalf of the Government of Saudi Arabia."

So it appears the ones behind the 9/11 attacks are the ones involved in the Soviet-afghan war. Which means..Mossad-ISI-CIA-Saudi Intelligence.

So whatever happened with the informant? The DOJ refused to allow him to testify to congress. When they did their own internal review of "intelligence failures" surely they would let themselves talk to him right?
Nope, they didn't even interview the FBI Agent.....from the DOJ IG report, where Agent Butler is referred to as "Stan".....

"After his retirement from the FBI, "Stan" declined repeated requests
for an OIG interview. The OIG does not have authority,to subpoena individuals and cannot compel former Department of Justice employees to submit to an interview."

And the informant?

The OIG was not able to interview the asset. The Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry had attempted to interview the asset without success. The Committee then submitted interrogatories that the asset declined to answer, asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege. The asset indicated through his attorney that if subpoenaed by the Committee, he would not testify without a grant of immunity.

Well, let's hope the FBI puts the hammer down on this guy, we need to get to the bottom of this....but turns out they decide to reward him. Reward him with your money. Tax money..........

"In July 2003, the asset was given a $100,000 payment and closed as an asset."

And in July 2003 was when this investigation was being done. FBI director R Mueller took our tax money to pay off the landlord/informant to buy his silence.

Why isn't R Mueller in prison?

Very little has been published...

about Mossad in Afghanistan. Ahmed Rashid talks about the Mossad presence there in his one useful book, "Taliban";

"Turkey also played a role in turning around Israel's policy in Afghanistan. Turkey and Israel had developed close military and strategic ties after the 1993 Oslo Accords. The Israelis and more significantly some Jewish lobbies in the USA were not initially critical of the Taliban. In line with the US State Department, Isreal saw the Taliban as an anti-Iranian force which could be used to undermine Iranian influence in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Israel's intelligence agency Mossad developed a dialogue with the Taliban through liason officers in the USA and with the oil companies. Pakistan's ISI supported this dialogue. Even though Pakistan did not recognize Israel, the ISI had developed links through the CIA with Mossad during the Afghan jihad...

...As the Unocal project evaporated and Israel realized the aversion its Central Asian allies and Turkey had towards the Taliban, Mossad opened contacts with the anti-Taliban alliance. Israel now had an interest in seeing that the Taliban did not take control of the whole of Afghanistan, even though it remained suspicious of Ahmad Shah Masud's support from Iran. Both the Taliban and the Northern Alliance were to accuse each of other of receiving Israeli support." p.154


George Crile also indicates that Charlie Wilson's main arms broker in the early stages of arming the Muj was an Israeli named Zvi Rafiah, who he suspected was Mossad, but this suspicion is absent from the film "CharLIE Wilsons' War".


At the same time this initiative is launched, supporting the Muj, George H.W. Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu are yukking it up at the "Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism" - decrying "International Terrorism".

No irony there.

Lots of interesting things there

Especially about Butler and Abdussattar Shaikh.

This is one angle you need to check out:

Most of the intelligence failures before 9/11, like the failure to inform the FBI of Almihdhar, the Moussaoui case and the failed search for Almihdhar just before the attacks, can be traced back to the same guy, Tom Wilshire.


There is very damning evidence in the FBI inspector general report. The WSWS did a big story on this:

FBI inspector general’s report: more evidence of government complicity in 9/11 attacks
By Patrick Martin

"...CIA officials intervened to suppress a memorandum drafted by an FBI agent detailed to the CIA-run Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC), who wanted to notify the FBI about the suspected terrorist with a US visa. The blow-by-blow account of this incident in the FBI report strongly implies a CIA cover-up.

The FBI agent, dubbed “Dwight” in the inspector general’s report, drafted the memorandum, a Central Intelligence Report (CIR), on January 5, 2000, only hours after the Malaysia meeting had taken place. The same day, a CIA desk officer, dubbed “Michelle,” relayed instructions from her supervisor barring distribution of the CIR to the FBI.

Three hours later, “Michelle” drafted and circulated an internal CIA cable which summarized the information on Mihdhar, including his multiple-entry US visa. This cable declared that his travel documents had been copied and passed “to the FBI for further investigation.” This was a lie, which was later used by the CIA to substantiate its initial claim that it had notified the FBI about Mihdhar.

This cable could not possibly be an innocent mistake, since it was sent out after its author had relayed the instructions to “Dwight” that his memo to the FBI not be sent. Under questioning from the inspector general, no one at the CIA or the FBI could corroborate the claim in the cable by “Michelle” that the CIA had notified the FBI about Mihdhar—a claim that was diametrically opposed to what the CIA was doing in practice.

The report notes that the CIA initially withheld information about the existence of the January 2000 memorandum by “Dwight” from the inspector general’s office. Quoting from the report:

“In February 2004, however, while we were reviewing a list of CIA documents that had been accessed by FBI employees assigned to the CIA, we noticed the title of a document that appeared to be relevant to this review and had not been previously disclosed to us. The CIA OIG [Office of the Inspector General] had not previously obtained this document in connection with its review. We obtained this document, known as a Central Intelligence Report (CIR). This CIR was a draft document addressed to the FBI containing information about Mihdhar’s travel and possession of a US visa. As a result of the discovery of this new document, a critical document that we later determined had not been sent to the FBI before the September 11 attacks (see Section III, A, 4 below), we had to re-interview several FBI and CIA employees and obtain additional documents from the CIA. The belated discovery of this CIA document delayed the completion of our review.”

The aggrieved tone is unmistakable. First the CIA withheld the document from the FBI, then the CIA attempted to conceal the existence of the document from the FBI’s postmortem probe.

The cover-up was followed by a curious epidemic of amnesia. No one who worked on, received or read the draft CIR from “Dwight,” including “Dwight” himself, could remember anything about it. Again the report:

“When we interviewed all of the individuals involved with the CIR, they asserted that they recalled nothing about it. Dwight told the OIG that he did not recall being aware of the information about Mihdhar, did not recall drafting the CIR, did not recall whether he drafted the CIR on his own initiative or at the direction of his supervisor, and did not recall any discussions about the reason for delaying completion and dissemination of the CIR. Malcolm said he did not recall reviewing any of the cable traffic or any information regarding Hazmi and Mihdhar. Eric told the OIG that he did not recall the CIR.

“The CIA employees also stated that they did not recall the CIR. Although James, the CIA employee detailed to FBI Headquarters, declined to be interviewed by us, he told the CIA OIG that he did not recall the CIR. John (the deputy chief of the Bin Laden Unit) and Michelle, the desk officer who was following this issue, also stated that they did not recall the CIR, any discussions putting it on hold, or why it was not sent.”

Again, the tone of incredulity is clear. None of these people remember anything, and one of them actually refuses to be interviewed! And this is not about a minor matter, but concerns the first report on a man who was one of the 19 hijackers on 9/11."

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Real names

Dwight's real name is Doug Miller. The name of the supervisor that blocked the cable is Tom Wilshire. He was also involved in most of the other pre-9/11 intelligence failures.

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9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline

This is why

the incompetence rationale comes across as propaganda as opposed to good faith investigative journalism (for example the work of Shenon, Suskind and Mayer). The notion that CIA forgot to tell the FBI may be one of the dumbest talking points of all time. IMO, the bizarre conduct by the RFU and UBLU unit chiefs and SSAs indicates that the FBI wasn't out of the loop. It sure seems like FBI officials in the ITOS were given some sort of obstruction orders. I love it when some suggest FBI supervisors were risk averse. Nobody bothers to explain this bizarre rationale. The risk involved being blamed for failing to prevent a terrorist attack. If people want to make the case that preventing a terrorist attack could be damaging to ones career then they should make this twisted argument. That isn't risk aversion. That is some sort of deep state criminal conspiracy against the American public which has no relation to the notion of bureaucratic risk aversion.


Of all the FBI headquarters people, easily the worst is Dina Corsi, who withheld the information that Khallad had attended the Malaysia summit from the rest of the FBI's Cole bombing team, invented portions of a legal opinion to prevent Bongardt searching for Almihdhar (according to NSLU attorney Sherry Sabol) and falsely told Bongardt he could not have NSA information when the NSA had approved that information for passage to the Cole investigators.

Rita Flack is second, she was working on the Moussaoui case and read the Phoenix memo, but didn't tell anybody about it. Maltbie and Frasca also pretty bad, but not in the same league as Corsi.

The common element here is Wilshire, all these people worked for Wilshire, and he seems to have had a way of getting them to do what he wanted (and they teach you things like that when you join the CIA). Just take Corsi, when she learned Almihdhar was in the US on August 22, she immediately realised the significance and called NY to give them a heads up. Then she went to see Wilshire and her behaviour changed. It took her 5 days to draft the damn lead, which she gave the lowest precedence, and then she haggled with NY, ensuring zero resources would be granted to the investigation. It must have been due to Wilshire's influence.

I have searched all over

for information on Corsi's boss, the mysterious Rod Middleton. The only stuff I've found is in government reports and your entries on CR. I still find it incredible that the two officials who headed the FBI and CIA bin Laden units are all but unknown to the public.

The whole thing is unreal. Page after page of IG spinning when it seems the whole thing could be explained in 2 or 3 pages. Who ordered Wilshire, Frasca, Middleton, etc. to protect al Qaeda operatives? What compelled these officials to follow these orders (corruption, threats, complete unwillingness to question orders, etc.).

Who Is/was...

Khalid Almihdhar, Nawaf Al-Hamzi, Prince Bandar, Porter Goss, Bob Graham, Abdussattar Shaikh, and Robert Mueller?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

A connection to watch for

When you research these people - or anybody connected with 9/11 note the connections to transportation systems, logistics, ports, airports, roads.

Remember William Jefferson - the Congressman who had $100,000 in his freezer? I found one article that mentioned he was using his position as a congressman to influence somebody over in Africa in regards to an inland port or port facility - which is a military project with a private enterprise facade so that is probably why it took so long for the justice department to indict him and why the FBI raided his Congressional office without following protocol.

Global Supply Chain Management - logistics/emergency command and control centers - that's where the action is.