Keeping Tabs on the SWC and MOT in L.A.

Can someone who lives in the Los Angeles, CA area stop by the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance, particularly the book store, and check them out to see what they think about 9/11 Truth groups now. I hear it is a cool place to visit. They have a place in New York now, too. Considering their viewpoints before, we should keep an eye on their activities.

If they are saying bad thinks about 9/11 Truth in their museum, maybe you could take some photos and post them. Their website says "NO CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE MUSEUM", but with today's cell phones you could probably sneak a peek of something interesting. I'm sure they have nothing to hide. It's not illegal to take photos, so the worst that could happen is they would ask you to leave if they caught you. Note that they cannot force you to delete any images. Stand your ground. They also might have some flyers or brochures or other free info.

They used to have a CD titled "Digital Terrorism & Hate 2007" on their online store, but I don't see it anymore or a 2008 version.

Some of you might remember this:

They do have two books that might be similar to the old CD, so you should specifically check them out:

"The New Lexicon Of Hate" and "Museum of Tolerance Teacher's Guide".


Here is some location and contact info:

The Museum of Tolerance:
Simon Wiesenthal Plaza,
9786 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90035.

PUBLIC VISITOR INFORMATION: please call 310-772-2505 for Reservations.
The MOT is designed for self-guided exploration after a brief orientation. Tickets are available for specific times and for specific exhibits. Pre-paid advance reservations are recommended to ensure admittance to the Museum.

The New York Tolerance Center is open to the public on select Mondays on a reservation-only basis. Please call for dates and times.
In Manhattan. 50 East 42nd Street, Suite 1600
New York, NY 10017
Students and Seniors......$15.00

For further information please call 212/697-1180.