LEGALIZE 9/11 TRUTH RIDE (Week 5) San Diego, CA

The Legalize 9/11 Truth Ride is a weekly ride for 9/11 Truth on the boardwalk of San Diego's beaches. We meet at 4:00pm every Sunday at the end of Diamond Street in Pacific Beach. This event is in its fifth week, and we have already doubled in size. This event is sponsored by San Diego's own, so join us every Sunday rain or shine at 4:00pm. Please bring your bike, signage, and wear 9/11 Truth and/or Peace clothing.

Log onto or contact us via email at

Legalize 9/11 Truth Boardwalk Ride in San Diego, CA

This Group Makes Our Group Look Shabby

A heartfelt thanks to you San Diego for all you do to promote the TRUTH.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

No Excuses San Diego...

If you can't ride on the beach for 9/11 Truth, then buy a bike!!! This event is making a huge impact on thousands of folks every Sunday. We are verbally engaging the people on the beach, boardwalk, and the peeps in their posh beach dwellings. Also, the police and lifeguards are now very aware that we are here to stay, and that there is an alternative view out there on 9/11. See you on the beach!

Great site!

Keep up the good work!

You guys may be even a little too slick.....I never thought I'd say that about truthers!

Regards John - Truth Action Australia

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

What a great idea!

If your beachside bike path is anything like the one from Malibu to Redondo Beach, I can easily picture the scene: joggers, bikers, volley ball players, surfers, IOW, one of the happiest, wholesome-est places on earth. Which is right where we belong!

Our enemies in the media have been extraordinarly successful in convincing the world that we are angry, alienated losers and loners of dubious hygiene and mental health, hunched over ancient computers in our parents' basements. We need to do all we can to counteract that propaganda, and seeing a bunch of healthy, happy and attractive people having fun together on a Sunday afternoon while spreading truth is the perfect counter-attack.

Not to mention that most of us probably DO spend a lot of time online, and we all need to get some exercise and sunshine to keep our spirits up for the fight ahead.

I currently live in the DC area, wish we had something similar here. Go San Diego Truth!!!!