Think it doesn't matter who wins the election?

Voter Roll Purges are being reported by Daily Kos, Greg Palast, and DemocraticUnderground.

In swing-state after swing-state Republicans are purging every voter they can. Most of them likely to vote for Obama. In Colorada 1/5 of voters have been purged.

Massive purges of likely Democratic voters in swing states -- FL, CO, NM

2008 is 2000 All Over Again? Voter Rolls PURGED in CO, FL, NM, OH, NV...

Not surprised

After seeing what happened during the primaries with boxes of votes being tampered with and primarily black precincts in New York with not a single vote for Obama, this is not surprising. They will screw with this election any way they please and most people won't bat an eyelash. The white boys on capitol hill have no problem with their smear campaign on Muslims. They will not have a problem with taking down Obama and disenfranchising black voters, especially in impoverished districts. What we need is heavy exit polling, and not by news companies or journalists, but by concerned American citizens.

Major Election Involves 2 Elite Controlled Candidates

All that may matter are local house and senate contests.

As for the White House, I don't think it matters who wins. Both are still committed to foreign resource wars, the hoax known as the war on terror and a fraudulent economic model operated by the fractional reserve banking industry.

It won't matter, until a genuine independent candidate is involved.

I think it does matter who wins

Although neither one are my personal choices, this is what has been shoved down our throats. I will vote for the least blood-thirsty. McCain is an aging, psychotic war-hawk. Obama appears committed to the war effort, but I think he will change his tune once elected. My vote will go for Obama. He preaches peace, the world will be watching if he can hold true to his word.