Visibility 9-11 Welcomes National Security Whistleblower J. Michael Springmann

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes former diplomat from the State Department's Foreign Service J. Michael Springmann. Mr. Springmann served postings in Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research in Washington D.C. He is a published author of several articles on national security themes, and is an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C.

Michael has attended several 9/11 Conferences over the years, most notably, the 9/11 Omission hearings on 9/9/2004 chaired by former Representative and current Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney, as well as the recent conference in Keene, NH.

Included in this important interview is a discussion regarding a new article by Mr. Springmann titled, THE MISTAKE DEPARTMENT: One Example of Why American Foreign Policy is a Disaster that discusses the American Consulate General at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and it's relationship to 15 of the 19 alleged September 11th hijackers. In it, he says that "the Jeddah Consulate was not a State Department post but an intelligence services operation", "the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) routinely demanded (and got) visas for sleazy characters with no ties to either their home country or Saudi Arabia," and "these vile people were terrorists recruited by U.S. intelligence officers along with Osama bin Laden, then a CIA asset."

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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

this is pretty informative, thanks

It would be benefical to know when Springman worked in Jeddah & who was responsible for issuing the 19 alleged hijakers visas?

I'm under the impression that Springman worked there in the 80's, when we were building up the Mujhadeen to fight the Soviets.

I put this question to Mike

in the second half of the program. 1987-89

The SAUDI Connection.

Just as Critical as the Israeli Connection.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Just as critical? How about

Just as critical? How about a lot more critical

Great minds ... think for themselves.

Nice show

I didn't know all that. I have two major comments.

(1) Numbers: you keep saying 15 of the hijackers got visas from Jeddah, but that is probably not true. There is a discrepancy over the number of visas issued in Jeddah: the 9/11 Commission claimed 14, but did not mention a visa allegedly issued to Salem Alhazmi in April 1999 (at the same time as Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar). The congressional inquiry did mention this visa, so it was presumably issued, the 9/11 Commission just forgot to mention it. However, some of these 15 visas were issued to the same hijackers.

Here is the 9/11 Timeline's entity for the Jeddah Consulate:,_jedda,_sau...

Four of the hijackers got two visas each from the consulate before 9/11: Khalid Almihdhar, Saeed Alghamdi, Ahmed Alnami, and Salem Alhazmi.

Others got only one visa: Hani Hanjour (who also got more visas in the early-mid 90s, but he wasn't part of the plot then), Wail Alshehri, Waleed Alshehri, Nawaf Alhazmi, Ahmed Alghamdi, Ahmed Alhaznawi and Abdulaziz Alomari.

(2) There are a lot of other strange things about the visas, primarily, 11 of the 14-15 issued in Jeddah were issued by the same consular official. Obviously, that is very significant, and it would have been a good idea to talk to him. However, the 9/11 Commission does not seem to have done so: if you go through its Terrorist Travel monograph you can see that they talked to a bunch of consular officials, but, as far as I can see, not the guy who issued 11 visas.

Also bear in mind the National Review's examination of the hijackers' visas - many were incomplete and should not have been issued, but they were anyway.

Then check the discrepancies, one official said that single males were top targets for interviews among Saudis (who were generally not interviewed) because of terrorism concerns, yet almost none of the hijackers were interviewed. Also think about the timing - the Cole was bombed across the border in Yemen on 12 October 2000, a couple of weeks later several of the hijackers got visas, apparently without being interviewed.

And don't forget several of their passport contained indicators of Islamic extremism - the government subsequently claimed it had not recognised this indicator yet, even though three of the 1993 WTC bombers had it in their passports.

There is more, but just one last example: Almihdhar, who the US had been monitoring for a long time, somehow obtained a new passport in June 2001, although he was on the Saudi watchlist as a known terrorist. The passport lacked an expiry date and was therefore invalid, but that didn't stop him getting a US and entering the US on it. He also lied on his application form, and the Jeddah consulate could have checked all its records and found he was lying, but it failed to do so.

Oh, and don't forget what Ahmed Alghamdi told the immigration inspector when he landed in the US.

Great Info

great Info Kevin. ....."2) There are a lot of other strange things about the visas, primarily, 11 of the 14-15 issued in Jeddah were issued by the same consular official. Obviously, that is very significant, and it would have been a good idea to talk to him. However, the 9/11 Commission does not seem to have done so: if you go through its Terrorist Travel monograph you can see that they talked to a bunch of consular officials, but, as far as I can see, not the guy who issued 11 visas."

Anymore info on this consular official who issued the 11 visas? I wasn't aware of that.

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Jesse Ventura was on Howard Stern again today. He was actually in studio. The HS crew didn’t seem quite so bold and brave this time having to look a former Navy Seal right in the eyes. He did discuss 9/11 again and covered a few of the usual topics (PNAC, buildings free fell in to own footprint, Gulf of Tonkin staged, famous Hermann Goering quote, Dept. of Justice never charged Bin Laden, phony and contradictory statements/confessions by Bin Laden, pre-meditated wars for Middle Eastern oil, today’s war on terror = yesterday’s Cold War, terrorists are the new communists to fear, etc.). Robin in particular seemed much more open to what Jesse was saying this time around. She said that with the stakes being so high, anything might be possible. I didn’t hear as much dissent from Artie or Fred either. Howard stuck to his naive guns stating that he didn't believe that Bush was evil enough to attack his own country. Ventura handled himself well and proved that his knowledge of the subject far outweighed all of them put together. Still no word on a William Rodriguez interview just as I had figured.

Something else that I thought might be worthy of mention is the new movie available for renting called 'The Bank Job' which is supposed to be based on a true story. To put it briefly, British intelligence agencies exploited unsuspecting pawns to do their dirty work for them (in this case robbing a bank to acquire incriminating photos of royalty). It reminded me off how the 9/11 patsies were used without them even knowing it. Gag orders apparently kept the truth under wraps for many years. Just another example of government's hidden hand behind high crimes in the world.

"But, but, but... the government should always be trusted", said the unwise man.



"Business is slow for Terry Leather, a London car dealer, married with children. He's an artful dodger, so Martine, a former model with a thing for him, brings him her scheme: a bank's alarm is off for a couple weeks, so let's tunnel into the vault. He assembles a team, not realizing her real goal is a safe-deposit box with compromising photos of a royal: she needs the photos to trade for avoiding a jail sentence - and M-5, or is it M-6, is pulling the strings two steps removed. A Trinidadian thug, a high-end bordello owner, and a pornographer also have things stored in the vault, so the break-in threatens many a powerful personage. Is there any way these amateurs can pull it off? Written by {}

Based on the true story of the 1971 Baker Street bank robbery which was prevented from being told for over thirty years because of a Government gagging order. The real story of how one of the biggest robberies in British history took place with no arrests ever made nor money ever recovered. Written by Mark Thomas

In September 1971, thieves tunneled into the vault of a bank in London's Baker Street and looted safe deposit boxes of cash and jewelry worth over three million pounds. None of it was recovered. Nobody was ever arrested. The robbery made headlines for a few days and then disappeared - the result of a 'D' Notice, gagging the press. This film reveals what was hidden for the first time. The story involves murder, corruption and a sex scandal with links to the Royal Family - a story in which the thieves were the most innocent people involved. Written by The Production "

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thanks Michael

for giving Springmann a venue, he's a witness to corruption and malfeasance, i'm glad he keeps putting his testimony out in front of the public

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline

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Fantastic work as usual.

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