Censorship at the Randi Rhodes Message Board?

Well, perhaps it's just a way to stop the "personal attacks". For years members have put up with mods ignoring complaints and threatening those who complain about mistreatment by some members of the board and a different set of rules for the 9/11 forum than the rest of the board. Now with the election coming up they are censoring it even further. Insults have been a long standing institution at the 9/11 forum but now that there's an important election coming up, Admins seem scared to let potential new members and googlebots see what they've let become of their message board. If you personally attack another member you could get kicked off the board, unless it's in the 9/11 forum. Read the "pinned" post by one moderator below. What it doesn't say is that they are no longer making the 9/11 forum public (it's admitted to by a moderator in a different thread). You have to be a member (not a guest) and log in to read the 9/11 forum, but not on the rest of the forums. You can read the topics below, but you can't view them unless you are a member. Try it for yourself: http://forums.therandirhodesshow.com/index.php?showforum=13

So, if anybody here is holding out for Randi Rhodes to join the truth movement now that she's joined Nova M, I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm sure she's well aware of what's going on at her message board! Just for the record, all sides of the issue are guilty at the RRMB. 9/11 is a touchy subject. It's just that it seems like the Admins didn't want a 9/11 forum from the beginning - the members demanded it. And by not managing it correctly, they let it slide downhill until it became an embarrassment to them and they chose to hide it from view, essentially killing it without really killing it and then blaming it on the members.


The 9/11 forum is now, officially, a "gloves off" forum, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

The Mod Team has decided that the 9/11 forum is too volatile for us to moderate in an effective manner. We discussed our options and decided that, rather than banning the discussion of 9/11 totally, we would simply stop attempting to enforce certain rules, as follows:

1) The rule against personal attacks no longer applies to the 9/11 forum. Please do not report incidents of this nature.

2) The rule against "sowing upset and discord" no longer applies to the 9/11 forum. Please do not report incidents of this nature.

All other rules are still in effect at this time, however, we reserve the right to amend this policy when the need arises.


Another telling thread:

This is the closing post:

Closing the thread.

If you don't like the new rule changes on this forum, don't post on this forum.

If you don't like the fact that you have to log in to see the discussion here, start your own discussion board or blog where everyone can see it.

And remember, the mod team is made up of volunteers. We don't get paid do to what we do. If you want an answer to why we did this on this forum, look at yourselves. We've put up with the nonsense here for years. We just aren't going to do that any more. There's an election coming up and we need to concentrate on that.

Remember that Mod Bashing is not allowed on any of the forums so stop doing it.

Way to Fight.

Keep Fighting. Fight on.

People that think...

comment moderation here is sucky, really, really need to check out the RRMB "September 11" forum, which has gone down the shitter.


had gone downhill from early 2007. Until that time, it was an excellent place to spread 911 truth. Then once truth was being spread, the JREF shills started roosting there - people like Robert the Liberal (leftysargaent on JREF) and others who are no doubt getting paid to oppose 911 truth: Seeker1, CarmenJonez, Bushwa...

I was banned from there before the original boards were deleted (when Randi left AAR) not because I personally attacked a shill, but because I challenged a moderator on the fact that debunker shills like Robert the Liberal regularly call the truth movement leaders like Griffin, Gage and S Jones "twoofers," "moonbats," "fucktards" and the rest, and yet I never saw these debunker shills getting suspended or banned. Clearly incensed by my challenging their double standard, they banned me.

Later on a forum announcement, they rationalized the debunker attacks on truth leaders, saying: "You will be punished for directly attacking a forum member. However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. As such, main figureheads in the truth movement have put themselves in the public eye, so they're fair game, especially if their truther arguments fail to convince." Oh the irony that Randi herself later was slapped on the wrist by AAR for personally attacking Mrs. Clinton. All I have to say is what a crock of shit.

I wonder how much Randi Rhodes has been threatened. Back in 2006 she would regularly speak up for the truth on her show. She would talk about NORAD and occasionally even WTC7. Then she went silent.

Another series of forums which is really in the shit-hole are the politics and history forums on Amazon. That place used to be a place of sanity, now it's become as much as a troll haven as JREF itself.

I do wonder how much money some of these shills are paid to oppose. Here's what I do know: The shills are definitely sitting in their government office celebrating a "victory" that the RRMB has gone down the shithole. Remember, the debunker trolls are merely there to obfuscate any real discussion. Classic COINTELPRO.

Agent Provocateurs

There is a lot evidence that 9/11 forums are being targeted for disruption. Topic derailment, character assassination, and ad hominem attacks? 911blogger used to be a haven for these kinds of disruption before the moderation policy was implemented.

You can tell it is deliberate when members pose as members of the movement, but who exclusively focus their energy on attacking, slandering, and trying to create arguments with others users.

"Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for "inciting agent") is a person employed by the police or other law enforcement body to act undercover and entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group who provokes another to perform a wrong or rash action, the deliberate purpose being to incite wider conflict or harm... Within the United States the COINTELPRO program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had FBI agents posing as political radicals in order to disrupt the activities of radical political groups in the U.S., such as the Black Panthers, Ku Klux Klan, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee."

In other words, one of the functions of a provocateur is to cause disruption and divisive infighting. It's not even necessary to "prove" intent; just observing that this behaviour is in fact taking place is enough. You don't have to determine intent to give someone a ticket for speeding.

It's very simple. If someone has the intent to do nothing but cause disruption, a forum can be disrupted by simply not taking action and pretending the problem does not exist. The forum then becomes part of the problem, not the solution. Again, it's pretty obvious that 9/11 forums have been targeted by provocateurs. Especially when they devote 90% of their online time to slandering and attacking activists. I mean, it's so obvious that you don't even have to name names.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

"You can tell it is

"You can tell it is deliberate when members pose as members of the movement"

This is very true. In 2007 there were at least two posters aggressively pushing DEWs on the RRMB.

Let's take two high-visibility figures on either side of the disinfo fence: Judy Wood and Mark Roberts. The roles of these two people complement one another hand-in-glove.

The same is true of all the anonymous foot-soldiers on both sides on the RRMB and other forums, like the politics forum on Amazon.

I don't know about RRMB lately since I can't log on, but on Amazon these days, it's the "debunker" shills of the JREF type who have sprawlingly infested the forum. They use ridicule and attacks and rely on strength in numbers. They know they can't let it turn into a rational debate, because they'll lose. And Amazon itself (not necessarily the forums there) is one of the web's most major sites, meaning newbies might stumble onto the forums all the time; and the forums are horribly moderated (there's almost NO moderation), so naturally it is the perfect place for debunker goons to gang up and try to shout down rational thought.

Old News

I was banned . . . permanently.

The mods over there remind me of:

Thanks for all your great responses

AJ, I remember when you were banned, it was weird, you didn't do anything. And I mean anything! I still don't know exactly what happened. That place is demented. Supposedly people who were banned on the old board can sign up again. Have you ever tried to come back? Not that I'd blame you if you didn't. I tried to cancel my account there and they said they don't have a cancellation policy. Once you sign up, the account is there forever...on the new board at least. I guess if they ban you, they just ban you from posting. You can probably still log in. I don't plan to visit very often if ever. And if I do post there it won't be in the 9/11 forum because it isn't viewable to the public. I don't like the idea of being beaten up in private...like Gitmo!

I do feel the timing of this is interesting. Close to the election and all. It seems to me like Democrats love truthers when they need them to poke a stick at Republicans, but when they don't need us, they want to hide us under the rug. Maybe I'll post something to that effect over at their 2008 election forum...Hmmm....

PS I love Cartman...Respect my authoritaay!

PPS: kameelyun the latest thing about Robert the Liberal (now called LeftySeargeant) is that he brags about lying on the JREF forum. He's caught openly lying all over the 9/11 forum and nothing is done about it. But they make a big deal if a truther remembers something incorrectly. They jump down his throat and call him a liar and harrass him with it. Oh for the good old days when we were called "twoofers," "moonbats," and "fucktards". What I wouldn't give to be called that again! Now they've resorted to calling us Nazis and Holocaust deniers! Now with the new rules they act like they've won. Like kings of the sandpile. Too bad they couldn't "win" by playing by the rules. So new rules had to be established to let them "win". They can have their cesspool!

"And if I do post there it

"And if I do post there it won't be in the 9/11 forum because it isn't viewable to the public. I don't like the idea of being beaten up in private...like Gitmo!"

Yep. I hear ya. I don't see the point of trying to spread the truth on a closed forum. Waste of time.


That's their plan. To stop the spread of truth on their forum. The JREFers are so ecstatic now that it's been stopped.