McKinney wants to change the Federal Reserve System

McKinney says to 'Nationalize' the Federal Reserve and put the process of currency back into the hands of the United States of America.

Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Presidential candidate talks about some Economic Planks including the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon's lost money, and how our values should be reflected in the budget.

See Cynthia McKinney's new website at, as she runs on the platform of Truth.

Power to the People

I noticed she mentions the Power to the People Campaign. Reminded me of this song. Don't give up the fight..

Cynthia is great--but this is an extremely dangerous idea

Giving the State the power to control a fully nationalized bank is extremely dangerous. Why? Ron Paul brilliantly elucidated the reason:

“A central bank and fiat money enable government to maintain an easy war policy that under strict monetary rules would not be achievable. In other words, countries with sound monetary policies would rarely go to war because they could not afford to, especially if they were not attacked. The people could not be taxed enough to support wars without destroying the economy. But by printing money, the cost can be delayed and hidden, sometimes for years if not decades. To be truly opposed to preemptive and unnecessary wars one must advocate sound money to prevent the promoters of war from financing their imperialism.” – Ron Paul from his essay "Paper Money & Tyranny"

Her idea is way too risky. Money needs to be left to the free-market completely out of the hands of the State.

Patrick, what are you proposing?

Ron Paul was referring to the system we currently have; a central bank and fiat money.

Of course, in the case of the privately-owned and controlled Federal Reserve system, the Fed banks are under control of the Shadow Government, not the US government, and it is not transparent or accountable to the People- at all. Fiat money has its drawbacks (not that you can eat gold or buy love), but they're not nearly as bad as having a public good like money being controlled by secretive, immoral and corrupt private interests like the Rockefeller's, Morgan's and God knows who else owns that humanity-enslaving abomination.

Under Fed management the dollar has declined by at least 90% since it's rotten beginning in 1913. Numerous bank bailouts (corporate welfare rewarding bad managers; pay for performance in reverse) and numerous wars requiring debt and more printed money are responsible for this huge inflation. These may be the "smartest" guys in the country (considering how long they've perpetrated the fraud), but they're the most evil and selfish, socializing risks and loss, and privatizing benefits and gain. Every time water, another public good, has been privatized (blue gold), prices for service have gone up and quality has gone down. The clean air act benefits everyone, including "elite" parasites and their offspring.

Our voting systems should not be private and unaccountable, and neither should our money system. These things belong to the People; they are part of the commons.

Who made the $5 billion trade early Sept 01? CIA asset Bin Laden- or one of these "elite" parasites in the top 1%?

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I agree with what you say

We need to get rid of this quasi-private gov't cartel. But, making it fully governmental (as Cythnia thinks is a good idea), is not the answer for someone who is anti-war.
She is smart. If she studied a bit more in this area, I'm sure she would endorse removing the State's strangle-hold, and advocate letting people choose what they want to use as money.

In fact, if someone could get her a copy of Lew Rockwell's powerful article War and Inflation. It details how government control over money has allowed for the financing of wars throughout America's history.

thanks for clarifying

i listened to McKinney again, and couldn't find info on this on any of her websites, i'll be contacting her.

In the vid she refers to "nationalization" as a way of "removing the economic middlemen". That's a good idea; however, as you say, control by the government, if there isn't transparency and public oversight will not be a good thing. If she's elected, she'll need to do a serious house cleaning on the Secret Service and the entire Executive branch, to avoid assassination and being undermined by the plethora of bilderberg moles that the Fed government is likely invested with after decades of control by Republocrats- (centuries including their predecessors). A government run by the kind of people someone with her kind of integrity will choose would probably do a good job with the monetary system; but it still needs to be transparent and accountable to the People; We ARE the government.

I haven't read War and Inflation, but i think it's a misnomer to refer to the entities controlling the governments of the world's nation states as "the government", as these governments in history have rarely, if ever, been truly representative of the People's will, or looking out for the public interest, though the people in them always claim to be public-minded patriots for political reasons.

This is the information age, and technology continues to evolve, increasing transparency and empowering individuals with knowledge. Darkness is banished by light, liars hate truth, disease cannot survive in a healthy body; now that humanity is waking up en masse to the presence of these parasites who have always denied their existence with billions of dollars a year's worth of "manufacturing consent" (what a waste; so much easier and efficient to be honest and tell the truth), the parasites are gonna have a harder and harder time surviving and making a living with their old, deceitful and rapidly becoming obsolete tricks.

EDIT- i am not at all familiar with how money works, more aware of how awful the Fed is. Markets that are truly free (not rigged by special interests) are a good thing, they allow the best ideas to win, and those who truly merit (honest, good, hard working, etc.) to rise up. The supposedly open class system we have in the US is not that at all- Bush, Clinton, Obama and McCain would not be where they are, watching what they say, making pledges to undisclosed parties to preserve their non-free (or fair) trade global system, without the support of the same corrupt interests that own and control the fed.

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It's still too dangerous even with the proper people in office


Well, say Cynthia was elected and fully nationalized it. Once she's out of office she doesn't control who will be elected to replace her. Leaving that kind of destructive tool (control over money) in the hands of whoever is elected next into office is very dangerous...

ps. very nice analysis of true free-markets.

extremely vaiid point; a McKinney administration

will not last forever, and any reforms she can institute would be undone, if they can't undermine her while she's in office.

The system has been completely corrupted; i don't think we need to throw out the Constitution- we need to uphold it. If our "representatives" would just follow the Constitution and stop subverting it, things would be much more peaceful, free and fair than they are now, and even the "elites" would benefit from the increased economic growth. As you probably know, the Constitution does authorize Congress to COIN money; it doesn't outlaw private money, and it doesn't authorize fiat money- or the outsourcing of that power to create money and regulate commerce. Transparency and public oversight are key, which means the People need to be educated and politicized to watchdog government. State control of education is also a bad idea, it has been one factor in the dumbing down of Americans, hurting our society's productivity and competitiveness in the world.

Switzerland has a representative government with direct democracy options for the People; it has helped keep their representatives from passing really bad laws, and from getting controlled by special interests.

One thing even Kucinich, Paul and McKinney haven't done (when she was in Congress) was call the mandatory Article 5 Convention for proposing Amendments- i'd have to research the dates of her terms and when Bill Walker sued every member of Congress, she may have been out- Kucinich and Paul have no excuse

btw, are you the Patrick that posted on the link i submitted for this article at

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline


Hi Nuke: nope that wasn't me over at

ps.Yes, for god's sake get the government of out education!



We have a central bank now! It is owned by fascists.

I would rather the central bank be owned by the people, than by fascists from other countries like THE ROTHSCHILDS.

You have a point

when considering just those 2 options. But the 3rd option, removing all State control over money, is the optimal solution.


What's wrong with war not being politically easy?
Shouldn't we only go to war when we're actually threatened?

There's a very popular idea (that I haven't researched, and can't vouch for) that the greenback grew out of war currency that was meant to be worthless if it fell into enemy hands. The implication being, we're the federal government's enemy.

I'm all for money with value for a bunch of reasons:
1) If it actually had value, the government might guard it instead of giving it away.
2) If it actually had value, the people might care when huge amounts get stolen by insiders.
3) If it actually had value, there'd be no collapse possible that would leave me pennyless when the NYSE does one of their slight of hand moves.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

ever notice?

Ever notice how only CFR members like McCain and Obama get media coverage and real candidates like Paul, Kucinich and McKinney get ridiculed for their stature, their big ears, or their race?

All three of those candidates have spoken now about eradicating the Federal Reserve. Coincidence?

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

Thank you Cynthia !

...You have my vote !

Dear Cynthia

Please watch your back. We truthers love you but I am not sure the NWO boys do.

What a debate that would be...

If they allowed McKinney to be in even one of the debates with Obama and McCain!

BTW, does anyone know if there's a good Green Party message board out there? Does the party have an official MB? I'm sick of the progressive boards!

Moral Minorty

.............Think that should ring a bell with most Americans?.........Come on America! Wake up! Oh wait! let's have debates with guidelines. Will have rules, and softball questions. The republicans, and Democrates have sold us Americans out a very long time ago. Hear the saying? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Please !..........The truth hides from nothing!

You said it!

Most americans don't even know what the Federal Reserve is, no less have even heard of it!

I remember when they kept Ralph Nader out of the debates. No wonder. They did NOT want to talk about what he had to say!

Yes, I have heard that saying and it's absolutely true!

We Truthers

have got to get this great woman elected. There has got to be a way. Remember, nothing is impossible. Does anyone have any ideas? Cindy Sheehan will probably beat Pelosi so why can't Cynthia beat those other two stooges? THINK POSITIVE, the future of this country and the rest of the world depend on it.

You've got to like Cynthia McKinney...

I'm more pessimistic about our prospects.

McKinney makes too much sense and much as John F. Kennedy, would empower people if her ideas got implemented. The international Anglo-American financial empire is desperate as ever. They've a proven record of extreme cruelty directed at any threat. They won't give up easily. They would as a last resort do what they did to JFK.

It's too bad McKinney's rep has been sullied by CCM (Corporate Controlled Media) My own impression of McKinney for many years was formed by the Capitol security issue.

I admire her strength and support her continued efforts in bringing attention to these issues. Possibly, some day, the entranced masses will awaken to put a stop to our decline. All we have to do is put our foot down. We have every right to do so.

...don't believe them!