Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in

Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in

By LARA JAKES JORDAN and DAVID DISHNEAU – Friday August 1, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently committed suicide just as the Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against him in the anthrax mailings that traumatized the nation in the weeks following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a published report.

The scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, 62, who worked for the past 18 years at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., had been told about the impending prosecution, the Los Angeles Times reported for Friday editions. The laboratory has been at the center of the FBI's investigation of the anthrax attacks, which killed five people.

Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland. The Times, quoting an unidentified colleague, said the scientist had taken a massive dose of a prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine.

Tom Ivins, a brother of the scientist, told The Associated Press that another of his brothers, Charles, told him Bruce had committed suicide.

A woman who answered the phone at Charles Ivins' home in Etowah, N.C., refused to wake him and declined to comment on his death. "This is a grieving time," she said.

A woman who answered the phone at Bruce Ivins' home in Frederick declined to comment.

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr and FBI Assistant Director John Miller declined to comment on the report.

Henry S. Heine, a scientist who had worked with Ivins on inhalation anthrax research at Fort Detrick, said he and others on their team have testified before a federal grand jury in Washington that has been investigating the anthrax mailings for more than a year.

Heine declined to comment on Ivins' death.

Norman Covert, a retired Fort Detrick spokesman who served with Ivins on an animal-care and protocol committee, said Ivins was "a very intent guy" at their meetings.

Ivins was the co-author of numerous anthrax studies, including one on a treatment for inhalation anthrax published in the July 7 issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Just last month, the government exonerated another scientist at the Fort Detrick lab, Steven Hatfill, who had been identified by the FBI as a "person of interest" in the anthrax attacks. The government paid Hatfill $5.82 million to settle a lawsuit he filed against the Justice Department in which he claimed the department violated his privacy rights by speaking with reporters about the case.

The Times said federal investigators moved away from Hatfill and concluded Ivins was the culprit after FBI Director Robert Mueller changed leadership of the investigation in 2006. The new investigators instructed agents to re-examine leads and reconsider potential suspects. In the meantime, investigators made progress in analyzing anthrax powder recovered from letters addressed to two U.S. senators, according to the report.

Besides the five deaths, 17 people were sickened by anthrax that was mailed to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and members of the news media in New York and Florida just weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The victims included postal workers and others who came into contact with the anthrax.

In January 2002, the FBI doubled the reward for helping solve the case to $2.5 million, and by June officials said the agency was scrutinizing 20 to 30 scientists who might have had the knowledge and opportunity to send the anthrax letters.

After the government's settlement with Hatfill was announced in late June, Ivins started showing signs of strain, the Times said. It quoted a longtime colleague as saying Ivins was being treated for depression and indicated to a therapist that he was considering suicide. Family members and local police escorted Ivins away from the Army lab, and his access to sensitive areas was curtailed, the colleague told the newspaper. He said Ivins was facing a forced retirement in September.

The colleague declined to be identified out of concern that he would be harassed by the FBI, the report said.

Ivins was one of the nation's leading biodefense researchers.

In 2003, Ivins and two of his colleagues at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick received the highest honor given to Defense Department civilian employees for helping solve technical problems in the manufacture of anthrax vaccine.

In 1997, U.S. military personnel began receiving the vaccine to protect against a possible biological attack. Within months, a number of vaccine lots failed a potency test required by federal regulators, causing a shortage of vaccine and eventually halting the immunization program. The USAMRIID team's work led to the reapproval of the vaccine for human use.

The Times said Ivins was the son of a Princeton-educated pharmacist who was born and raised in Lebanon, Ohio. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in microbiology, from the University of Cincinnati.

Dishneau reported from Hagerstown, Md.

A convenient OD.

It's really convenient of Ivins to fall on his sword like this and save the FBI another 7 years and ~10 million dollars in investigation and eventual compensation. Now they'll never have to draw any official suspicion towards suspect #1:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

Ivins will be the Oswald of anthrax


“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Anthrax Attack 2001

(14 minutes)

Yeah right.

This reminds me of another "suicide."
Remember the weapons inspector who insisted there were no WMDs in Iraq, then was coincidentally suicided?

All roads lead to Fort Detrick

There may be a few more scientists that they need to 'suicide' before this is over.


Fort Detrick's anthrax mystery

Who tried to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a former biowarfare researcher at the Army lab? Was it the same person responsible for last fall's anthrax mail terrorism?

Jan. 26, 2002

Assaad worked for eight years, from 1989-97, at the Army-run lab, where civilian and military scientists with top security clearances handle the most lethal biological agents known. Assaad's tenure at the lab was not a particularly happy one. He was ultimately dismissed from the lab in 1997, along with six other older scientists, when the lab announced it needed to downsize because of budget restrictions. But Assaad disputes that reason in his age discrimination suit, which is still pending. He shared with Salon copies of Army internal documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Assaad's attorney, that are from the Army's own investigation into allegations of racial discrimination brought by Assaad.

But he is not alone in his concerns about his former colleagues. Another scientist who worked at the lab at the time -- and who admits to having been part of a group in the lab that called itself the "Camel Club," organized as a kind of drinking club that on the side ridiculed the Egyptian-born Assaad -- said he also believes that the anthrax in the recent terror scare came from Fort Detrick's USAMRIID.

"As soon as it came out" about the anthrax letters, "the first thing that came to my mind was Fort Detrick," said the scientist, who requested anonymity and is now employed in academia. "I don't know how many labs are utilizing anthrax from Detrick. Detrick represents a repository of many organisms, and they would send it out to various other labs. A lot of people who were working on anthrax in this country got their anthrax from Fort Detrick."

The scientist also claimed that he understood DNA analysis being performed by a private lab in Rockville, Md., had already determined that the source of the anthrax in the letter sent to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy was from Detrick. However, the private lab has told journalists that it will be another two weeks to a month before they publicly reveal their results.

According to interviews with Assaad and this scientist, along with additional Army investigative transcripts obtained by Salon, the Army's biowarfare research lab in the early 1990s was an organizational disaster area. A big problem at the lab, which apparently contributed to specimens going missing, was that after the Gulf War, USAMRIID decided to phase out work some scientists had been doing on projects that the Army lab no longer considered crucial to their core mission of researching vaccines against bioweapons. Many scientists who had been engaged in other projects, such as Lt. Col. Phil Zack, who had been researching the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), were eager to continue working on projects USAMRIID said they should stop. What followed, the documents reveal, were scientists sneaking into the Army biowarfare lab to work on pet projects after-hours and on weekends, former workers like Zack, who left in 1991, still being let in to do lab work, pressure applied to technicians to help out, documents going missing, and deliberate mislabeling of specimens among other efforts to hide unsanctioned lab work.

Lt. Col. Michael Langford, an Army scientist who became head of the USAMRIID experimental pathology division in February 1992, was interviewed by a USAMRIID investigator in the spring of 1992. The transcripts of that and other interviews reveal shocking lapses of security and resistance to oversight by USAMRIID lab scientists, including some of the same ones who engaged in harassment of Assaad.

"At the time I took over the Experimental Pathology branch on the 3rd of February [1992] it was obvious to me that there was little or no organization of that group and little or no accountability of many things," Langford told the Army investigator, Col. Thomas J. Taylor.


Article obfuscates...and the COUP...

This is the first time that I have read the above article [ which was writen 4 months after 9/11], and it has a recognizable pattern of disinfo to me. The obvious first one was: "Any Arabs here?...OH yeah, we got one so lets put some stuff in the article about him and you never know what hateful-fearful Americans will think about these scary guys who ride camels...".

I find that the information about how "loose" security and access was to this lab years earlier may have been EASILY positioned by the "killer thugs" we are chasing down so that IF an investigation is made into that lab, it woud be impossible to "trace" the line of, possession, control, distribution or useages of subsances in the lab. It seems like classic CYA to me...set up the impression that "they" were not in control of the volatile substances worked upon in the lab. The HI PERPS would obviously know that the anthrax would be traced back to that what to do then? Had to show how "leaky" the security of such KILLING ORGANISMS was when in that lab.

I worked at a PETCO warehouse in Reno, NV for a few months back in 03' and we kept better track of the cat and dog food than these guys are shown to have keep track of anthrax? Give me a break.

I hope this guy left a suici... errr, a "if they OFF me" note. But, I'm sure this guy's entire world was scrubbed well clean before he died. I'll borrow one of Tarpley's best additions to the 9/11TM...the word "patsie". Seems it might be appropriate here.

Its good to remember that after you have murdered 3000, knocking off a coupla dozen more here and there to tie up some loose ends, is absolutely nothing to worry about. We should worry about the following:

...the Pentagon controls about 95% of ALL intel funds...

...the Pentagon had a huge black eye after Vietnam...

...the Pentagon and militarism was in descendency for a while...

...the Pentagon and its "shareholders" didn't like this...

...the Pentagon then lost its primary "enemy" when the USSR failed [which we knew was in the works for decades]...

...the Pentagon was due to give back a "Peace Dividend"...

...the Pentagon needed a NEW ENEMY to justify its annual budgets...

...the Pentagon needed to, and then slowly gained control of the now "imbedded media"...
...first by its invasion of Grenda???..."hey, those media types were everwhere...just like in Vietnam"...
...then by its invasion of Panama??..."all is well except the media was still in the way"...
...then by its first invasion of Iraq under GHWB?..."things are a tad better, but the media needs our guidance as to where to be and when to be there"...
...then..."hey, media, when we all go into Iraq this time, why don't you guys just sleep with us, and of course, let us read all your reports, and certainly you will want us to view all your videos"... goes to the Pentagon versus our constitution...

...the attacks on 9/11 simply could not have happened without the complicity of the Pentagon...

...the Pentagon's budget needed to climb higher than at anytime in world history...

...and YET...far too many citizens STILL look to the Pentagon for telling the "truth" about its own activities and accomplishments...fear will do this...

...the Pentagon is a very high functioning operation without doubt...and obviously has its eyes set on controlling as much of the world as it can with its uniformed servants...

Its my position that...

...most of the national and international malfeacances that occur in the imperialism conducted by our national and multinational corporations...and that

...most of the profits funding of both sides of EVERYTHING conducted by national international financial institutions...and that

...most of the "control" of our politicians in the WH and in congress...and that

...ALL of the police force authority, regardless of the levels and colors of the uniforms worn...and that

...ALL of this...can happen...

...only at the hand of the world's BIGGEST police department...because...

...who can say NO to that outfit?

Simply put, at the moment, the Pentagon is running nothing more than a typical "protection money scam" in which EVERYBODY has to pay, and everybody has to obey.

We live in a country where there has been a very carefully designed, very well enacted, and a very well sustained "White Collar Military Coup", that still runs unacknowledged and undetected.

This coup has already occurred, so, lets vote more military people into congress and into the White House...YUP, that'll help!

Many people suffer significant cognitive dissonance about a lot of things, [like the Ron Paul supporters who actually think that Ron Paul supports the 9/11 Truth Movement], and many average citizens suffer this regarding 9/ we all know.

BUT, there is not one group of people who suffer more cognitive dissonance than those in "The Peace Movement" because first, they still think that they are successful after their alleged "win" ending the Vietnam War. The organized Peace Movements are now thoroughly hacked from within [ laundered cointelpro funding and misdirecting leadership ], as they have been SINCE the 60s, and their public efforts remain counterproductive to ending militarism to this very day...OBVIOUSLY!

Therefore, its a really big chasm for these "developmentally arrested" souls to leap across. Because...

Not only are these last century's peace activists running on empty or a tad delusional from last century's false accomplishments, BUT, they are now a block of people who cannot even get CLOSE to understanding the events of 9/11 in the very context of the "war and peace reality" that they claim a full understanding of, and to be expert about!

Nowhere will there be seen deeper "deer eyes in the headlights" than when we approach a "PEACER" with the obvious truths behind 9/11. However, if the PEACERS ever do come to undrstand the full concept of these "false-flag attack thingys", there will be, as Billy Bragg croons..."...a great leap forward." Should that happen, then everybody on our side, and on the side of peace will benefit greatly. Anyway...

Here are some guidelines about being a good citizen in the good ole USofA for the new millenium and it applies to this anthrax scientist's death:

Never say never...except... ANY governement because the people within that government will lie to the citizens so as to keep their influence over that governmnet and over the citizens...

NEVER, any corporation because they will lie to the citizens, AND will lie to the governement just to keep their influence in the marketplace and their profits up...

NEVER, EVER, any military because they will lie to the citizens, AND they will lie to the government, AND they will lie to the corporations, AND INDEED, they will even lie to THEMSELVES...just to grow their police and weaponry departments as big as they can possibly grow...

There are no profits in peace...there are abundent profits in war...its been that way for centuries.

Its a weaponless, and uniformless military COUP...

...and its happened at the hands of its greedy FIVE sided building [Crimmins joke], its very clever Military Industrial Complex, and its amiable agents serving as our neighbors and protectors from terrorism...

So, I predict that we should have 9/11 completely solved by next Tuesday around 2PM or so...dontcha think?

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

The tipoff that the Pentagon played a major role

in orchestrating the events of 9-11 was the very fact that it was hit by something on that day--a self inflicted wound to cover up its role.

Thanks Robin. Brilliant assessment.

Glad to have minds like yours on our team.

Yes, it's another

Yes, it's another transparent "incompetence" ploy. We should note the writer . . .

Grenada..Panama...Iraq.I ...Iraq II

It is an accurate commentary and reflects rather well the baby steps taken by the Pentacon in its roaring comeback.

" ANY government"

"NEVER, any corporation"

"NEVER, EVER, any military"

I would add the above list merged and there's little remaining boundary the way NWO boys move back and forth between private and public life such as James Woolsey.

I would only edit the above with the following substitution--instead of the word "trust"--forget trust--yes, it's in their fascist character to it's assumed.... I would substitute...

...don't believe them!

two birds with one stone?

Ivins was co-author of numerous anthrax studies including one on a treatment for inhalation, another dead scientist:

The article seems deliberately vague, with few details & nothing

about motive. It also implies that Ivins acted alone, with no pesky "conspiracies" involved, and now the man has helpfully "suicided" himself, as usual. (I hope the sheeple don't accept all this b.s. on face value.)

The anthrax murders are still extremely far from a "case closed"!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

comments on the ABC article have been scrubbed

They were 100% skeptical

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


Scott Creighton at Opednews has interesting post on New York Times redacting their story this morning. He gets into the subject of motive in a devastating way. This whole coverup move was obviously rushed and sloppy -- under a lot of pressure -- and it should be a fertile field for investigation

Michael "trails gone cold"

Michael "trails gone cold" chertoff is evidently responsible for orchestrating the cover up of the anthrax crimes. He's one of the suspects in my book.

See also

?? Suicide with Tylenol ? & codeine? by a drug expert?

Of course, we all know that a charade is going on, but...
...this does not make sense:
A son of a pharmacist, a 20 year expert who deals with the toxicology of chemicals and microbes... What!?! He choose Tylenol and codeine (maybe Tylenol 3). It seems odd to me that this would be the method of choice by an expert. While the stuff can kill you, not everyone succeeds...throw-up city or major liver damage. The black-op folks who write the scripts for these type of scenarios must read comic books.

Open and shut case

"Ivins was the son of a Princeton-educated pharmacist who was born and raised in Lebanon, Ohio. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in microbiology, from the University of Cincinnati."

But he decided to throw it all away so he could mail a strain of anthrax - traceable back to his lab (which he would know) - to some high-profile people in the media and a couple Democratic politicians who were waffling on the patriot act.

Since the early-to-mid 60s the govt has a really hard time keeping witnesses and suspects alive....

Here's a fairly comprehensive list just from the JFK investigations.... Just for the sake of historical context

11/63 Karyn Kupicinet Tv host's (Irv) daughter who was overheard telling of JFK's death prior to 11/22/63 Murdered
12/63 Jack Zangretti Expressed foreknowledge of Ruby shooting Oswald Gunshot Victim
2/64 Eddy Benavides Lookalike brother to Tippit shooting witness, Domingo Benavides Gunshot to head
2/64 Betty MacDonald* Former Ruby employee who alibied Warren Reynolds shooting suspect. Suicide by hanging in Dallas Jail
3/64 Bill Chesher Thought to have information linking Oswald and Ruby Heart attack
3/64 Hank Killam* Husband of Ruby employee, knew Oswald acquaintance Throat cut
4/64 Bill Hunter* Reporter who was in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63 Accidental shooting by policeman
5/64 Gary Underhill* CIA agent who claimed Agency was involved Gunshot in head ruled suicide
5/64 Hugh Ward* Private investigator working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie Plane crash in Mexico
5/64 DeLesseps Morrison* New Orleans Mayor Passenger in Ward's plane
8/64 Teresa Norton* Ruby employee Fatally shot
6/64 Guy Banister* x-FBI agent in New Orleans connected to Ferrie, CIA, Carlos Marcello & Oswald Heart attack
9/64 Jim Koethe* Reporter who was in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63 Blow to neck
9/64 C.D. Jackson "Life" magazine senior Vice-president who bought Zapruder film and locked it away Unknown
10/64 Mary Pinchot JFK "special" friend whose diary was taken by CIA chief James Angleton after her death Murdered
1/65 Paul Mandal "Life" writer who told of JFK turning to rear when shot in throat Cancer
3/65 Tom Howard* Ruby's first lawyer, was in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63 Heart attack
5/65 Maurice Gatlin* Pilot for Guy Banister Fatal fall
8/65 Mona B. Saenz* Texas Employment clerk who interviewed Oswald Hit by Dallas bus
?/65 David Goldstein Dallasite who helped FBI trace Oswald's pistol Natural causes
9/65 Rose Cheramie* Knew of assassination in advance, told of riding to Dallas with Cubans Hit/run victim
11/65 Dorothy Kilgallen* Columnist who had private interview with Ruby, pledged to "break" JFK case Drug overdose
11/65 Mrs. Earl Smith* Close friend to Dorothy Kilgallen, died two daysafter columnist, may have kept Kilgallen's notes Cause unknown
12/65 William Whaley * Cab driver who reportedly drove Oswald to Oak Cliff (The only Dallas taxi driver to die on duty) Motor collision
1966 Judge Joe Brown Presided over Ruby's trial Heart attack
1966 Karen "Little Lynn" Carlin * Ruby employee who last talked with Ruby before Oswald shooting Gunshot victim
1/66 Earlene Roberts Oswald's landlady Heart attack
2/66 Albert Bogard* Car salesman who said Oswald test drove new car Suicide
6/66 Capt. Frank Martin Dallas policeman who witnessed Oswald slaying, told Warren Commission "there's a lot to be said but probably be better if I don't say it" Sudden cancer
8/66 Lee Bowers Jr. * Witnessed men behind picket fence on Grassy Knoll Motor accident
9/66 Marilyn "Delila Walle * Ruby dancer Shot by husband after 1 month of marriage
10/66 Lt. William Pitzer * JFK autopsy photographer who described his duty as "horrifying experience" Gunshot ruled suicide
11/66 Jimmy Levens Fort Worth nightclub owner who hired Ruby employees Natural causes
11/66 James Worrell Jr. * Saw man flee rear of Texas School Book Depository Motor accident
1966 Clarence Oliver Dist. Atty. Investigator who worked Ruby case Unknown
12/66 Hank Suydam Life magazine official in charge of JFK stories Heart attack
1967 Leonard Pullin Civilian Navy employee who helped film "Last Two Days" about assassination One-car crash
1/67 Jack Ruby* Oswald's slayer Lung cancer (he told family he was injected with cancer cells)
2/67 Harold Russell * Saw escape of Tippit killer killed by cop in bar brawl
2/67 David Ferrie * Acquaintance of Oswald, Garrison suspect and employee of Guy Banister Blow to neck (ruled accidental)
2/67 Eladio Del Valle * Anti-Castro Cuban associate of David Ferrie being sought by Garrison Gunshot wound, ax wound tohead
3/67 Dr. Mary Sherman * Ferrie associate working on cancer research Died in fire (possibly shot)
1/68 A. D. Bowie Asst. Dallas District Attorney prosecuting Ruby Cancer
4/68 Hiram Ingram Dallas Deputy Sheriff, close friend to Roger Craig Sudden cancer
5/68 Dr. Nicholas Chetta New Orleans coroner who on death of Ferrie Heart attack
8/68 Philip Geraci * Friend of Perry Russo, told of Oswald/Shaw conversation Electrocution
1/69 Henry Delaune * Brother-in-law to coroner Chetta Murdered
1/69 E.R. Walthers * Dallas Deputy Sheriff who was involved in Depository search, claimed to have found .45-cal. slug Shot by felon
1969 Charles Mentesana Filmed rifle other than Mannlicher-Carcano being taken from Depository Heart attack
4/69 Mary Bledsoe Neighbor to Oswald, also knew David Ferrie Natural causes
4/69 John Crawford * Close friend to both Ruby and Wesley Frazier, who gave ride to Oswald on 11/22/63 Crash of private plane
7/69 Rev. Clyde Johnson * Scheduled to testify about Clay Shaw/Oswald connection Fatally shot
1970 George McGann * Underworld figure connected to Ruby friends, wife, Beverly, took film in Dealey Plaza Murdered
1/70 Darrell W. Garner Arrested for shooting Warren Reynolds, released after alibi from Betty MacDonald Drug overdose
8/70 Bill Decker Dallas Sheriff who saw bullet hit street in front of JFK Natural causes
8/70 Abraham Zapruder Took famous film of JFK assassination Natural causes
12/70 Salvatore Granello * Mobster linked to both Hoffa,Trafficante, and Castro assassination plots Murdered
1971 James Plumeri * Mobster tied to mob-CIA assassination plots Murdered
3/71 Clayton Fowler Ruby's chief defense attorney Uknown
4/71 Gen. Charles Cabell * CIA deputy director connected to anti-Castro Cubans Collapsed and died afterphysical at Fort Myers
1972 Hale Boggs* House Majority Leader, member of Warren Commission who began to publicly express doubts about findings Disappeared on Alaskan plane flight
5/72 J. Edgar Hoover* FBI director who pushed "lone assassin" theory in JFK assassination Heart attack (no autopsy)
9/73 Thomas E. Davis* Gunrunner connected to both Ruby and CIA Electrocuted trying to steal wire
2/74 J.A. Milteer* Miami right-winger who predicted JFK's death and capture of scapegoat Heater explosion
1974 Dave Yaras* Close friend to both Hoffa and Jack Ruby Murdered
7/74 Earl Warren Chief Justice who reluctantly chaired Warren Commission Heart failure
8/74 Clay Shaw* Prime suspect in Garrison case, reportedly a CIA contact with Ferrie and E. Howard Hunt Possible cancer
1974 Earle Cabell Mayor of Dallas on 11/22/63, whose brother, Gen. Charles Cabell was fired from CIA by JFK Natural causes
6/75 Sam Giancana* Chicago Mafia boss slated to tell about CIA-mob death plots to Senate Committee Murdered
7/75 Clyde Tolson J. Edgar Hoover's assistant and roommate Natural causes
1975 Allen Sweatt Dallas Deputy Sheriff involved in investigation Natural causes
12/75 Gen. Earle Wheeler Contact between JFK and CIA Unknown
1976 Ralph Paul Ruby's business partner connected with crime figures Heart attack
4/76 James Chaney Dallas motorcycle officer riding to JFK's right rear who said JFK "struck in the face" with bullet Heart attack
4/76 Dr. Charles Gregory Governor John Connally's physician Heart attack
6/76 William Harvey* CIA coordinator for CIA-mob assassination plans against Castro Complications from heart surgery
7/76 John Roselli* Mobster who testified to Senate Committee and was to appear again Stabbed and stuffed in metal drum

The HSCA Investigation
Just when the House Select Committee on Assassinations was investigating the JFK assassination, more suspicious deaths were coming up:

1/77 William Pawley * Former Brazilian Ambassador connected to Anti-Castro Cubans, crime figures Gunshot ruled suicide
3/77 George DeMohrenschildt * Close friend to both Oswald and Bouvier family (Jackie Kennedy's parents), CIA contract agent Gunshot wound ruled suicide
3/77 Carlos Prio Soccaras * Former Cuban President, money man for anti-Castro Cubans Gunshot wound ruled suicide
3/77 Paul Raigorodsky Business friend of George DeMohrenschildt and wealthy oilmen Natural causes
5/77 Lou Staples * Dallas radio Talk Show host who told friends he would break assassination case Gunshot to head,ruled suicide
6/77 Louis Nichols Former No. 3 man in FBI, worked on JFK investigation Heart attack
8/77 Alan Belmont FBI official who testified to Warren Commission "Long illness"
8/77 James Cadigan FBI document expert who testified to Warren Commission Fall in home
8/77 Joseph C. Ayres * Chief steward on JFK's Air Force One Shooting accident
8/77 Francis G. Powers* U-2 pilot downed over Russia in 1960 Helicopter crash (He reportedly ran out of fuel)
9/77 Kenneth O'Donnell JFK's closest aide Natural causes
10/77 Donald Kaylor FBI fingerprint chemist Heart attack
10/77 J.M. English Former head of FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory Heart attack
11/77 William Sullivan * Former No. 3 man in FBI, headed Division 5, counter- espionage and domestic intelligence Hunting accident
1978 C.L. "Lummie" Lewis Dallas Deputy Sheriff who arrested Mafia man Braden in Dealey Plaza Natural causes
9/78 Garland Slack Man who said Oswald fired at his target at rifle range Unknown
1/79 Billy Lovelady Depository employee said to be the man in the doorway in AP photograph Complications from heart attack
6/80 Jesse Curry Dallas Police Chief at time of assassination Heart attack
6/80 Dr. John Holbrook Psychiatrist who testified Ruby was not insane Heart attack but pills, notes found,
1/81 Marguerite Oswald Mother of accused assassin Cancer
10/81 Frank Watts Chief felony prosecutor for Dallas D.A. Natural causes
1/82 Peter Gregory Original translator for Marina Oswald and Secret Service Natural causes
5/82 Dr. James Weston Pathologist allowed to see JFK autopsy material for HSCA Died while jogging, ruled natural causes
8/82 Will H. Griffin FBI agent who reportedly said Oswald was "definitely" an FBI informant Cancer
10/82 W. Marvin Gheesling FBI official who helped supervise JFK investigation "Long illness"
3/84 Roy Kellerman Secret Service agent in charge of JFK limousine Unknown

Let's not forget Gary Webb and Deborah Jean Palfrey as two more recent suicides who didn't make nice with big bro. I'm guessing that some of these are legit deaths, but the shear number in the first 13 years after the assass. suggests a plague of some kind in this country. Imo, this is relevant to understanding that this is nothing new. Maybe Ivins really did OD on his own, but it's awfully convenient that the dept of justice won't even have to build a case.... I was looking forward to that effort.

Useful info here...

But let's vote it down to collapse the length of this post. Not because it is bad or erroneous info.

koko, why don't you submit this as a blog entry?



voted down.... I'll try to put something together that's a little cleaner too and post it as a blog entry as you suggested.

I haven't seen it up yet, so

I haven't seen it up yet, so I'm voting it up until then . . .

See also Glenn Greenwald's new piece...

Friday Aug. 1, 2008 05:36 EDT
Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News

"Much more important than the general attempt to link the anthrax to Islamic terrorists, there was a specific intent -- indispensably aided by ABC News -- to link the anthrax attacks to Iraq and Saddam Hussein. In my view, and I've written about this several times and in great detail to no avail, the role played by ABC News in this episode is the single greatest, unresolved media scandal of this decade. News of Ivins' suicide, which means (presumably) that the anthrax attacks originated from Ft. Detrick, adds critical new facts and heightens how scandalous ABC News' conduct continues to be in this matter. "

Glenn is just a baby-step away

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

ABC is in their pocket

Although all of the mainstream networks are complicit in disseminating BushCo propaganda to a large extent, it seems clear that ABC is the medium of choice for catapulting the disinformation and propaganda. Maybe it is because this is his area of assignment, but it also seems that Brian Ross is usually the specific messenger from ABC chosen to spread the bullshit. What a tool.

By the way, FOX doesn't count. They have been disqualified.

Ever notice...

how the patsy is usually killed?
Arabesque: 911 Truth

I think that patsy #1 didn't fly with the public (or the FBI),

so they went to patsy #2 and took him out.

Alternatively, he may have been the "weak link" in the conspiracy, so they took him out before he held a press conference; or he know who did it and was going to hold a press conference.

All speculation, but it fits the facts as I know them.

What a sad and corrupt country America has become.


We've got work to do, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


What was the motive for this lone 62 year old man to do these attacks right after 9/11? Motive please?

Is this a great country or what?

Another convenient "suicide." If the U.S. had been this far gone in the 60s, they could have convinced us JFK, MLK and RFK all committed suicide.

oh, they're working on it

The black ops team will be meeting up with their friends in Hollywood soon and will come up with a motive. Hmm, let's see. How about a lone, right wing extremist who hated the media and democrats for not being patriotic enough?

Guvment needs better script writers

The FBI has been investigating the anthrax murders? Who knew? The gov. surely needs better script writers for its propaganda. I guess they figured they couldn't leave their false flag operation unresolved forever, too many people would keep asking questions. Just bump off a govt. scientist connected to the lab where the anthrax was made, and save yourself the trouble of another kangaroo trial like with the "20th terrorist." What a sick joke.

The lone Anthrax gunman

The deceased Dr. Ivins wrote many letters to the editior.

I found some interesting information.

Dr. Ivins had written several letters to the editor of his local newspaper, The Frederick News Post.

Here is the url to the page showing the letters:

Here is one of the letters he wrote that I found very interesting. It shows his views against assisted suicide.

Here is the text directly from the Frederick News Post:

Moral views not a new trend
Originally published March 05, 1998

Among the front-page articles in The News-Post of Feb. 27 was a rather ominous one entitled "Panel OKs funding for assisted suicide."

The news report dealt with a decision by the Oregon Health Services Commission that assisted suicide should be funded by state taxpayers. Commission chairman Alan Bates excoriated those whose beliefs led them to oppose the commission's decision, and asserted that "religious opponents have no right to impose their moral views on others."

From that statement it is clear that Dr. Bates' knowledge of medicine is substantially greater than his familiarity with American history.

Even before America was a nation, there was strong opposition to slavery from the religious group known as the Quakers, or the "Society of Friends." They were steadfast in their belief that slavery was a sin, and this belief led them to be actively involved in the Abolitionist Movement and the "Underground Railroad" in this country.

We should all be thankful that these religious opponents were quite willing to "impose their moral views on others."

In more recent times we need look no further than those ministers, rabbis and priests whose beliefs brought them to the forefront in the battle against forced, racial segregation in America. Despite real threats to life and limb, they persisted in their efforts to "impose their moral views on others."

Today we frequently admonish people who oppose abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide or capital punishment to keep their religious, moral, and philosophical beliefs to themselves.

Before dispensing such admonishments in the future, perhaps we should gratefully consider some of our country's most courageous, historical figures who refused to do so.

####### end of letter to the editor#######

Dr. Ivins' therapist, the one who had to get a protective order against Ivins, is a social worker/ addiction counselor. I have found an article with her promoting a drug for opiate addiction treatment. The drug is Suboxone. Was Ivins an addict?

Is it ethically kosher for a social worker to promote a "miracle" drug in the newspaper? Was she compensated? Is she qualified to promote a drug? What are the downsides? Don't see any in the article.

Here is a link to the article:

In the interest of fairness, I found another article in the same paper from the same day which is either part of the same article or another related article. It shows the stats on opiate addiction in that county and shows the social worker, Jean Duley, holding a bottle of the "miracle drug" for the cameras.

Here is that url:

Oh my

The plot thickens.

These LTTE's are odd to say the least.

Seems he's got a bit of a religious fixation.


End of 'dialogue'
Originally published August 24, 2006 Rabbi Morris Kosman is entirely correct in summarily rejecting the demands of the Frederick Imam for a "dialogue."

By blood and faith, Jews are God's chosen, and have no need for "dialogue" with any gentile. End of "dialogue."


Conservative Christians now feeling their oats
Originally published November 21, 2004

I would like to comment on the letter to the editor, "Wants off Christian Nation Express," of Nov. 12.

I am certainly pleased that the writer is dedicated to service in the love of God, even though I find her theological focus on agony and suffering rather than the hope, joy and salvation of the resurrection to be puzzling.

Whether Americans like it or not, the results of the presidential election have propelled charismatic and evangelical Christians into new heights of political power. Many of those individuals would agree that the laws of this nation should be compatible with the Gospel, if not actually based upon it.

Whether we're on the "Christian Nation Express" or not, we all need to be ready for a wild political ride these next four years through a landscape of issues deemed important by conservative Christians.

— — —

All aboard!
Originally published November 09, 2004

I read Deborah Carter's column of Nov. 7, "Election blues," and I have three comments for the good woman, and for everybody else, as well.

First, it's clear that views like hers would put Jesus on that cross again. Second, thy loom and churn best be still, come the Sabbath. Third, you can get on board or get left behind, because that Christian Nation Express is pulling out of the station!

— — —

This fellow's got issues, but I don't they were suicidal ones.

Not sure I see a religious fixation

Not sure what he is saying, but seems to me he is criticizing religious extremism. Maybe using irony. Other letters suggest a devout but liberal Catholic.

" Answers in anthrax case may have died with suicide"

Headline from AP Story

So, are we supposed to stop asking questions? Who writes this crap?