"The Reflecting Pool" in Berkeley - 9/11 film at the PFA - Monday August 4, 2008

From Jarek Kupsc;

We are proud to announce the opening of our North-West Reflecting Pool Movie Tour with a Berkeley, CA, screening at the PFA. Please let your friends and enemies know about this event, especially if you have a mailing list or a newsletter.

Educators: bring your summer class to the show!

Writer/Director Jarek Kupsc is a SFSU graduate (Class of 95) - he will be at the PFA for the Q&A with his fellow filmmakers.

Hope to see you there!

The Reflecting Pool
(USA/Poland, 106min, Color, 2008)

Monday, August 4th, at 7pm.

2575 Bancroft Way
(Between College and Telegraph)
Berkeley, CA

Please view our trailer at:


A new take on 9/11
EUDIE PAK (Village Voice)

Movies about 9/11 are typically received with mixed feelings from the public, and the latest of these—Jarek Kupsc’s The Reflecting Pool—will no doubt do likewise. Gather ’round, conspiracy theorists: Kupsc’s investigative drama claims that terrorists were only half responsible for the mass killings. The other half? You guessed it: the U.S. government. Claiming to be based on actual facts and real-life sources, The Reflecting Pool, which is now having its New York premiere, sets out to examine the disparities in The 9/11 Commission Report via the fictional story of a Russian-American journalist who reluctantly works with the father of a 9/11 victim. Together, they uncover the hidden forces behind the event. Whether or not you want to believe them is entirely up to you.

Gerald Wright - Review
The subject matter of this movie could be disturbing to some; however, this film focuses on a character study of the two men and how they deal with their findings during their investigations. One man being an idealistic writer with haunting thoughts of Russian style propaganda and another man whose life is stuck in neutral because of the loss of his daughter. While using actual facts of the 9/11 Report as the basis of the plot, the narrative not only illustrates the obvious omissions, possible cover-ups, and disturbing distortions but illuminates the subject matter by giving it reasons for the collateral damage it caused. The exceptionally brilliant performances by lead actors Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp gives this stylish film a sense of suspense, but hold true to a documentary style format. Each character sets out on a preposterous journey in search of a way to find truth and reconcile their own life. The supporting cast members contribute in each
scene with an intense portrayal of how 9/11 affected us all, while unraveling a series of questions.

Kam Williams: Review

Laurynn Lowe: Culp Interview and review:

Prairie Miller: Review

Jarek Kupsc
The Reflecting Pool

I Hope You Get a Full House!

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I wonder whether the Polish-born Kupsc has gotten any distribution in Poland. If it's really a USA/Poland co-production, then there must be a Polish-language dubbed version.

How wonderful if this Polish-born longtime USA-resident is successful at bringing 9/11 truth to the masses of Poland.