AP helps government to brush anthrax attacks of 2001 under the carpet



PETER'S NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2008--A succession of Associated Press stories has portrayed a former government scientist as the source of the 2001 anthrax-laced letters, even though no proof has been brought forward as to the scientist's guilt.

An incredible stream of anonymous government sources have been cited, with the accompanying reasons why they have requested anonymity. Of course Associated Press never mentions the unstated reason, and the most obvious one--that these sources may be trying to portray events as they would like them to be seen by the public.

Headlines such as "Answers in anthrax case may have died with suicide" by Adam Geller can only bring joy to a government anxious to put any questions about the case, which had defied solution for almost seven years, behind it. But a scrutinizing public can be only so keenly aware that the government has sorely misinformed the electorate before, and may be doing so now, with the complicity of the media.

It is apparent that Associated Press is publishing stories by its writers according to a script that identifies the scientist Bruce E. Ivins as the suicidal culprit. How convenient this must be to the American government, and what a fine example it is of creating reality by writing fiction as if it was history. One can feel the strain, and the contempt for the public's right to know, in these blatant coverup stories.

For example, Geller writes: "After years of futility, investigators said they had been preparing to charge a government scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, with hatching the plot, before he committed suicide this week. The final answers may well have died with him." This statement conveys the image of guilt upon Ivins, even though not a shred of evidence has been produced, and in light of the fact that one of the main suspects in the attacks was recently exonerated. In fact, there has been no evidence presented for the government's claim that it did indeed intend to prosecute Ivins.

Just as in 9-11, with the government's version of events getting maximum play in the press, it will become apparent that there will be no need for an investigation. After all, the Justice Department was about to indict the wrongdoer, and, shamed by his guilt, he committed suicide.

The party is defamed before a legitimate investigation can be mounted, but the failure of the media to question the government's version of events paints a picture with its own reality. It becomes painfully apparent why a movement with a name like "9-11 Truth" has been created to seek answers to the mysteries surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

If the issue was just about Ivins's guilt or innocence, the whole affair might just be an intellectual exercise. But it is not of just passing interest to the American public, which realizes that it could face the lethal circumstance of opening an anthrax-laced letter, or a multitude of them. It was obvious how effective the dissemination of anthrax was in causing the deaths of several individuals, and how effective a larger attack would be if it were ever to be mounted. It is thus of great public concern to find the culprit.

For thinking people, there can be nothing but rage in reaction to such press reports as the one above cited, which are so deliberately skewed in the government's direction as to become little more than official press releases. Associated Press writers often--shall we say daily--play this role. That this news service is picked up by thousands of papers and printed as if it were gospel is no credit whatsoever to the state of journalism in America. It is up to each newspaper to carefully review what each of these stories about Ivins contains, and then deposit them in the appropriate file--a circular one.


Original article with changes, corrections and additions can be found at http://www.petersnewyork.com/Anthrax.html.

AP = "The Government"

Watching Keith Obermann on Tivo . . . . Gerald Posner is the guy they called up to explain all of this to us.

I'm populating my Francis A Boyle archive this morning:

" After suicide, feds consider closing anthrax case"

"....little more than official press releases."

Peter, it's a well-written article. It's actually positive news. I know how you feel, "For thinking people, there can be nothing but rage in reaction to such press reports,,,"

There's been little coverage of the anthrax letters for years, now, however. This refreshes people's minds and affects their minds if only peripherally. It's important to remind people of the sick perversity behind such incidents. The anthrax letters represent an out-of-bounds maneuver in the league of not-so-depleted uranium, political assassinations such as Ivins, Tinsley, Rep. Gillmor, those air force men associated with the missing nuke from last year and others.

"Geller writes: "After years of futility, investigators said they had been preparing to charge a government scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, with hatching the plot, before he committed suicide this week. The final answers may well have died with him.""

The government wants the story to die and works to that end. It's a positive development, there are growing numbers who.....

...don't believe them!

I do not believe the Geller article was well written

from a journalistic standpoint, although it does have value in showing the way in which the government infiltrates the media. It also helps to reveal the government's hand.

A better article was the New York Times's, which I quote from below:

Scientists familiar with germ warfare said there was no evidence that Dr. Ivins, though a vaccine expert with easy access to the most dangerous forms of anthrax, had the skills to turn the pathogen into an inhalable powder.

"I don't think a vaccine specialist could do it," said Dr. Alan P. Zelicoff, a phuysician who aided the F.B.I investigation when he worked at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque.

"This is aerosol physics, not biology," Dr. Zelicoff added. "There are very few people who have their feet in both camps."
Perhaps this fellow is trying to tip us off. The culprit is someone who has his "feet in both camps."

Others report

Global Research has latest Wayne Madsen:


Silly me: Just a thought

U.S. Mint coinmaking and paper-money printing facilities go to extreme -- and apparently very effective -- measures to ensure that employees don't smuggle out cash.

Diamond mines in South Africa take extreme measures to ensure that miners don't smuggle out even the tiniest diamonds when they leave work for the day.

Are we to understand that employees of the U.S. federal government working with extraordinarily toxic micro-organisms can remove this powder from those facilities? And that someone like Ivins would then, presumably out of his own home, put this powder in ordinary office envelopes and send them to a wide variety of people?

Even if we buy into the lone nut theory of Ivins's alleged criminality -- which personally I don't -- this story is thoroughly unsettling and calls for massive inquiry into federal security procedures. Where are the FBI, the Justice Department, the Congressional committees, and the independent investigation commissions that such a profound breach of security demands?

What we get instead is deafening silence. Ivins commits "suicide." Case closed.

But then there's this odd tendency we see not to examine the obvious.

The Air Force fails to even attempt to intercept allegedly hijacked airliners, even after some have already deliberately crashed into buildings. Incompetence, or conniving? The MSM has nothing to say. Even the 9/11 Commission carefully avoids addressing this anomaly straight on.

Massive steel-frame skyscrapers crumble to dust at free fall speed? Where are the investigative reporters, the Congressional committees, the societies of civil engineers and architects?

It's all of a piece. The controlled media, the Beltway insiders, all count on the public to take the inconveniently bizarre and unexpected for granted. Better to misdirect by focusing on the inanities of Obama-McCain charges back and forth of "racism" and "inexperience."

Major point, mcfrandy.

The neanderthal FBI agents are making a mistake, treating this case as any other cover up!

It's a major point--quite glaring--for someone to casually seal envelopes at home after inserting trillion-spore count per gram anthrax into them? This is with the assumption Ivins somehow was able to process it without detection either at Ft Detrick or in his own home?

On the other hand, they know how stupid and gullible Americans have willingly proved. On 9/11, the harley guy is johnny on the spot with the ready Psy Op for somnambulant America, "...watch the plane come out of nowhere and scream right into the side of the twin tower exploding through the other side, then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first then the second, mostly due to structural failure since the fires was just too intense." His glib delivery helped supply an explanation for shocked onlookers at a loss for any explanation.

This time? Well, you can insert aerosolized, weaponized anthrax into envelopes in your bathroom at home with the door closed, the exhaust fan on and a mask. Really, it's not easy but it can be done and the explanation delivered with conviction--sure!

Ivins, lone anthrax perp and avid grass recycler..
...don't believe it!