Olbermann Countdown: Anthrax Attacks Inside Job?

Countdown: Anthrax Attacks Inside Job?

Great post Joe!

Great post Joe! Some big fish oughta be sweatin' with all this stuff comin' out.

I don't think so

They won't be sweating anything. They will just continue with their plans as they have been doing all along.

Here's the best coverage of the Anthrax coverup

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More than I thought...

.....yet, doesn't touch upon the obvious cracks in the story.

Ivins was scapegoated one less microbiologist with too much dirty knowledge, and hopefully, an end to investigative efforts into the anthrax letters.

Is it possible we will see more suicides in the closing days of this criminal administration? Is it an attempt to cover tracks as they go out the door?

Thanks Joe, I'm glad I saw it.

Ivins suicide...
...don't believe it!

End of Story?

Now contrast the above with the BBC's 'problem solved.. end of story folks' angle.

Sounds like spin...

They want us to accept everything is all wrapped up before the FBI releases it's information so we'll be less likely to question the evidence,

great post as usual Joe...Hatfill, Ivins or Zack?

Was it Hatfill, Ivins or Zack?

It seems Hatfill has been exonerated, or at least that is the official indication.

Was it Ivins or Zack?

Although it is somewhat relevant, it isn't as relevant as the fact that the timing and the attempted Muslim/Iraq connection are strong indications that this terrorist act was done at the behest of some entity who would benefit from it.

Cui Bono?

The Bush Crime Administration used the anthrax attacks to push through the Patriot Act, something they already had drawn up and also a document that wasn't even read by the congresspersons that passed it. This bill has taken away many of our freedoms and has given the Bush Crime Administration more autonomy and control of the population here in the US. Remember two of the letters were addressed to Democratic senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy who both were holding up the bill. (NBC and the Florida Offices of the National Enquirer were also sent anthrax letters)

Anthrax was also one of the WMD Iraq supposedly had and might use on Americans if our military wasn't allowed to illegally invade that country. Remember Powell's speech to the UN Assembly where he took out the little vial of white powder and talked of how such a small amount could cause so many deaths?

So, no matter which of the scientists was involved, I, for one, have no doubt that they were coached as to the timing and the target group which was to be implicated by the text of the mailings as well as the targeted offices who would received the letters. Who would have done such a thing? Well, to whose benefit was the result?

Anthrax reported at URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS

From Wayne Maden's Art Students and Movers Story:


"According to several Weehawken neighbors of the Urban Moving Systems warehouse, the FBI, upon searching the the warehouse, discovered fertilizer, other chemicals for making explosives, pipes, caps, and traces of anthrax. After anthrax was discovered, investigators wearing hazardous material suits went through the warehouse. Residents around Urban Moving Systems who had connections to the local police also reported that helicopters with infrared radar swooped in over the warehouse on several occasions."

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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