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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Author: Vincent Bugliosi

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Vincent Bugliosi argues that President Bush and his administration are responsible for murdering thousands of U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqi civilians in Iraq. Mr. Bugliosi says that by taking the country to war under knowingly false pretenses, President Bush has committed the most serious crime in U.S. history. He spoke at an event held at the Venice Center for Peace with Justice and the Arts in California.

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ln his career as a prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, Vincent Bugliosi was successful in 105 out of 106 felony jury trials, including 21 consecutive murder convictions. He prosecuted Charles Manson and "the Manson family" for a series of California murders and wrote a book about it called "Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders." Mr. Bugliosi's other books include "Outrage: The Five Reasons Why OJ Simpson Got Away With Murder", "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President", and "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

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The Two Sides of Vincent Bugliosi

Reclaiming history from Vince Bugliosi

Couldn't Bugliosi be wrong on one and right on another?

I have had the same thoughts and concerns with Vincent Bugliosi seeming to be on two sides of the fence.

However, I am taking a wait and see approach believing it could be possible for Mr. Bugliosi to personally just be wrong about the Kennedy assassination and correct about what he is saying concerning the present situation with Bush and Iraq.

In the Kennedy assassination he looked at evidence which was cleverly crafted by others over years and in the present situation he seems to have done some of his own research.

Arabesque has pointed out

Arabesque has pointed out where he lies directly in his JFK book. Check the links and comments before deciding to wait and see.

He appears to be willing to take out one man but unwilling to expose the far larger intelligence agency roles in JFK or elsewhere. What does that really mean for us in the long run?

These are good points that

These are good points that should be taken in to consideration. Right now I'm conflicted. Do I trust Fox News? Oh hell no! But when they reported on the questions involving the DC Madam case, as surprising as it was, I went with it. I don't know what Vincent's ulterior motives are if any. But if he can awaken more people to the crimes of the Bush administration, if even by accident, I’ll accept it.


I like what Bugliosi is saying about the Iraq war, but somehow feel he's been brought back to play a role? I don't trust him?

Is it the case by fingering Bush for going to war under false pretenses, he is spared an even more ignominious fate?

Is it the case Bush may merely be the fall guy for the perps who put him up to it?

Bush is guilty but he is incapable of planning anything.

I believe, Cheney and Rumsfeld are the real perps.

...don't believe him!

I think...

His arguments are SUPERB.

However, ALL of his arguments can be applied to September 11th, 2001.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

A Grand Jury would probably indict the others also

If you watched Bugliosi on C-Span you would have seen, during the Q & A, where he got into how a prosecutor would most definitely pull in those around Bush and offer plea bargains for their testimony against him. Bugliosi specifically mentions that Cheney, Rice, and Rove would be brought in and thinks Rumsfeld would be brought in also.

The intelligence documents were deliberately changed for the public's and Congress' consumption and this wasn't all done by Bush himself.

The case for murder against Bush would bring down a large part of the house of cards and there might be a lot of people running for cover and people would talk at that point.

This could very possibly lead to the 911 crimes and stolen elections being fully exposed also.

Prosecuting a former president for murder would not be a limited hangout in my opinion. People need to be rational and get behind what can realistically be done on this. I believe Bugliosi's case is real, tangible, and has no chance of being dismissed as conspiracy theory. It can't be covered up, it is a big wedge which will open the door if it is accepted. The alternative is to dismiss it and wait for a New Investigation of 911, which unfortunately may never happen, without taking a step like that brought into being by Vincent Bugliosi.

Vincent Bugliosi - Media

August 1, 2008

Alex Jones talks with former LA County district attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi, who recently appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on the impeachment of Bush.


Okay---I saw this and was a little agrevated when someone tried to ask him about connections with bankers and so on, the man mentioned the PNAC etc. and Bugliosi was so quick to get away from it but the person asking the question did get out this little tid-bit. He mentioned---and Bugliosi did not correct him or deny it, that Bugliosi has a "partner" ---don't know what that means exactly but that his partner or friend was in charge of the NY ballot initiative for a new independent investigation into 911.

Does anyone know about the guy heading up the ballot iniative and know if there is a connection between the two?

ALSO, there was a guy toward the end of the Q. & A. that had dark hair, fairly young guy, that said he served. His statements were so compelling. He spoke of how we are all lied to and he wants to speak out about all of this and other things he became privy too while over there serving. He admits he is scared but wants to speak about what he has learned anyway. He mentions chemtrails, FEMA camps, the war IS for oil and that soldiers---including himself had to fire upon other American soldiers. He said he is not proud of his service and is sure that is Americans knew what is really going on they would be frightened.

I think most of us here agree with what he says about the public being scared. I just think this man needs to be lead to venues so he can speak. Veneuslike Alex Jones, Maria Heller---hell, anyone with a radio show. I don't know how to reach him, don't know his name, I think maybe, just maybe the people that hosted the event with Bugliosi may know him or have his contact info. I event was hosted by Progressive Democrats of Los Angelos.
I hope this man is found and is contacted to speak out. I think he definately needs to start with Alex Jones.

Just my two cents---again.
Forgive my typos--in a hurry!

I believe the partner is William Pepper

I have heard that William Pepper is working with Vincent Bugliosi, and he is involved in the NYC 911 ballot initiative..

I wouldn't get annoyed with Bugliosi about not wanting to go off on tangents. He also didn't deny some of the things that were brought up about 911, PNAC etc. However, he said he didn't know much about it and obviously got away from it because he is trying to present a defined and tangible legal case which can be taken to court. It would be foolish of him to go off into the ether about 911 right now. Alex Jones certainly understood that when he interviewed him and didn't ask Bugliosi to go there. Bugliosi was willing to say that he believed the 2000 election had serious issues and that he was suspicious about it.

If the case against Bush and Co. lying us into going to war in Iraq is prosecuted, I have to believe at least some of these other things would come out, and it would also be a lot easier to get a new investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Bugliosi himself alluded to that during his talk when he said "there are probably a lot of things that would come out that would make your hair curl".

The country needs to get these people into a courtroom on serious provable charges, which can't be twisted or covered up. It seems to me that Vincent Bugliosi has provided the grounds to get that done.