3way Freeway Bannering in Hollywood!

This was the MOST HARDCORE FREEWAY BANNERING EVER! We stood on THREE overpasses practically on top of one another in Hollywood, California.

We gave commuters a THREE OVERPASS EYEFUL of 9-11 TRUTH

And we reached out to the California Highway Patrol, and the LAPD.

It's working. Come join us. It's fun, too! Exercise your freedom, while you still can. Help wake up others.

We are Patriots. We are Fearless. WeAreChange.

I love seeing this! It puts the message into the mainstream.

Wonderful!! As a comparative in dollar value: Often a billboard (which usually is ignored) costs around $10,000 plus or minus per month. This beats any billboard for attracting attention and interest.

{{{What would be very helpful of you Hollywood folks...if you could post a blog writeup on how to handle the "legal aspects" , or those aspects which often need to be addressed because of local law enforcement. With each of your posted actions, you could have a link to this blog writeup of yours which is composed of successful actions.}}}

Our friends down in Houston (HoustonTruth.org) recently did some Freeway blogging over Hwy 59 with a 21' banner.

The Plane Truth Project

LA Policeman" "Just keep up the good work" !!!!!

LA Policeman" "Just keep up the good work" !!!!!

Don't you love those car honks.

I suggest you have DVDs on hand. The police you talked with would have accepted.

Friday I was at a "Don't Attack Iran" rally where they have a DPD officer assigned to protect the protesters.
I had given the officer several DVDs in the spring at another rally. I asked her if she had watched them and she said yes.
I told her I had another new film (ZERO) and asked if she was interested. I gave her FIVE copies because she had other
people to give them to.

Great attitude

These are the images we need to see more of -- getting along and getting through to police. Civility and respect gets the same in return and you guys proved that. It's this type of attitude that will snowball and grow, exponentially. Unnecessary confrontations with the law do us no good and I am glad to see you guys recognize that. The more activists that adopt this type civility, the more it clears the way for other truth actions in the future.

We seem to be breaking new ground every day, and it feels great.

What an uplifting post!!

What an uplifting post!! What a productive truth action!! What a "feel-good" video!!

Loved reading this & watching the video (perfect music).

These LA cops were awesome, and the way police officers should be - law-abiding, patiotic citizens' friends, and respectful, AND apparently smart . . . critical thinkers . . . It seems many in law enforcement are starting to Know, or at least question . . .

Let's keep this awareness/knowledge train rolling! Wish I could join you.

Thanks for all all of you do out there in LA -

Summer of Truth