Keith Olbermann Was The Only Major U.S. Media Source To Cover Dick Cheney Iran False Flag Story

Keith Olbermann: Dick Cheney is Worst Person in the World


Cheney should be Olbermann's Worst Person in the World every night.

He usually is!

He is a frequently a worse, worser or worst person in the world pick.

I just

love Olbermann. He thinks a lot like I do. Cheney is such a slime ball. It's almost comical he is so evil. Makes Bush look like a boy scout.


I like the things he says, however a man as smart as he is HAS to know the truth about 9/11. I know alot of truthers sent him emails.
Still his balls don't hang low enough to voice the truth. By the few posts here it looks as though his trying to nudge people to look?
I am sorry to say......I thinks it's going to take more than a nudge to wake America up.......I hope i am wrong.

Sure he knows

He just has to grow a pair. Perhaps he will. What a boon to our movement if he did air the truth!

I understand...

that even if he wanted to voice this on tv , they would never air it ! As far as our corrupt , and controlled media goes, it would be nice to see EVERYONE
join with Willie Nelsons concert ( Jesse Ventura said he would be there) All our experts, Wille's famous friends, and other celebrities Charlie Sheen, his dad, Rosie etc join us in making this so huge no media could not ignore it..........Is that just wishful thinking?

Watch out for Olbermann

Didn't you guys hear about his reversal on FISA because of Obama?
Check out this great piece by Glenn Greenwald.

Good catch.

C'mon Olbermann... just a few more steps...

He's pointing everyone in the right direction

He's pointing everyone in the right direction

Keith took on the Anthrax attacks tonight. 8/4/08

Unfortunately Gerald Posner was his guest, but it covered some noteworthy facts and is interesting from the MSM point of view as well...

You know Keith Olberman must visit this site.

Hey Keith, Thanks for being one of the very few rational, honest newspersons in mainstream news.

You clearly know that they are trying to make Ivins a patsy for the anthrax letters.

You know about Cheney proposing making PT boats like the Iranians' and precipitating war with Iran by sending armed US troops disguised as Iranians to have a "shoot up" with a US Navy vessel in the Strait of Hormuz.

You know they repeatedly lied us into the war with Iraq which has killed millions.

You know that the official Pat Tillman story was total bullshit and that he was murdered by 3 shots to the head at close range. Fragged is the term they use in the military. Murdered is the term we civilians use. And then they covered it up.

You know about the Gulf of Tonkin incident being a bogus story to get America to enter the Viet Nam War.

You know Roosevelt knew the Japanese were going to invade Pearl Harbor. He let it happen so we could enter WW2.

You must know about building 7 coming down in its own footprint in a classic controlled demolition in less than 7 seconds. You surely know that this building wasn't hit by any plane and only had a few fires.

I sincerely think that you know that 911 was indeed another false flag operation perpetrated by elements of the US Government and possibly aided by allied intelligence forces.

The people of this country need you to step up and do the right thing on this subject. We need you to be the one to break this into the mainstream media. You have the credibility. You have the forum. You have the heart. And I think you have the courage to do it. We are all pulling for you. Join us in exposing the real truth about 911. America needs you.

More and More and More and More

If it wasn't for my belief in Karma I'd be saying I can't stand any more.
Keep fighting for TRUTH and we will have our PEACE.

And Even More Deception: The Media's FARCed

Our Canadian friends call bullshit on the heroic hostage rescue in Columbia. Looks like the Jessica Lynch charade, except in Columbia, a 20 million dollar ransom was paid.

Why is the US so interested in sucking up to the corrupt Alvaro Uribe regime in Columbia?

Is it the coffee, the cocaine, or proximity to Venezuela?

Thanks Joe

Thanks Joe. It's good to know that you believe in Karma too. Otherwise all of this would be unbearable.

...leaders - voices...

...Olbermann has consistently shown a cast-iron will; and he possesses enough style to smoothly push his information into the minds of viewers. He is a wordsmith -- and essential to the cause of exposing the madness that currently poses for the mainsteam. Bravo!! ...where are the other great voices of America, and the world in general? We are in dire need of another genius like Malcolm X - where truth is undeniable and is coupled with a speaking style that is both potent and brutally frank. Obermann gives hope...

Iron cast will?

Dude, have you seen this article by Gleen Greenwald?

The Dick Cheney impression

was to die for! Freakin' hilarious and IMO most likely unbelievably accurate. What a sick dick.