"Scumbag," Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry By Richard Volaar August 3, 2008


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August 3, 2008

"Scumbag," Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

By Richard Volaar

I’ve been following the story of former CIA agent turned contractor Roland “Tony” Carnaby with a great deal of interest these days. Carnaby was allegedly gunned down by Houston Police officers Sergeant Andrew Washington and Cecil Foster on April 29, 2008 – the day after a man pretending to be drunk at Houston’s, ”The Capital Grille,” attempted to get Carnaby to look inside of a “to-go” order bag he was carrying. The man alarmed Carnaby enough to cause him to draw his concealed weapon, at which point the man left the restaurant and leapt into a car with Israeli diplomatic license plates. Carnaby was not at all amused by the incident and, as a patriotic friend of people like George Herbert Walker Bush and as the current president of the Houston chapter of Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO), Carnaby had good reason to be alarmed. The license plates were later traced to Israel’s Consulate General’s office in Houston. The following day, officers Foster and Washington stopped Carnaby for a vehicle infraction, a common occurrence for an everyday American citizen, but a potential death trap to an experienced intelligence officer. Carnaby was a Lebanese-American, an expert in various Arab dialects with extensive ties to Middle East factions both friendly and unfriendly towards Israel. A recent speaker at AFIO prior to Carnaby’s apparent assassination was neo-con apologist Nonie Darwish, who has a habit of trashing Islam while extolling the virtues of Israel. Carnaby was none-too-pleased with Darwishes’ address to AFIO, which he viewed as a form of intimidation from Cheney and Israel directed against former President Bush and Carnaby’s affiliates within the intelligence community. Darwish is the daughter of a former Egyptian intelligence officer who now, for a generous fee provided by the global neo-conservative movement, has no problem informing a gullible public that Israel was justified in assassinating her father in 1956. When in Rome, etcetera. What Carnaby’s friends revealed to insiders paints a picture of a Homeland Security and CIA contractor who was getting in the way of an Israeli-sponsored false-flag operation in the Houston area designed to generate American support for a war against Iran. Carnaby’s connections to Hezbollah may well have foiled a Mossad plot, four days prior to Carnaby’s own assassination, to assassinate the present leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah – a Shi’a cleric with suspected ties to Iran. Nasrallah’s assassination could well have provoked an Iranian response against Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia or all of the above. If the tea leaves out of the murky world of foreign espionage have been correctly interpreted, the Israeli Mossad is murdering American heroes, like Tony Carnaby, on American soil and thinks nothing of murdering thousands of innocent Houstonians. Like a wedge driven between neo-conservative, fundamentalist Christians like “Pastor” John Hagee and ordinary Americans, a wedge needs to be driven between fanatical “Likudniks” within Israel’s Mossad and ordinary Israeli citizens. These mentally-ill, emotionally retarded chimpanzees in both Israel and the United States have been given more power and authority than their compromised nervous systems can process effectively. Not only can these idiot-savants not be trusted to operate in the best interests of either Israel or the United States, these individuals are enemies of all countries and nation-states and of humanity itself. No clearer picture need be painted as to the scope and malevolence of these “national security” fear-mongers than of the assassination of Fort Detrick bioweapons expert Frank Olsen in November 1953, in a manner conspicuously reproduced in a leaked copy of a Mossad assassinations manual. This crime was then exposed and quickly covered-up as to its motives and nature by the younger Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in July 1975. Now the original crime comes full circle in what seems clearly to be the assassination and posthumous conviction of Bruce Ivins, a bioweapons expert, like Frank Olsen, from Fort Detrick, who allegedly – and independently – sent ballistic anthrax spores through the US Mail to the precise opponents of the Patriot Act legislation the Bush Administration was shoving down the throats of Congressmen and Senators alike.

Kabuki theatre? Impeachment is too good for individuals capable of this level of deceit and malignant narcissism. There is no statute of limitations on murder or war crimes and the entire global network of these fascist oligarchs needs to be uncovered, exposed and excised from the healthy human tissue that surrounds its fetid appearance on the human landscape. Whether it is Cheney puppet Sarkozy in France, Mossad agents from Israel, treasonous opportunists like those in the Bush Criminal syndicate, or neo-conservative apologists like Pastor John Hagee, these insane individuals need to be quarantined and cut off from humanity for the rest of their natural lives.

The deaths of heroes like Roland Carnaby demand nothing less.

Authors Bio: Award winning poet, writer and refugee from the educational testing industry. Richard agitates, supports and motivates activists of all kinds, the most well-known being Cindy Sheehan. Web developer and designer by day, writer by night, Richard has the disposition of an observer and essayist. Richard has fallen in love, one day at a time, with the writing of Raymond Carver, while sparring, verbally, with the flying monkey right since 1998. Richard built his first computer from scratch in 1977 and had his heart broken for the first time in 1980. It has been stomped on and dragged behind a Chevrolet for many miles since that time. Thanks in no small part to Republican partisan politics and internecine policies.